Tuesday, 29th January

We all remember our best times when we had unlimited energy and didn’t have pain and aches in our bodies, but yet we never often appreciate it.

We soon recognise though when we aren’t at the top of our game. We pant, we get tired easily, everything hurts again and the process of getting fit seems a real battle.

After a few sessions though, a glimmer of light emerges. You wake up a little brighter, your sleeping gets better and a smile cracks on your face a little more often.

You have to promise yourself that this time really is different. This time you don’t want to leave it go, and the feelings of wellbeing that comes in spades with it.

You don’t want to go back to those feelings of helplessness when you didn’t feel well, and those times when you blamed the pain in your body on getting old.

This time you need to cherish your opportunity, love the situation you have created for yourself with so many encouraging people, and decide today that you will never go back to those dark times ever again.

Don’t live your life in the shadows and in darkness. Forget the dark past you may have had and live life with sun shining on your face.

Your workouts this week will always be the catalyst to feeling incredible. Your choice, nobody else’s so don’t let anyone take this great feeling away from from you.

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