Simple “under control” habits

Ways to make sure you are not consuming extra calories would be the following;

1. Eating while you’re going things. If you eat while you are on the phone, on the computer or just watching TV, your normal (i’m full signals) feelings of knowing when you’re full are not recognized. This is an easy way of eating more calories than you should. A simple way of rectifying this is to go back to basics, eating by the kitchen table will focus yourself on the meal again, and you will not overeat, and your brain will recognise those all important “i’m full” signals.

2. Are you still in the low-fat culture. You may believe that foods are low in fat, so you can eat as much as you want of them. Portion control is still relevant to keep your calories sensible, and what about the extra calories in these so called low-fat meals. Remember what i always say about sugar, and that frosties are a “low-fat” food! Don’t just look at the saturated fat, check your sugar intake! No more than 40g of refined sugar a day please.

3. How big are your plates? I go in many different houses, and most of their plate sizes are different. If you serve your food on huge plates, your will most likely be overeating. Scale them down and buy some smaller plates. It will be tough for the first week but you will soon get used to your new portion size, which will be much healthier and help with fat-loss too!

4. Keep the excess christmas stuff out the way, or better still throw it out! We have all been there, it’s there in front of us so we pick on it all day long because “it’s there”! This continues into the new year because we are keeping our sugary taste buds satisfied for rich food. The sooner you throw it out in the rubbish and buy some good food in, the sooner you get back to normal and get back in shape (and feel better)!!

5. Use your taller glasses for orange/apple juice. I have a thick rounded glass in the house and believe it or not it’s a pint glass! It only looks like half a pint honestly! The taller glassed meanwhile can look good but contain less, plus remember to dillute those juices with water, which means you consume less sugar and calories.

Have a go at these and see if they help!


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  1. doing a week of a 1,000 calories to kick start myself, after a week I will up it to 1,200.

    I just walked this morning 4 an Hour

    12.15) had my breakfast, usual

    2.15) 10 grapes

    3.30) I slice of wholemeal bread, toasted with half a tin of sardines drained

    5.30) will have fresh fruit salad


    Have Jasmine 4 sleep over, so that should keep me occupied.

  2. you are making a superb effort, still think too few calories is not quite the way to do it though. You will lose more to begin with, but longer term may create plateaus?

  3. Hello there!!
    Just got in from a lunch party for an 80th birthday. Although I chose very carefully from the carvery buffet I feel STUFFED!! I detest this feeling. I am really looking forward to getting back to “normal” and not having my good intentions scuppered.
    The good habits Keri has listed make so much sense.
    I watched a repeat programme featuring Louise Redknapp trying to get to a size zero. With great determination and a lot of personal sacrifice she made it. She looked AWFUL. Thing is,while I watched it a little light went on in my head. Although I would never aspire to be that small (my husband would hate it) the determination and commitment she showed IS. Over 4 weeks this tiny size 8 woman lost nearly a stone and reached a UK size 4. USA 0. IN FOUR WEEKS!!!!!!!
    Now I’m not advocating the way she did it, nearly starving and working out really hard for over 15 hours a week. What I admire and really want to emulate is the gritty determination which kept her going. What dawned on me was that she was able to picture herself at that size. She had a size zero dress which she aimed to fit into and hung it in her gym where she could see it.
    My leathers are now hanging where I can see them every morning, no not on the biscuit tin!!!
    My new bike arrives next week, just wish I could hang that up somewhere too!!

  4. Hi Deb, yeah I remember seeing that programme, and I could not believe how determined she was. Ur right she did look awful and I would never aspire to b that small either. Great minds think alike, I have hung some of my size 10, 12 and 14 clothes on the back of doors, in every room, including the bathroom. 15 hours a week training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no thanks, if I can do an hour a day I will be happy. You cant hang your bike up indoors, but u can take a photo of it, blow it up and hang it on the wall. Keep up the good work and enjoy the weekend. Jeanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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