Wednesday, 13th February

In my experience, every I have met or trained has been capable of huge physical feats, an incredible amount have actually done so. The stuff that makes you proud, the stuff people talk about and say WOW.

In my experience too, some people I have trained have built prisons for their minds, and never got going and given up on themselves early despite my best efforts.

Despite their obvious talents, they have lived their lives in first gear, and left me devastated that they never lived the incredible life they were capable of.

Nothing makes me prouder than every single person I train lifting themselves out of physical and mental mediocrity, and often doing a complete turnaround in every aspect in their lives, bring fresh enthusiasm to everything they do and inspiring many others to do the same along the way.

Nothing makes me sadder than passing people in the car knowing how great they could have become, and seeing them “settle” for a life they never imagined or really wanted, because they were too afraid to take the risk of trusting their talent and applying themselves to physical challenges, which in turn would re-ignite their minds.

You are either getting better or falling back in life, there is NO “in between” in life WHATEVER age you are.

Don’t look back when you are 80 years age and wonder “what if”.

Life is waiting for you to DIVE in and strut your stuff. What are you waiting for?

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