Do i throw in the towel before Christmas?

Do I stop training before Christmas?

This may be one of the biggest mistakes that most people fall for every year. It is common especially in gym members, who normally give up the ghost in December, promising the so called “big start back” in January. They then follow the familiar pattern of making new year’s resolutions, which are often all over by valentine’s day, and along with various colds and flu’s, progress often comes to a screeching halt!

A very good habit is not to follow the herd and think for yourself this December. How about actually stepping up your programme this month, what about raising your limits right now, and making your loftier ambitions right now? This will give you fresh impetus this month and see you looking and feeling good right up to Christmas day.

Another benefit from training and eating well up to Christmas is boosting your immune system. The cold and flu remedies adverts are in full flow after Christmas, knowing people’s immune systems are at their weakest due to over-indulging and lack of exercise. If you keep your immune system strong, you are much more likely to stay fit and strong throughout the break.

When you eventually get to making new year’s resolutions, you will only need to make realistic promises to yourself, as you will already have some momentum going into 2010. 97% of new year’s resolutions are never kept according to research, so you will be one of the few who looks likely to have a flying start to the new year ahead!


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  1. i aint throwing the towel in, but my sessions and eating is all to pot this week cos my daughters been so bloody ill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aint been on the bike at all this week yet.Hopefully Sat/Sun fingers crossed…….

  2. i like that attitude, and you’re adjusting your schedule to fit your difficult time right now, weekend supposed to be nicer i think? good luck cyril

  3. HI GUYS!!
    Would be oh so easy to throw the towel in now.
    Got Xmas do in Bristol Sunday. . . . .stop overnight, eat, drink, be very merry.
    Then away in hotel for further 2 nights, cooked breakfast wafting up my nosey!!
    Another meal out on 12th and 16th with lots of drinking involved.

    BUT !!!!!!!

    I have just got into a pair of velvet trousers I could not do up 3 months ago.
    There is no way that I am going backwards now.
    I WILL train as best I can when I am away and I WILL make the best food choices possible.

    Don’t want that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach when I realise I’ve blown it yet again!

    Get well soon to your daughter Cyril X

  4. great post debs, robson green in his new show about free swimming in testing places says this
    “i, at the age of 44, had let my ambition falter and accpeted my limitations. What working with jon (his swimming coach) made me realise that if you commit to your destination, then anything is possible”.
    Leave you with that one!

  5. havent really thrown in the towel, my health has done it 4 me. Just got out of hospital, with stitches, cant lift or run, cant do anything 4 six 2 eight weeks. Not in time 4 your challenge in Jan.

  6. hope you mend soon Jeanxxx.cheers deb poor thing has earache in both ears now!!!!!!!!! i remember the time no matter when it was a doctor would come out,those were the days hey…..managed the bike today Ker and boy were you right about time off training!!!!!!!! cos i hadn’t been on the dam thing all week, killed me this morning,legs are still burning!!!!!!! my lungs were burning thought they were going explode!!!!! lol,lol,lol.But felt much better after the hot shower and not a bath don’t know why but i always stiffen up after a hot bath???? so hope fully i’ll have another stint later……

  7. even more inspiration to get going in the new year, see it as one more challenge in the new year, and once that 2010 comes, you can start by eating very clean indeed, and who knows what you might achieve in 2010 after all!

  8. that’s the way cyril, you can do it after all! You are right about doctors never coming out, nhs direct can be a bit frustrating to say the least, but good luck on your ride today, even against the elements and your natural instincts to slow down this time of year!!! scarlets little unlucky friday too!

  9. Thanx 4 your good wishes Cyril. Your health is something that you take 4 granted until you have something wrong and are restricted, bummer, I have been reading ur blog and find myself inspired by you, you are doing very well Cyril so keep it up. am sitting her online and looking out the window at cyclist goin past, correction FLYING past, wishing it was me. My six weeks is up 13 Jan, hoping I will b ok to start running with my friend Jen, 8 weeks is up 27 Jan, that it then will be running no matter what they say. Visitors r bringing chocolates and flowers, chocolates r yummy, have given 3 boxes away but they just keep coming. I consider myself a cyclist, have cycled for years, you should try a Boxing day cycle, u will be surprised the people u meet, I usually meet Gareth Jenkins and Dai Chips on my way to Tumble, not this year tho. Hope ur xmas is great, we can have a dabble when I am better Cyril, as long as you give me a head start.
    They weighed me in hospital and I was 86k, frightening stuff. Best wishes and keep goin. Jean.XXXX

  10. cheers Jean ;-).did go today after all Ker bloody hard going to. think i’m coming down with the lurgy like all the family have.With all the fresh stuff i’ve been eating and the major change to my diet it wont last has long has all my family has had it i hope.
    Cant wait to take my daughter up the track Christmas Day on her new bike.Its a lot bigger than her old one so she might be able to kep up better lol,lol…dont know how many friends have said wait till the new yr and i’m going to go hell for leather with this fittness thing lol.
    Bit like i say every yr and it never BLOODY HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!! at least this yr i have an head start lol,lol,lol.

  11. sounds like a great xmas day then, and you will feel great by lunch time! Avoiding illness can always be helped GREATLY by eating your fruit and veg, and a handful of nuts, and plenty of water, and exercising, and fresh air! Just because everyone else has had it, doesn’t mean you need to have it! great effort and keep up the workouts, you are inspiring people so don’t let them down, and yourself!!

  12. 13st 5Lbs this morning, done feeling sorry 4 myself, if indeed thats what it was, or just pure indulgence. 4 me exercise has always come hand in hand with dieting, like left foot right foot, does’nt work anyother way. So as I see it I have 2 options, 1) carry on as I am and b 14st by xmas and more in 6 to 8 weeks, or 2) prove myself wrong and diet alone and hope it helps, “I am so imobile”. mIt is such a massive turn around for me “belief wise” I mean, I’d have to really believe that it would make a difference, so many years of mbelieving that only the other way works. As I see it I dont have anything to lose and can only gain from it, even if I only maintain the weight I am now.

    Did you know guys, that you use your stomach mustles 4 EVERYTHING, you do, have tried press ups, dips and sparring, and your stomach comes into it every time, dont want to burst my stiches, so have stopped. My son says “dont worry about it now mam, consentrate on getting better and start in the new year, what else can he say.

    Anyway I would b up 4 Keri’s challenge if I could start at a later date. Bottom line, if your body isnt up to it, not a lot u can do. Hope you keep inspiring me Cyril, its like, I’ll do that when I am well enough. Watching your progress gives me something to do, so keep at it mate. Wish I could join you on the cycle track xmas day, but I will be playing with my granddaughter and her new toys, cant wait to play with MICKY MOUSE’S CLUBHOUSE, WALK N WAG PLUTO and LITTLE EIENSTIEN’S ROCKETSHIP. will log in 2mo. And somebody please do a workout 4 me. Best wishes Jean.x

  13. you make some great points and the people who have been in your situation will find these words comforting. We can extend the date of the challenge for you start a little later yes. Good luck with your recovery and keep eating well and get back on track soon! thanks for posting your thoughts and experiences again, very helpful to everyone!

  14. hoping to get back on track tomorrow.Daughter had antibiotics today and there’s a change in her already.So hopefully I’ll be back on track after my ride.At bloody last.Its killed me not eating like i have for the last few weeks!!!!!! couldn’t eat in front of her cos she’s been to ill,hence i haven’t been pigging out to much just grabbing what i could at lousy times 🙁 🙁 should be back on the veg/fruit and fish etc yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just want a nice ride in the sun for a change, well bloody dry at least lol,lol,lol.

  15. going to be some sun on thursday and friday cyril!!!!!!!! The sun does come out sometimes, not often i know!

  16. yep daughter in school so doing all my TG work up until then, so i can Finnish off the week on the bike work.If my portions for my dam cold can kick in by then that is !!!!!!!! all this rain i have been in nothing, my daughter cough’s a bit near me and i think i’m coming down with bloody MANFLU !!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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