Friday, 5th January

“One more day not doing anything won’t matter”. This is a typical conversation to have this time of year as you sit in your chair contemplating the new year ahead.

Except one more day pushes you further from where you want to be. You are either moving away from what you want, or pushing yourself closer to what you really desire.

You can’t stay still in life. It’s impossible.

For those of you who exercised and ate healthily quite a bit before Christmas, then it’s natural to want a blow out over Christmas and new year, and to re-sample the “old lifestyle” you used to have.

You promised yourself you would soon “get back into it” immediately in the new year after all.

You may be feeling stodgy and your energy levels will be on the floor, you are likely irritable and struggling to feel like doing anything. You may even say “i’ve lost my mojo”, “i will wait until I get so and so to train with me”, “i will wait until I eat properly again”, “i will wait to feel motivated” and many others things that are not likely to happen soon.

This is why you must realise that one day DOES matter. One day of exercise (however short) can be the catalyst to get your mind clear. One day of exercise can inspire you to eat better. One day could be the spark when it all changes for you and you finally get out of first gear.

The slumber you may be in right now can be changed in an instant. It can be changed the moment you put your trainers on. It can be changed the moment you ask your family/partner to support you this year in your efforts to be healthy, and to never let you stop again…ever.

One day absolutely matters. Win your day and start right now getting more active.




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