Tuesday, 25th June

Your mood has to have the strongest link between what you eat and drink.

Everyone I have spoken to about it struggles massively with their mood, feeling down, being low in energy when they don’t exercise or don’t eat good quality food full of nutrients.

I know lots of you reading this will agree with me because you have admitted it yourself.

The spark to always get you out of that rut is exercise. When you exercise, you want to sip for fresh food, stuff that will actually do you good.

You don’t want to blow all that effort in the gym but putting rubbish back into your body.

Your mood will have a HEAVY and often dramatic influence on your life.

When you are in a good mood, everything seems to be on the table, all possibilities can be achieved and you will have a go at anything.

When the dark mood (or “black mood” some of you call it), then you can’t be bothered to do anything. The word “really”? comes up as a standard answer and you can often turn into a bratty teenager in a temper tantrum.

The danger of this is that these black moods can turn into a permanent spell of life being seen as one big chore, rather than the absolute gift it is.

Pills don’t often sort this out, nobody wants to be on uppers and downers all their lives, but I do know that moving more helps, getting out in fresh air helps, exercising with real purpose REALLY helps, and nourishing your body with good food daily really acts as powerful MEDICINE.

Your moods dictate everything, get yourself prepared daily by testing your body, then reaping the enormous benefits of feeling so much better through exercise and eating right.

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