Tuesday, 9th January

The most incredible part about the gym this year again is the range of incredible stories you have. Many of you have been through severe difficulty, severe illness, nightmare times in your life, and you somehow manage it and put on a smile through it all.

Some of the facts about you are mind-blowing, but many of you have taught yourself to get back up again, despite being knocked down 100 times!

This is where exercise comes in. It is purpose built to smash your stress levels. It is purpose built to change the chemistry in your brain and change the way you feel.

You are re-wiring your brain the whole time and doing incredible physical things, whilst at the same time conquering the demons in your mind.

One hour on the settee is wasted when you could have had that hour in the gym. Social interaction is of incredible value and your experiences I know only enrich as a gym.

All of you have stories that have plenty of mileage left in them. Imagine how you want them to turn out at the end, and think of the steps you need to take to win your incredible battles.

We are all in your corner.

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