How to beat negativity

We are officially at WAR with negative energy, we know how destructive it can be and that’s why we ban it from the gym, and in these times, are very protective of it not coming in. Negativity can be the worst type of virus, because what you think/believe, can be very destructive to yourself and others if you let it.

We don’t import negativity, we always insist that resides in other places who haven’t got the same hopes, ambitions and expectations we have. We protect our house, and we will never others wipe their dirty feet in our gym and into our minds.

There are herd mentalities. This means in some circles its fashionable to talk things down, to moan and groan all day, to even hope darker things come true. These are the true ENEMIES of the people, and they should be on an island of their own.We are proud to have a kindred spirit at the gym, all of us dream bit, encourage others, motivate and inspire each other to do even better, and yes sometimes use negativity to drive us on to become better because we always have a point to prove, rise up to become more powerful and put negative thoughts in the bin where they deserve.

We are havng an unbelievably positive week, performances are at all time highs and transformation and recovery stories are hitting us like runaway trains-and I love it!!! The gym only goes from strength to strength BECAUSE of its great people.Negativity is for people who want to join another bus, not ours, never will there be STINKY thinking in our gym, only people who support, inspire and encourage others to rise up and do the great things they are capable of.