list of weekend workouts been sent in!

Site members

Dave from Mumbles is cycling saturday morning on the mumbles prom

Catherine in mumbles says she is doing a run from Bracelet bay to langland and back

Author Nevil Williams will be mxing in walks around Llanelli with his weekend radio presenting slots.

Thomas will be trying out my coastal path workouts he says, hopefully not all of them in one go!

Good luck to Dan Williams of Progress surf in his weekend teachings, very recommended to get you up on those waves in Llangennith!!

Good luck to the girls in Arthur Llewellyn Jenkins on their home workouts, and those involved in 10k efforts, girls you CAN do it!!

Pembrey Country Park seems an ever popular workout destination, gareth says he will be pounding the trails of the beautifual forestry down there sunday morning with his dog!

To all of you out there, good luck and you know it’s going to make you feel great afterwards!!

Interview coming up

An interview will be coming up shortly with site member Sergeant Justin Evans, who is now a very keen cyclist using the coastal path and beyond. Learn how he overcame the highs and lows of back surgery, the inevitable highs and lows of subsequent weight gain and weight loss, and how now being very fit and healthy helps him in his job, and undoubtedly now is the best thing he ever did!

Using the coastal paths

Burry Port and Llanelli was usually known as an industrial town until quite recently in historical terms. £32 million pounds later and it’s one of the most beautiful areas you could ever run in to, or run on if you pardon the pun. Excellent running areas are the obvious straight lines from loughor to pembrey, these are excellent for beginners and walkers alike, as well as distance runners who want to get some serious mileage in.

After an individual i train has worked up their conditioning quite a bit, i begin to attack some hills and a great starting point would be the hills up to the monument in sandy water park. These are a true barometer of your fitness standards and will remind you how fit you are if you’ve let your fitness slip a bit.

Simply circling sandy water park in one go on a run is a great goal to start with, walking for 20 yards, running for 10 yards, walking for 20 yards, running for 10 etc etc, until you get to walking for 20 yards, running for 20 and so on, after a few short weeks you will be up to the standard of running round the lake in one go, as long as your diet is up to scratch, and you are following the advice in the diet section.

Moving on to burry port and you have some excellent runs around the harbour, and there point to point runs you can practice. For instance, from the lifeboat end to the yacht club and back will be a big accomplishment to many to start with.

Once you have some steady running under your belt, you may want to wander over to the sand dunes. There are some really steep ones and start off by running up 10 yards at a time, walk back down, then back up, take as much rest in between as you like, when you get your breath back, just give it a go again until you reach 5. You WILL  feel your legs in a big way the next day, but this workout is for runners of a much more advanced stage.

Cycling is a very popular option these days on the coastal path, and can be seen by the sheer numbers on a sunny day. The cycle path offers great views and a nice safe track to keep things nice and easy. It would be recommended if you start off gently with your cycling programme, and take into account that you can obviously cover much bigger distances on the bike. For example, a run of 3 miles can be beyond a lot of people, a cycle though can be relatively comfortable over the same distance. Just make sure you wear a helmet, wear some reflective jacket if you’re cycling in the winter like right now, and you set your targets achieveable, but still working up progressively over the weeks. Everyone can improve, as long as they eat well and put some effort in.

Please consult a doctor before beginning any exercise programme.

RBS fit for purpose?

On the day that Royal Bank of Scotland get another bailout, in fact making them the most bailed out bank in the world (some record at 45 billion!), saying chief executive Stephen Hester has his work cut out would be bit of an understatement! However, to get RBS in shape, the rather rotund Mr Hester has undergone his own serious overhaul. Knowing the RBS job would take untold amounts of energy and drive, hester last october took on a serious fitness regime. Tidying up the mess that Fred Goodwin made could him make a knight of the realm, and very rich (not that he needs the money), but anyone who can straighten out this once great institution will be a hero in many RBS shareholder’s book!

Hester now apparently is seen regularly jogging around Holland Park in London (where he lives), and the benefits have come in a 2 stone weight loss and renewed vigour to keep the government control at arms length. Most successful chief executives have got some kind of exercise programme in their lives. Whether it be yoga, weight training, swimming or running like Mr Hester, the chief executive’ mindset is usually highly competitive, and no stone unturned when it comes to maximising one’s performance.

More businesses are realising the value of getting their staff into shape. Working out regularly using a sensible, well designed programme will bring endless benefits, and the main benefits as seen through the company’s management will be seen in far less sick days, more employee enthusiasm, more company loyalty and re-discovering the drive that they may have thought lost for good! Studies show in the U.S. that for every one dollar a company spends on health and fitness, it usually gets back four dollars in terms of the benefits already mentioned.

As many of you know, i run company programmes myself, and am still surprised to see how many positives it brings into the company, and into the employee’s life. Good companies are the ones who realise the staff are human beings, and not just a number. Good staff are huge assets, and if they are fitter and healthier, they can become amazing assets that can speak volumes for the business they represent.

The word is in the city that Hester is a good man, and will succeed in turning this financial behemoth around. This will be great for RBS and more importantly, lend to solid businesses and get us out of recession that much quicker.