Tuesday, 1st January

Why training partners are a great idea (but almost NEVER long term).

I love the idea of trainers partners, you get pushed a bit harder, you get excited about your training and the results are great. I LOVE it!

I have had many training partners myself and benefitted IMMENSELY, each has pushed me on to new heights.

Then there’s the downside.

Your partner starts being 15 minutes late for training, then 30 minutes and soon enough starts missing sessions. You get kept waiting, threw your initial enthusiasm for your session, and stopped your progress in its tracks.

Then your training partner has to have a week off, so you have two choices. You either have the week off myself in a “loyalty to my training partner” sort of way thinking, then promise yourself that “next week” will be IT and we will CRUSH it!!! This is DISASTEROUS thinking!!!!!!!!

Then monday morning comes and you get a text saying that your partner cant make it tonight, or tomorrow and maybe at the end of the week. 

You feel lost without him/her and training becomes without so much meaning.

The two weeks off becomes two MONTHS, and people ask if you are still training? You say ‘sort of’ but I’m ‘missing my training partner’. This sounds a good enough excuse after all right? “I sound like a pro now don’t i now that I have a training partner?”.

I don’t have to tell you how ridiculous this sounds, so please LEARN from so many who have come and go before you at the gym, I LOVE training partners but use them for short periods and ultimately TRUST yourself. Don’t wish away your time left on earth and don’t give someone else control of your life, especially when you could be easily improving on your OWN ACCORD.

I have seen people have two weeks off and it turn into two years because they don’t have the confidence to start back again. Truly heartbreaking.

My advice is RELY on yourself or you live your live BASED on others and their decisions which is a HORRENDOUS plan. If your happiness is really dependant on others, then you wont have much of a life.

If you rely on yourself, then you WILL hit your workout 3-4 times a week, you meet and get to know others better and your progress and hopes in life don’t get put on hold.

Start of the new year, make it YOUR plan to show up for every session no matter what ‘OTHER’ people have planned. Guaranteed success this way and love the results which WILL come your way.

Tuesday, 18th December

Be very careful of the story you tell yourself.
If you tell yourself you aren’t worthy of happiness, then despite initial success, you will do anything you can to self-sabotage that success. Sounds stupid but it’s true.
I went through many stages and years when I didn’t believe I was worthy of any success, and if I was, it wouldn’t last long. After all, there were plenty of people who wrote me off, often telling me straight to my face that this fitness things was a “fad” and would never last. I wouldn’t be writing this now if I accepted their opinion.
Some people got visibly upset at me still persevering, still being around and still picking up clients only made their jobs worse.
I faced multiple snide remarks when I was out, and blatant rudeness and laughter at me trying to earn a living at this. The more I rose, the more laughter and bitterness I heard and felt.
The strategy that helped me most was not to put myself in situations that I would face baseless, often nasty and upsetting criticism.
If I was going to go out on a Saturday and inevitably bump into so called “friends”, who would continually ask difficult and bitter questions about my career choice, then nights out would soon become a misery.
The choice to remove myself out of these situations soon paid dividends. I would soon concentrate on my work ahead, and doing my best for people, they would be my judge, and NOT people who only wanted me to fail.
My internal story changed. No longer was negativity hitting me like a train every day, I filled myself with hope and hard work, and seeing where it would lead.
So at our gym, you haven’t got one person who hates your success, you only have people who want to give you a leg up, and we have built our culture entirely on that. You have a huge HEADSTART!!!
You haven’t got an army of people who doesn’t want you to fail, and I want you to LOVE your success, then build on it some more, because I know deep down what you can really do, and the deep pride that will give you affecting all areas of your life in a massively positive way.
I want you to know that we are very much behind you, and strongly encourage you all to live your own success story, keep avoiding the negativity that is always around, pick your company very carefully, and never stop and enjoy your ride and the great places it will surely take you.