Friday, 24th March-Perseverence

Struggle helps us develop deep reserves of strength.

Nobody likes pain, but a lot of our growth comes from when we get stuck into what’s painful, sometimes we have to step beyond our past experiences and do the the things we find that are hard and new.

Doing things that we are a fearful of, doesn’t automatically lead to courage, hardship doesn’t always make us better, pain can break us or make us wiser, suffering can destroy us or make us stronger, fear can cripple us or make us more courageous.

It is resilience the makes the difference. Resilience is one of the greatest virtues and something we talk about all the time at the gym, and many of our members have it in spades-this is what they teach me each day.

Pain and hardship often makes us more resilient, often we want to and DO become stronger and wiser. We all want to become better so next time it hits, we are a little more prepared to bounce back quicker.

This is nothing new, all generations face he same questions, and everyone has to answer them at some stage.

How do you control your mind?

How do you control stress in your life?

How do you work through fear and build courage?

How do you deal with incredible pressure in your life?

How do you overcome obstacles when all seems lost?

This is not to romanticise what people go through, this is to tell you that although many go through deep pain, what i have observed is that they become better people because if it. They give me one nugget of wisdom each day that i can share with others.

The way they dealt with a critical life-changing moment in their lives helps me pass it on to others, and help show that often anything is possible as long as you are resilient, you stick at it and you respond to hardship with courage by taking action. You were born with resilience, it’s your opportunity to show it and achieve great things.

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