Training at home

Training in the house

You should be looking at doing 3 workouts on your own if training in the house, and by that I mean working with resistance. That doesn’t have to be massive weights, or a stepper you never ever use, I’m talking about honest, simple exercises using your own bodyweight that work you very effectively indeed.

You need to pick 6-8 exercises when you are used to doing your home circuits, but even 4-5 exercises to start can be highly effective. The great thing about circuits too is that you are only limited by your imagination when designing your workouts. The goal is to work each body part in each workout and this is always easier than you think.

A press up for instance works not only your chest, but your shoulders, arms, back and legs even, and the all important core of your body (especially your lower back and stomach).

If you do a squat, it not only works your legs but your whole body in a way because of the energy demands it makes, your legs are your body’s biggest muscle group and therefore require most energy to work them, which in turn burns more calories. Also, when you develop your lean muscle tissue, your body demands more calories because one pound of lean muscle tissue burns up to 50 calories a day. One pound of fat for instance only burns two calories per day.

You can see that being leaner, and more shapely has many more benefits than you thought and starting a home fitness programme will very much get you on that track.

I’m going to give you plenty of options for your home circuits, and ones that are guaranteed to work every time, and get that all important metabolism going at a very quick rate, something a lot of you may not have experienced for a long time.

That’s 3 days a week covered (typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday), the other 2 days at least, I’m going to ask you to do some heart and lungs work (easiest way to describe it). This could be brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming, anything that gets your heart and lungs going. This again gets your metabolism going again, puts a lot of vital oxygen in your blood, and gets the all important process of fat-burning going again, just as the inside workouts do.

Again, the range of heart and lungs activities you do are only limited by your imagination and pick out your favourites. There are huge benefits though by mixing them up too. For example, you could do a cycle on a Sunday, and a swim on a Thursday? Or if you are running, mix your routes up to make it more fun, and combine longer routes with some shorter sprints, which really confuse the body and help you blast through plateaus.

Over the coming days, as I said, you will have lots of options thrown at you, if you are new to exercise, always make sure you get doctor’s approval before beginning any exercise programme. For the rest of you, no matter how experienced you are, it’s important to have a good structure in your exercise programme, once you have, you can then measure your progress. If you are improving most weeks or at least making a decent improvement every month, you will know your programme is working and this helps keep you motivated.

You will see a million faddy exercise gadgets and programmes, just like you will a million faddy diets, this one will work because the fundamentals of it are sound, based on science and tried and tested.


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  1. Do u think that I can start doing indoor workouts, they have told me I cant RUN or LIFT 4 six 2 eight weeks. Its 2 weeks yesterday, have rang the hospital to ask if I can cycle? they havent got back to me. Suppose I should wait another 4 weeks, although with cycling I’d only be sitting down. Thought u didnt believe in Plateaus, u never used to. Do u think I could cycle, I dont have to push it, just amble

  2. good question, i would first have approval of the doctor, and whenever he says its okay, i would start off VERY gentle and work up from there, or you could injure yourself very quickly. So the bottom line is always to be careful, go how your body feels and get that doctors approal first, then you should be on your way again.

  3. had many gadgets over the yrs from steppers to gliders (gazzel) one of tony little’s devices.Which was cracking apart from i was to big and one the legs had a slight crack,so i binned it.
    But this Total Gym i use works everything and anything to do with your body.I keep the heights of it to about midway cos i dont want the bodybuilder look,just a lot leaner.The instructions are great and easy to follow and fun.
    So 3 days on that then 3 on the bike somtimes i do 7 days betwen the both.Which i was wondering can you do to much? should you have a day or what off to rest? sure i read somewhere you should?
    would love to do swimming, but i know it sounds stupid but a kid said told my daughter your dads fat.Dont think that was the reason but we haven’t been since?my daughter told the kid say that again and you’ll get a sore nose 🙂 never knew nothing untill my son told me………

  4. nice one cyril, if you continue exercising, you will be far more confident going to the pool i promise you, as well as eating well, seem my post today about sugar before i go away for the weekend until monday

  5. don’t take sugar with anything hate the stuff only consume it in sweets (that aint often) Not happy 🙁
    went to go on my bike and the begin was iced up to hell,so had to settle for another 50 min session on the total gym!!!!!!!! better than nothing i suppose.Thing is they are giving Snow again tonight so dont know when i’ll be up there next!!!!!!

  6. well no inside work for me today.One of the coldest bloody 50 min rides i’ve ever had!!!!!!!! and i was riding in parts in 2″ or so of snow,wild!!!!!!!! but its done now….

  7. Well done Cyril, ur my HERO. Been there done that, thinking of starting back cycling on Monday, cant be that bad, just sitting down, will keep it flat too. Will ring Picton Ward again and ask if I can cycle. Have a good weekend. Jean

  8. nothing wrong with flat rides Jeany 😉 thinking of going on a different track in the new yr.That one is flat runs along side a river and is 5miles to the end and so it will be 5miles back.Twice the length of my normal one but easier for my daughters little legs,lol,lol,lol.

  9. snowed like heck here last night so its the indoor training for me today 🙁 realy icey snow on the cycle track today…..

  10. i had a shocking trip home from minehead cyril, 6 hours from somerset and snow all the way!!! glad to be home though and glad you are still showing so much resolve!!

  11. you can make great workouts out of any situation, you are in control of the effort you put in and being honest about your workouts are key, as long as you do your best thats all that matters, Cyril and jean are capable of having some great workouts so keep the excellent posts up

  12. Hi Cyril, snowed here too, cycle track very dangerous, so needless to say I didnt go cycling. It is good to change your route when you cycle, I have several routes that I use, the longer you use the same route Cyril the easier it gets, plus it is very repetetive and can become boring. You need to shock your body, I would alternate, one day I would do a relitively flat one and the next time I went out I would do one with a climb, the one over Trimsaran, from the Farriers up and over and come back through Pinged, will enjoy that one again in 2010. The 10 mile one u speak of along a river sounds very scenic, u will have to tell me where it is. I am struggling with food and only have a very fine grip at the mo, not goin to beat myself up about it thou. My time will come when I am well again. I may join u on your treks then. Hope u and ur family have a brilliant xmas. We will be with our son and his family. Had my granddaughter over the weekend, she is a dynamo, took her home at 12.30 and crashed out on the bed till 4pm, must b getting old. Merry Christmas Jean

  13. what I’ve noticed is I’m aching a lot its not a major pain just thats its there sort of thing.Doesn’t stop me doing anything its just there most days?should i be taking anything more sort ie supplements or something?or are they just a waste of cash 🙂

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