Monday, December 2nd

My Sunday running with the family up the mountain DOES NOT stop because it’s dark and wet. 

It’s our routines that make us what we are.

Giving up this time of year means you give up on your health. You say to yourself that wheezing is just fine with you, because stopping training and eating rubbish will surely invite more difficult breathing in this weather. That can’t be fun.

Giving up right now means you give up on other things in life, because you haven’t got the energy to get up early and go after your ambitions. Simple as that. Those plans “will just have to wait” AGAIN.

We have large numbers at the gym still hitting it hard right now, and we deeply praise them and sincerely appreciate their efforts.

You GET IT. 

You get what the connection is between great health, personal achievement and happiness. 

Many people who struggle with their health want to turn back the clock when they were 18, and how good they felt. They rue the day they started on blood pressure tablets for example because their didn’t look after themselves enough over a number of years. 

Yet they are still not willing to change their lifestyle, so eating rubbish and drinking a few times a week is the “connection” they make with youth, even if it’s half killing them now.

Your habits MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU. We try to stay a very strong team, picking each other up along the way.

As you get older, great health matters far more than spending too much on cosmetic material things that don’t matter, especially this time of year. 

Your daily habits will make you rich in health if you practice a few simple things daily, we all have the same choices, some take them, some ignore them but they all have a cost now and in the future.

Look after yourself.

Monday, 29th June

Seeing it through and keeping our philosophy intact should always be seen as one of our strengths.

Seeing it through means we are developing stronger minds, not wilting under pressure to take the easy way out or quit, we become stronger every time we beat that feeling to take the easy way out.

We do have a remarkable amount of individuals who are changing quickly. The foundation of how they do it is very strong too.

Eating real food is sustainable, and getting educated how to eat properly and why we do it is vital. This means your results are always going to last, and you will develop an ever-increasing amount of energy.

Your training is sustainable too. You are encouraged to get stronger, to recover quicker in between each exercise, you are encouraged to become a better runner, cyclist, weight trainer, and become an “athlete” in all true meanings of the word.

You shouldn’t accept the fact that you may have bad balance, through our training you have every opportunity to get much better balance, to strengthen your core and become ready for anything that life has to throw at you.

Real fitness doesn’t mean relying on machines.

Real fitness means learning much more natural movements, getting your body to move in the way it was supposed to, become much more flexible and really sharpening up your reaction times.

Keep training the right way, don’t fall for yet another faddy diet, and really see this through because you know if you give it enough time, it’s going to work big time for you!!!

Wednesday, 20th May

Your next workout is your most important session when it comes to making sure your improvements come thick and fast. If you aren’t training a minimum of 3 times a week, you are unlikely to be improving as well as you could be.

Missing workouts is the single biggest factor in you never realising your potential.

If you miss a week, then it will take you 1-2 weeks to get back to normal.

Miss a month and you will find it very hard just to get back into training again.

Consistency will always be your best friend.

100% of the time, the individuals you see with before and after photos that are impressive are always the ones who never miss a session, always workout hard to the best of their ability, and are totally committed to taking that next step forward all the time.

Your next workout should be one of fresh opportunity, fresh optimism, and a realisation that you will have even more endurance and strength to push yourself that little bit more next time.

Big changes in your body are the results of many, many workouts where you gave that little bit more each time.

When you change your body, you change your mind very much for the better too. You think better and more clearly, you become stronger and you become much more positive.

Looking forward to workouts and fresh improvements every week is entirely possible. Showing up regularly is your most important step every time, even if at times you don’t even feel like it after a tough day.

Keep making it happen and see the progress continuing!!

Monday, 20th April

Nothing happens until you start moving. When you move often and with purpose, you get results providing you are eating right.

You will start off slow and let’s say you work up to 45 mins to an hour, then you are doing well.

You will be doing even better when you start doing far more during that time. You will work with more intensity, you will lift more, you will bike and run harder, you will hit more prowlers than you ever thought possible and your core will become the strongest it’s ever been.

Then once you get to this stage, you will get used to doing and being asked to do “just that little bit more”!! You had better get used to me saying that.

This is the added spice of your workout, it’s that extra heat your body will get used to generating and making the
difference between getting good results and world-class results!

Do your workouts and then that little bit more.

Commit to your entire programme, and then that little bit more.

This little bit more pushes you through your limitations, and takes you to the places you never thought possible!

We try to create this throughout our programme and what we provide for you should always give you that little bit more. It’s hard not to be positive about your programme that will give you so much, make you much more positive and deliver you to a place that you can be proud of.

Every time you take time to train, give it your very best no matter how tiring your day was/is. Once the first 5 mins is over, you will feel like stepping it up and aiming to reach new highs every time.

You will know by now too that you will feel so much better afterwards, both mentally and physically. Every time let’s give it just that little bit more!!!

Monday, 9th February

Day 36 for most of you in this 12 week challenge and time to ask yourself a few important questions!

Are you getting big results still? From my records most of you still are! You should be very proud indeed so keep it going as you approach the halfway stage!!

Or has some negativity set in? Have you started to eat badly? Are you missing sessions for less and less important reasons?

Are you avoiding anything to do with exercising and eating well?

Are you true to yourself and remaining honest and accountable to yourself? As much as we want you to succeed, it is ultimately down to you and if you are not giving it your best, then you are unlikely to achieve the success you want unless you re-evaluate your commitment levels and what you are prepared to do to get it.

So those of you who are hitting some big numbers in your measurements, and performance numbers, this is the time to build on that big foundation you have!!!

Now is the time you go from doing well to being a contender to actually winning this thing.

Being your best in these 12 weeks means breaking away from the pack that maybe dictates what you do in life.

You have to say no to the friends who say its boring not to eat pizza midweek, the ones who tell you to get a life unless you drink all weekend every weekend.

People will question you as you get more and more successful. Some people won’t like you reaching your goals and beyond that again.

Realise that you are coming totally out of your comfort zone, that you are striving for more in life, and this success in your 12 weeks will mean your chances of success in every area of your life will increase dramatically too.

Now is exactly the time to really go for it, to test yourself like you’ve never done before so let’s give it everything you have!!!