Day 11

One of the most common reasons you hear from many people on why they don’t exercise, or even eat well, is they “don’t have energy”! Those of you who have started may laugh at this excuse now, but it’s only because you have got going yourself, and started to adopt healthy habits yourself, that you’re able to laugh that excuse off now.

How much energy does it take to go to the supermarket to get some fresh food? You don’t even have to leave the house, i do a lot of food shopping online myself particularly this week, so not much energy needed to click a few buttons! It may be harder to drive to McDonald’s that get healthy food these days.

What about exercise? I see so many people these days driving to their workouts, such as the coastal path’s famous in this area. I’m not asking you to make new world records for the marathon!! A simple slow walk will get you started, and one of my inside workouts is suitable for anyone at ANY level, i have given you ways on how to test yourself, and then test yourself once a month to create new workouts. From the feedback on here, i see that many of you are developing fantastic levels in your inside workouts, certainly far in excess of those workouts you would achieve in a gym!! And you have to drive to the gym so another excuse avoided!!!

Here’s the bottom line, the more you move, the more energy you actually CREATE! The less you move around, the more tired you become and your desire to exercise goes down even further. Anyone who exercises will tell you that!

Here’s the bottom line on eating, the more healthy food you eat, the BETTER you feel! The more junk you eat, the more horrible you feel and your view of healthy eating will become distorted, as if healthy eater’s are some kind of freaks! Anyone who has been in both camp’s will tell you that!

Through my various posts so far, you know by now that when you exercise, you will be feeding fresh oxygen into your body every time, and clearing all the “bad stuff” out!

When you eat well, you will be putting fresh nutrients in, and clearing all the bad stuff out, creating a better digestive system.So for all of you who haven’t taken this challenge on yet, it’s only day 11 out of 84. plenty of time to change your life for the better so your choice!!!


9 Replies to “Day 11”

  1. didn’t fill this in yesterday cos i was bushed was in bed by 9 last night!!!!!
    TG in the morning still doing the 8 at an higher level.May try more next week so how it goes.
    Breakfast Muesli diluted OJ to Finnish
    snack no snack had to go shopping so didn’t have time
    lunch Brown Granary baguette with lettuce and turkey
    snack apple
    dinner fish and parsley sauce and loads of veg
    supper ReadyBrek.Haven’t had that much water yesterday cos i can stop peeing!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. the weight is still bouncing up and down but still cant get under the 18????but bought some jeans yesterday cos my wife wont allow me to wear shorts to watch rugby 🙁 🙂 any more and managed to get into a 42 so i’ve lost a good few inches many more to go though………

  3. cyril
    The weight thing is never a true education, although i predict you will be under 18 stone soon, without a shadow of a doubt.

    Excellent news on the new jeans, tell me how many inches you have now lost around the waist?

    And wan’t inches lost one of the main things i asked you to do when we set out this challenge? You are doing very well, and we will see that 42 inches soon under 40 inches, keep it going and imagine what day 30 will look like, then day 50, then day 70 and finally day 84?!!!! all potential huge losses off your waist so let’s do it!

  4. still yet to get hold of a tape.Not using the builders one again I’ve had some nice cuts using it!!!!!! 🙂 the inch thing you keep on about would never have come into my mind, cos we are so hung up on the weight part.yeah i would love to get lighter (cant wait) but then you have people saying your heavier cos muscle is heavier????but if it wasn’t for me keep coming on here and writing stuff down think i would have chuck it in a while ago cos of the weight part.Your tip about head has big has your waste seems to be keeping me going………i’ve been judging my waste by measuring the gap between the parts i could do up!!!!!! start to look good with a towel round my waste now to 🙂 no let me repharse that I CAN GET A TOWEL ROUND MY WASTE now and not a big one either 🙂

  5. sorry Ker must have been around 46″ and now 42″ still a long way to go but its a work in progress for me……;-)

  6. 4 inches is very good and i sizeable achievement so stop talking yourself down. You are making progress cyril, fact!

  7. measure your height in inches and you need your waist under 50% of that. You have made sizeable progress cyril, and you can make even more if you keep on believing in yourself, thats the reason why most people give up despite a good start to their programmes, this time its different for you so keep on going, spring is on its way!

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