Monday, December 2nd

My Sunday running with the family up the mountain DOES NOT stop because it’s dark and wet. 

It’s our routines that make us what we are.

Giving up this time of year means you give up on your health. You say to yourself that wheezing is just fine with you, because stopping training and eating rubbish will surely invite more difficult breathing in this weather. That can’t be fun.

Giving up right now means you give up on other things in life, because you haven’t got the energy to get up early and go after your ambitions. Simple as that. Those plans “will just have to wait” AGAIN.

We have large numbers at the gym still hitting it hard right now, and we deeply praise them and sincerely appreciate their efforts.

You GET IT. 

You get what the connection is between great health, personal achievement and happiness. 

Many people who struggle with their health want to turn back the clock when they were 18, and how good they felt. They rue the day they started on blood pressure tablets for example because their didn’t look after themselves enough over a number of years. 

Yet they are still not willing to change their lifestyle, so eating rubbish and drinking a few times a week is the “connection” they make with youth, even if it’s half killing them now.

Your habits MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU. We try to stay a very strong team, picking each other up along the way.

As you get older, great health matters far more than spending too much on cosmetic material things that don’t matter, especially this time of year. 

Your daily habits will make you rich in health if you practice a few simple things daily, we all have the same choices, some take them, some ignore them but they all have a cost now and in the future.

Look after yourself.

Tuesday, 16th June

When you look back at your life, the moments you will be most proud of will likely be the ones where you stepped out of your comfort zone in the pursuit of something you believed in.

Don’t allow the lull of comfort to stop you getting what you really want.

If you don’t go for it this time, then you will keep putting it off until it’s so far at the back of your mind you never get it done.

Allow yourself to dream big, to set big goals, and focus on things that really stretch you.

It’s never too late. Each day is an opportunity to start again, to move in a new direction or confirm the good direction you are already on.

If you’re honest with yourself, you will know where you are playing it safe and where you could do better or improve upon.

You can’t choose safety when you are trying to get the best out of yourself every day.

You can’t pursue greatness AND comfort at the same time.

Step out of your comfort zone in set some goals to get there. It’s all about growing as a person too.

A good strategy is to tell a close friend of a goal you really want to achieve, and tell them to check in on you regularly to see how you are getting on.

Do the same for them so you can both keep a focus and work towards something together.

Make sure you both celebrate the goals when you get there!!

Thursday, 30th April

Putting the hard in is not always glamorous, it’s frequently tough, difficult, character testing, sometimes you don’t really want to do it, and most people find excuses not to do it. These are the facts.

The few that do though are the ones who deserve the success. If it was easy, then everyone would be in great shape without sacrificing a thing. Unfortunately, it never works out like that!

The harder you work and the more you show up, the better results you will have.

The harder the work, the more you will want to eat healthier, and you won’t want to blow all that hard work.

The harder you work, the more you find out about your character. How deep you can dig when you really need it.

The harder you work, the more you can apply it to other areas of your life. Your work ethic will naturally rise to brand new levels. You work hard in your training, and your new found focus and determination spreads to all areas of your life.

I recognise the people who work the hardest now straight away, because they are the individuals who have changed the most in all ways. When you work hard, all your expectations in everything rise automatically.

Be prepared to put the work in, and look forward to seeing and enjoying the great results that it’s guaranteed to bring.

Friday, 10th April

Your habits shape what you feel like, what you look like, what ambitions you have, how much energy you have, how positive you are, how hard you want to work, how much you’re going to develop-just about everything.

No one workout is going to give you everything you need.

No workout will make you a super athlete.

It’s the culmination of many workouts done over a substantial period of time that will make the big difference-don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Start missing workouts and the results will slow down and eventually come to a standstill.

Everything will start to become much harder when you do show up for your workouts and motivation will wane.

Same with your food. Start eating badly and skipping your good meal habits and you’re going to have poor workouts, your measurements will struggle that much more and guess what? Your motivation will disappear.

I always say that the most important workouts are the ones you may not feel like making, but you do anyway. When you get to the gym, you will always be glad you came and you will yet again be excited about the results you are going to get from it all.

When you train, you will be motivated to eat well too.

Now you’re on a roll again and you’re back in the groove of being successful again.

Habits are everything so don’t start neglecting them. Your habits will reward you constantly so put yourself first and keep doing the fundamentals really well!