Tuesday, 27th April

You can do this, time and time again I tell you.

Everyone I have ever met, as long as they are willing to give their heart and should to it, can not only get fitter, but change their life.

Changing direction in your life is a series of well thought out choices.

We all have a few things we do wrong each day/week, things that if we stopped doing them, we would feel better in a relatively short period of time.

We are all on a specific course as we speak, shaped by our daily habits, which lead to weekly results which lead to heck of a difference over 3 months.

If our course is set by eating lots of pastries and wine, then it shouldn’t shock you to learn that in 3 months, you could easily put on a stone without thinking about it.

Reversing that course though is much harder than you thought.

Once you put on the weight, your mind changes too. You are slower in thought as you are carrying around a lot of stuff that doesn’t belong on your body. Everything becomes too much effort.

Your aspirations are lower because you have kind of settled for this new weight, and it won’t stop piling on as your eating may remain the same.

So the change you need to make is horrendously hard when your mind is in a difference place. You need to reboot your brain, and this can only happen once you expose yourself to the wonders of moving more and exercising.

There is NO chance of you staying still. Either the weight keeps piling on, either your heart and lungs suffer from a lack of work, either your brain suffers from a lack of purpose OR you start changing it around with purpose, determination and a sense that you will show up no matter, what and battle through this challenging time in your life.

Which direction are you going in? It’s all shaped by your daily habits so be honest and make sure they are going to work in a very positive way for you and your life.

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