Friday, April 12th

The finishing line you imagine in your mind where special things are is usually just beyond the point you really want to give up. Your mind will play tricks with you just as you’re about to achieve something special.

Your own “finish line” is getting into great physical condition you can be proud of, it’s getting the job of your dreams, it’s starting the business you always had as a hobby but you knew you could do incredible things, it could be you as a grandmother developing so much energy now that it’s no problem to have days of incredible action and it’s no problem keeping up with your grandkids anymore.

Whatever it is, it means an awful lot to you, and you need to keep going despite your frequently doubting yourself, and have maybe friends who hold you back.

That point where your negative friend advises you to stop coming, what’s the point anymore they say? First of all, look at the person who gives you that advice, and that will tell you everything you need to know.

The person who advises you to stop going for your goals, those special moments in your life that you deeply desire, is no real friend and is only a reflection of their inability to stick to anything and achieve anything memorable with their own lives.

To pass the finishing line, to achieve your own personal Everest takes cool thinking in times of most pressure, and it means leaving all the negative people behind once and for all. The closer you get to achieving great things, the stronger your mind needs to be.

You need to pause sometimes, breathe and take in how far you have come, how much you have achieved in a short period of time, and how the process of just showing up all the time contributes so heavily to the success you now have in your life.

The greatest times of your life are waiting, all it means though is pushing through the times when you think you can’t do it. That resolve will prove you do have mental toughness after all, and once you have that, then absolutely anything becomes possible.

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