Thursday, November 1st

I saw a great, very moving film on the plane from holiday, it was called Bobby Robson-more than a manager. He had great success as a manager, with some of the top jobs in the world, he had many ups and downs and always handled situations with grace and humility, when many wouldn’t.
One thing stuck out for me, apart from the sadness towards the end, was his toughness, and his ability to “smell the roses” along the way despite all the associated stress with being a manager.
He told his players to appreciate their surroundings, after all, they could be working in a factory he told them if they weren’t footballers.
He made players aware of their incredible opportunity in life, and was able to lift most of them to finally take advantage of their wonderful gifts.
He treated players differently, making them aware of their responsibilities, and their golden ticket in life.
Each and every one of you have a golden opportunity to look after yourself. Every day you get the chance to work on great machines, brand new ways of training, have great coaching and constantly challenge yourself.
Each day you get the chance to sample great nutritious food that will heal you from the inside, and power you on to do incredible things.
My secret sadness is for those who didn’t listen, who didn’t keep exercising, who went back to eating rubbish and drinking too much, who went back smoking, and those who eventually ended back with ill health, and ended up visiting the doctor far too much again, and despite constant warnings, failed to take action.
We all have forks in the road to take, and there’s a series of choices we all have to make.
I see people all the time coming to us altering their mind in happiness terms, and finally controlling and getting rid of anxiety that has plagued their lives.
There’s millions of people out there struggling with mental health putting on a brave face, and it’s fulfilling to see how great positive thoughts come into their mind once they start exercising regularly, and how their life changes in all areas.
Smelling the roses should take place daily. Walking first thing in the morning lets you feel better instantly. Doing a workout of any kind 3 times a week makes you feel incredible. Putting good stuff in your belly is your best life insurance policy, you are what you eat.
When you are healthy, you have more energy not only for yourself but for everyone else too. Getting fit is your most selfless act because you prime yourself to help and inspire so many people around you, especially those closest to you.
Smell the roses daily, make the most of it, make the right choices and literally change your life for the better.

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