Darkest before dawn!

December 7th asnd just two weeeks to the shortest day which is december 21st!!! Most people i bump into now are pretty demotivated to do something new and get some more energy in their lives, and isn’t it true in life that when you about to give up, things often turn around, how many times has that happened? Isn’t it true we are about to come out of recession, but you would never think that the way the doom and gloom is in the news and papers every day!

Think of it, it’s nature’s way of really testing you right now, are you strong enough to still put in your workouts, to still eat good nutritious food, or are you going to give in and open that bottle of wine? Are you going to shop earlier than planned for christmas, and launch yourself into all the goodies? After all, its only two weeks friday after all?!

The choices you make in your moments of indecision will shape your future, at all times. If you make the decision to give up on good food, its a slippery slope and hard to get back on the right road, giving in will not give you self-confidence and self-esteem, it doesn’t work like that. We’ve talked about being strong, and the benefits. It’s not being “boring” by eating well and working out, for me someone with no energy and always has a hangover is pretty “boring”? Someone who has the most energy in the room has never been the boring one, the ones who call you boring are the miserable ones who haven’t the guts and determination you have, after all “misery loves company”, so the old saying goes!

The hardest time is right now, and don’t give in like you have in past years, this time’s different so let’s prove it!


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  1. Ur so right, so easy to give up and make the excuse that “christmas is coming, what the hell” I used to be so good 2006/7 I even went for a run on christmas morning for an 1hr and 3mins, just checked my Training Journal for that year. Then I felt GREAT for the rest of the day, even had a treat, I’d earned it and did’nt have that guilt, cause I did my run. And do you know that because I didnt stop training over christmas and new year, I never put on a single lb, even tho I had a treat and the odd Tia Maria and Diet coke, checked my Diet Journal too. Will get back to that place, 2010 will do it for me. I was wondering if I could post u my eating 4 the day, every evening, think it will help me stay on the straight and narrow, no fibs will tell it as it is, if that ok with u. would be a lot easier if I could train, would b more motivated, still that horse wont run this year.

  2. post away, we’re all here to help each other, 2010 looks bright from where i stand so let’s go for it

  3. this has to be the gloomiest time of yr for me dark,damp etc hellish hard to get going with these workouts…..but i feel really bad if i don’t, so i really have to push myself to get them done.Most annoying part is its only about an 1hr or just over a day!!!!! how hard can that be out of your day….but has you say Keri when its done you feel on top of the world.Cant wait to be doing this when the warm weather comes back lol,lol,lol.

  4. cyril
    keep going and it doesnt even have to be an hour! 30 mins working at a higher intensity can be exhilerating!

  5. Hi Ke, posting day 1. not bad, decided not to count calories, just eat clean I hope, prob not as clean as u but as below.

    7am coffee

    8.30 coffee

    10.45 porridge, banana, raisins “out of blueberries”, protien powder, milk allowance for day 1 pint skimmed.

    1.30 apple

    2.30 pea and ham soup, 1 slice of wholemeal bread, coffee

    3.30 6 hovis wholemeal crackers, dry and alone, no cheese

    5.15 grapes

    6.00 2 slices of smoked haddock, fresh vegetables ” carrots, parsnips, brocolli, broad beans, new potatoes, sweetcorn, juice thats summer fruits juice with water, sugar free.

    have a fresh fruit salad in fridge if I get hungry later, and I will have muller banana custard yogurt over the top of it, fat free. Ho, and I have munched of some carrots. Will post 2mo. Thanx. Jean

  6. dont look much when its down like that does it Jean,lol,lol.the muller banana custard yogurt you had have you tried the natural yogurt’s?some valley organic one i’m into at the moment there pretty big, but you can take has long has 3/4 days to eat it i think?lush with a few sprinkles of nuts almonds&peacan are lovely.
    For my main meal had 4/5 different veg (frozen) with fish in parsley sauce and couscous,must be this cold i have, but eating all this fesh stuff aint nice at all for me at the moment and i have tried that COUSCOUS MUCK plain, stuff added to it and its still rank!!!!!!!!! 🙂 dont know what it is but i just dont like it.Funny thing is it dont taste bad or anything just cant take to the dam stuff !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 looks pretty good though all the same Jean 😉

  7. Hi Cyril, Have tried couscous, and like you I dont get on with it. I like Uncle Bens rice but try to avoid it as I’m only allowed half a pack, and put the other half in the fridge, but it never stays there, I end up eating it, and that is alot of calories. Same with pasta, cant be trusted, I do manage the pasta twists ok, 1 mug full is 180cals, if I cook the spaghati, the long strips always cook too much and end up eating it. Nuts I dont trust myself with, would eat the whole bag in an evening, so try to stay away from the things I go overboard with. will try the valley organic and put it over my fruit salad. It may not sound much Cyril, but you should have seen the veg on my plate, its the peeling and chopping I hate, but my husband done it for me 2nite, cos I cant stand 4 long. He is very good, hoovering, dusting, washing up, which he hates, make him do it cos I want a dishwasher 4 xmas, think he’s breaking. The nhoovering and dusting I do again when he walks the dog, he is clueless, poor sod. Will post 2mo, what I have eaten. B good Jean

  8. great effort so far! two easy tips i would recommend would be, eat breakfast to get your metabolism going simple as that, drink more water, and a nice little habit (okay thats 3!!) would be to try and eat protein at most meals, this aids you in keeping your lean muscle tissue, which means you burn more calories, and will keep u fuller for longer, so i didnt say JUST protein, just try and gte some in there more or less every meal for a better balance to your day. otherwise good start and the right attitude!

  9. Ok Ke, u dont mean 4 breakfast do u, cos I do have the protien powder over my porridge. can do it dinner time, chicken salad, only had soup 2day cos had visitors and was starving when they left and the chicken in the oven was not ready. Am I right in thinking omelette is protien, know I should know, but whites and yolk, am confused, is the yolk protien and white carbs, or other way round. Dont forget ROBSON GREEN. Post 2mo

  10. to try and eat protein at most meals what would these be again? i’m like jean there muddled up 🙂
    examples of protein rich foods would be white meats, lean beef, lean ham, any fish, cottage cheese, reduced fat cheese (in moderation), tofu for vegeterians etc

  11. you are doing well so dont worry. egg whites are great and nearly 100% protein, the yellow contains the saturated fat and cholesterol, but in moderation is fine. other examples of lean proteins include any fish, white meats, lean beef and lean red meat, cottage cheese. protein shakes are okay so try and get a variety of protein rich foods and you’ll be fine. You’re having a good run in to xmas so let’s keep it up and pat yourself on the back!

  12. Thanx Ke, so white protien, yellow fat, perhaps I could have an omlette with 3 eggs but only 1 yolk. I enjoyed Robson last night, felt for him when he was pulled out of the Thames. That chap who was helping him to swim in freezing cold water, white bear or something he was called, did you hear him say when he swam in the artic he could’nt feel his fingers for 4 days, bloody hell, Robson’s face was priceless. Liked the SPEEDO’S or banana hammack. Thought they looked good, but I am a female, then again so was she. Anyway today’s eating

    8am Glass warm water and lemon, then coffee

    8.45 breakfast, as yesterday, but blueberries not raisins

    Juice half pint, green tea

    3.15 Jacket potato, it fitted in my hand cooked, Tuna salad, 1 slice of sunflower seeded bread, small peice of cheese, size of half a match box

  13. dont know what happened there, cheese size of half a matchbox. 2 coffee

    5.15 chicken drumstick

    6.55 2 round of sunflower bread, chicken salad. NOW DONT FREAK KE, MY TINNY TINY TREAT, LOW FAT CRISPS 1 PACKET, 124 CALS, SAT FAT 0.7.

    If i need it I will have fresh fruit salad later. Post 2mo again

  14. Hi Cyril, hope ur day has gone well, I have been decorating the christmas tree, my husband put it up, but that’s where his talent ends. Written what seems like hundreds of xmas cards, thats why I havent eaten much 2day, forgot. It is goin to b nice 4 the next 3 days, cold but sunny, so will be thinking of all u guys exercising, me, well my mum is coming to visit me 2mo, and honestly the way she is fussing you’d think I’d had a triple bypass. oh well, that mums for u, bless. Hope ur daughter is better also. B WELL AND GOOD. JEAN

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