Saturday, 10th February

Disrupting your habits one by one will lead to your biggest transformation.

If your habits are sitting around in work, sitting around when you get home, sitting in your car, sitting when you go out, and that’s the full extent of your physical habits, then it shouldn’t surprise you when you pile the weight on.

The sitting part of your life (and it will be a massive part) will give you zero energy. It was assumed that if you “conserve” energy, then you will hang onto more of it. The reality is that you need to CREATE energy in the first place, and through exercise.

The more your day involves LESS sitting the better. You can always find ways.

Instead of phoning an office away, try walking there and the long way around.

Go for a walk lunch time, get some fresh air and feel better. Sounds obvious? Are you really doing it though?

Take your kit bag to work, this way you are bound to hit the gym that day, instead of quietly “forgetting” to pack your kit.

Do your kids ask you to play games inside or out, and sometimes you refuse because you are seemingly too “tired”? Create more energy again, just do it, give your kids more fun no matter how tried you are and YOU will benefit too.

Lighter nights are coming, and spring is around the corner. You need to getting there in great shape. It’s your everyday habits though that ultimately dictate how you feel, how you look and how in the end you feel about yourself which is vitally important.

No more weekend sitting around all day, do at least one thing today to disrupt all of that sitting!

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