Monday, November 5th

Let’s talk about your health prosperity.

How important is your memory to your daily job, your daily business and your longevity in that job/business? 

How important is your memory and mind for your family long term? 

Obviously highly important I hear you say. 

But your mental sharpness, your memory cannot be razor sharp if you do not move, science shows this cannot happen. Our mind responds to movement, the more you train the sharper you mind.

THEN your mind will highly respond to the environment you are in. You tell me, I know it to be true, and your workout environment is massively important to your success. 

Numerous studies show that we out-perform amongst other positive people, in a group we regard as helping us. This is no-brainer.

Let’s talk about your heart? Is it closed to improvement? Are you limiting your mind, your physical prosperity by not being open to what you can really do?

All the best performers we have at the gym became open to more in their lives. They imagined when they started that they may get a little fitter, and no way would they become the incredible success story they became.

They OPENED their heart by admitting to themselves that they had to do better. They had to eat better, they had to train harder and more often, they had to get to bed earlier, they had to associate with positive helpful people etc. Being honest with yourself will be a revelation.

If your heart is closed right now, then I urge you to open it and allow yourself the riches in your life you deserve.

If in the next 7 weeks you want true prosperity, I want to see you big time this week and at least 3-4 times. Everything you want in life is only possible through good health, I really want you to be rich in the true sense of the world, and for you to love the journey that allows you to get there.

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