Sunday, 22nd October

Here’s why the “quiet, unassuming people” often achieve great things.

Many of you come into our gym nervous, quiet and you don’t really know if it will work for you, don’t know that you will like it or don’t know if you will keep it up?

Many people talk a good game, but I find those who are unassuming, sometimes even put themselves down to start with due to lack of confidence, are the ones who often achieve great things.

We try to be passionate about equal opportunities. EVERY SINGLE PERSON deserves a chance, no favouritism.

The key is to give that person confidence, the awareness that they are achieving along the way and with sustained effort, that truly great things are possible. Then the light bulb moment goes off in their brain, and they are realise they are as good as anyone else, this momentum can become unstoppable.

I have seen the most shy individuals join our gym, and the most satisfying moment is when they go on to achieve magnificent things they may not have thought possible before. That new self-belief can make the difference from “going for it” or leaving yet another life-opportunity pass you by.

Many of you perhaps were left out of things in school, perhaps you didn’t like school sports, school plays, nothing was really “for you”. With exercise, what you put into it is what you get out of it, so you start to realise that hard work can really make you thrive if you stay consistent, and stay focused on what you are good at.

Working in a non-favouritism environment allows you to get your true self out, and with that your true talent comes out too.

It’s our duty to help bring the unique talent out in everyone, and it’s your duty to not deny the world your unique gifts that can help so many people.