Wednesday, January 11th

No distraction environment.

How much would that mean to your progress? Nobody to tear you down, nobody to put you off, nobody to “persuade” you that being healthy is really “overrated”!

First of all, whoever is giving you advice, just look at where it’s coming from. Have they got good intentions with your very best interests at heart?

If they haven’t got the get up and go you have, then their attitude WILL be different. They may see life differently.

They may see “wealth” as the latest phone, iPad, computer, car, house, holidays abroad, that is their “version” of being wealthy (however many credit cards that takes trying to impress people).

I have seen too many people, too many genuine millionaires tell me straight when their health has taken a big downturn, look me in the eye and tell me “keri, don’t lose the point of life”. “I would swap all my money to live one more year”, “I wish I had tried to be healthy in my youth”, “I don’t want to be the richest person in the graveyard”.

The message they gave me was to be TRULY wealthy was when you had GOOD HEALTH and you had true quality of life,. You could do what you wanted, and your health was your foundation in life. That freedom. PLEASE NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.

Forget about your bank balance tonight, love your TRUE wealth which is your health, and appreciate you have great things to do in life, and you can do them with an abundance of wonderful energy that never runs out easily.

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