Monday, December 2nd

My Sunday running with the family up the mountain DOES NOT stop because it’s dark and wet. 

It’s our routines that make us what we are.

Giving up this time of year means you give up on your health. You say to yourself that wheezing is just fine with you, because stopping training and eating rubbish will surely invite more difficult breathing in this weather. That can’t be fun.

Giving up right now means you give up on other things in life, because you haven’t got the energy to get up early and go after your ambitions. Simple as that. Those plans “will just have to wait” AGAIN.

We have large numbers at the gym still hitting it hard right now, and we deeply praise them and sincerely appreciate their efforts.

You GET IT. 

You get what the connection is between great health, personal achievement and happiness. 

Many people who struggle with their health want to turn back the clock when they were 18, and how good they felt. They rue the day they started on blood pressure tablets for example because their didn’t look after themselves enough over a number of years. 

Yet they are still not willing to change their lifestyle, so eating rubbish and drinking a few times a week is the “connection” they make with youth, even if it’s half killing them now.

Your habits MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU. We try to stay a very strong team, picking each other up along the way.

As you get older, great health matters far more than spending too much on cosmetic material things that don’t matter, especially this time of year. 

Your daily habits will make you rich in health if you practice a few simple things daily, we all have the same choices, some take them, some ignore them but they all have a cost now and in the future.

Look after yourself.

Wednesday, 18th January

Thank you Sharon!

You need to be consistent at what you do if you want success, that applies to anything in life.

The temptation to give up when things get a little harder can be overwhelming for some, but we gain faith in our efforts when we are able to see first hand, individuals in our community, and in our gym who go through transformations in every area of their lives when they stick at it no matter what.

Let’s take the story of Sharon Griffiths from Kidwelly, who hasn’t missed a week’s training in a year and a half. Bets were made that she wouldn’t last a week.

She gathered confidence through every small milestone along the way.

Walking through the door was the hardest she said first time.

Making 3 sessions a week was her first milestone. Not being so stiff the morning after was another. Then feeling good from exercise was a major milestone that kept her wanting to carry on, if you feel good doing something, then you are very likely to want to do it.

Once she felt she could stick to coming 3 times a week, her performances got better and she developed some confidence to push herself to achieve more.

Her photos compared to when she first started started changing radically, and she was happy knowing she was doing it the right way. Her skin tone was healthier and had a glow, and she started feeling guilty if she missed her exercise.

The next stage was attempting our outside runs. From a slow start when she walked much of the session, she soon was running the whole way and raised her performance levels to exceptional. A friend of her’s told me this morning that she was in tears the first time she ran it all the way, the culmination of not only a physical effort but a deeply emotional effort and experience too, the girl nobody thought would last was in the process of becoming a champion.

All of this was due to her sticking at it, never allowing excuses into her life even though she has a very busy family life and career that always brought it’s daily pressures and stress.

She is also a major part of Coach Dan Smith’s successful classes at the gym and outside, and to be honest, is one of the first people i introduce new members to so she can relay her inspirational story, so that an absolute beginner can relate to someone who has battled through from being inactive, to someone who is a major part of the gym, who ALWAYS performs at the highest level now and what that takes both physically and mentally.

We salute you Sharon, Diloch yn Fawr! Thanks for everything.

Tuesday, October 4th

Change never really happens unless YOU are totally willing to change and accept responsibility for your actions.

Getting through endless diets won’t change a thing ultimately because you’re not changing the root cause why you are not eating well. You have to accept the fact that you need to commit to healthy eating and make it a true lifestyle change. You need to discover your deep down reasons why you want to be healthy and in decent physical condition, and the positive impact that has on your life.

You have to accept that a couple of weeks of exercise or a couple of months of exercise even won’t make the long term difference you really want and need. You need to take responsibility for making the time to exercise and scheduling it in your life.

If you don’t take responsibility, you will “tell yourself stories” why things aren’t working for you. I couldn’t make the gym because i “didn’t have time, couldn’t sustain the effort, i was too tired all the time, the programme didn’t work for me (even though you may not have turned up for it anywhere near as often as you should)”.

Taking responsibility means you take full control of your future.

Three times a week training shouldn’t be beyond anyone, even if you have only half hour each time.

Nobody forces you to go down the crisps and chocolate aisle in the supermarket? There’s no magic magnet in there dragging you down there!

Taking full responsibility means that you are taking “chance”, “hope for the best” and “luck” out of the equation. You know what you have to do, you know when you exercise and eat right, great things happen, all you need to do is show consistency, show up regular and finally get the long term results you were capable of all along.

Taking responsibility means telling the truth to yourself, leading by example from now on and making yourself accountable for everything you do. This will create a no fail environment and take you exactly to where you want to go and a whole lot more again.

Tuesday, 30th August

Many of us enjoy improvements in our health and fitness and every area of our lives, or at least the thought of it. Many of us though fear becoming “too successful” and get scared once good things start to happen.

Some of us will “self sabotage” our progress if we start doing too well. If this sounds like madness to you, it’s actually true that i have seen many times over the years.

Many of us, if we start exercising, eating well and start being more positive improve strongly physically and start to improve in all areas of our lives. We have undeniably proof that if you stay consistent with exercise and healthy eating, then great things are possible.

Then the “i don’t deserve it” feelings start to enter our minds. We have done well we tell ourselves, but the true big successes that we CAN achieve we are not worthy of. It also becomes easier to give in to those people who doubt us and write us off.

You can get these feelings when going for promotion for example, you can do the supervisor job well, you may have actually done it several times, but “you” do not deserve it somehow.

You may buy a new car, and feel really uncomfortable when doing it, especially if its a big step up, telling yourself that it’s nice but you somehow are not “worthy” of it.

These feelings are common in changing your health for the better, some of you may have incredible photos and transformations, but you may feel that enough is enough, and you don’t deserve anymore, and to feel and look that amazing somehow, just because it’s too uncomfortable and you may give in who tried to put you off along.

Self-sabotage means you may turn back to over-eating, not exercising, feeling negative again just because the success you have had makes you feel so far out of your comfort zone.

Beware self-sabotage, embrace the success you are having and have had, and realise you totally deserve the great things that have come into your life, and you’re every bit as good as everyone else who has worked as hard as you have, and now it’s time for you to enjoy the rewards.

Everyone experiences doubt and indecision, it’s how you handle those crucial moments that dictate your ultimate destiny. We are actually more powerful than we ever thought and sometimes that’s what scares us most. We are often more scared of the light than the darkness as the old saying goes.