Monday, 17th February

Thanking you for your adrenalin tonight, you gave me loads this morning too. Adrenalin is a surge of energy and it feels good to great, especially on a monday, it sets me and YOU up for the week.

Exercise will give you all the adrenalin you need, all the feel good factor you need, and a state of mind change that you definitely need to tackle your week.

Most people who take drugs do it for a state of mind change, so if you can do something natural that doesn’t have the extreme danger or comedown, then why wouldn’t you put exercise at the top of your list all week long?

If you are happy with everything then that is fantastic, I take my hat off to you because you have definitely worked so hard for it.

If there are areas in your life you are unhappy, sad, unfulfilled about, then how about changing the way you approach it?

Everyone loves to be around someone with energy, positivity and a sense of purpose.

We love all of you when you are sad sometimes coming into the gym, and then laughing in 10 minutes after exercising, and especially AFTER your session.

This week is all about realising your state of mind change potential, the added benefit of improving your body of course, and use this adrenalin and energy to RUN at your fears and challenges that will surely present themselves again this week.

Wednesday, January 17th

Habits for massive productivity EVERY DAY.
Many of you are in the habit of exercise, a very powerful asset to your life. But hooking yourself into this habit is the hard part.
Making a habit easy is part of your solution.
For instance, my early morning habits go in order. I go to bed fairly early, and at that moment, my clothes are READY for the morning.
I shave, clean my teeth, but before that I have fed the dogs, got my porridge ready, put the kettle on and mostly, these go like clockwork EVERY DAY.
It makes my start to the day without stress, and I’m primed to do well. My DAILY HABITS are so ingrained, that I don’t even think about them anymore.
Are you having trouble making your workouts?
EASY habit would be getting your kit ready right now READY for tomorrow. Some of you do this with great success.
Trouble eating rubbish on the way to work after having missed breakfast?
EASY habit would be making sure right now you have breakfast ready for tomorrow, all you need is to put it in a bowl-EASY.
You WON’T fully take up a habit IF it is hard to do, or it requires much though to do it.
You come to the gym, I teach you the workout. We make it even easier by filming it and sending it to you, and we have vast resources too at, making it easy to do home workouts, do our gym workouts, recipes, or just get fired up, its all there-EASY.
You can make life for yourself MUCH easier if you plan your day, line everything up, tough to start with maybe, and maybe a pain for you but you will find you become so much more efficient with your time, and get much more out of every day without fail.

Wednesday, January 2nd

Some words of reality on the first day back after Christmas.

When you joined us, you had high expectations and if you showed up regularly, they were met and you even raised your expectations from there.

Lots of you are doing INCREDIBLY well and we are eternally thankful for your efforts. You approach the new yer in fine form and can hit the ground running.

What about those who are struggling, can’t get going and those who doesn’t take much to lose their enthusiasm.

To all of you, I must ask you to remind yourself why you started. Many of you started because you were unhappy with your health, and that in itself was making you…………..well unhappy!

The pride you had in your initial achievements wasn’t enough to keep you going because you were easily influenced to give up.

People usually give up because another “story” takes over their lives.

It could be someone in your social circle thought it would be ‘best’ if you quit, after all, that exercise ‘thing’ wasn’t really good for you. You should be like them, watching tv more than ever, eating more fast and processed food than ever, after all, wasn’t this such a ‘fun and happy way to live’? Even though that lifestyle is shown to shorten your life ((Doctors tell us this and all the science backs it up).

It could well be that your initial success was not enough to install new habits. You didn’t stay long enough to make exercise and eating right a WAY OF LIFE. Not enough to make it a natural process, so quitting seemed like such an easy decision to make.

Another story could be that you like following others. Whatever your crowd says, then that is the ‘truth’. Even though you secretly know exercise is good for you and you are pretty good at it, then you had ‘better’ follow the crowd as you don’t want to ‘stand out’ and its easier to have a ‘quiet life’.

If the COURAGE has left your life, your individual personality has disappeared or deeply hidden and the PRIDE you showed when you did so well with us has long been forgotten, then you need to find a way, because people are DEPENDING on you.

They never saw you happier when you were fit. Never saw you carry yourself with so much confidence when you were achieving things with your health. Never saw you give so much leadership to your family when you were fit and strong, and have now seen you weaken due to your lack of outstanding heath.

Harsh words, and you may hate me for saying it, but if you aren’t exercising 3 times a week, then life is drifting away from you, life is not on YOUR terms and life is nowhere as great as it could be.

Don’t tell yourself a life, a story that says the being overweight, unfit, lacking in energy is somehow ok because its NOT and YOU KNOW IT and your life depends on it.

Time to act, you know the truth.

Thursday, 20th December

Nothing will make you exercise today, tomorrow, next week, and most days unless you have a strong enough reason to do it-Straight from the heart.

Lots of us feel solace when it comes to exercise, we feel more comfortable again, we feel stronger mentally, and use it as a way of crushing our daly pressures and stress.

The by product of course is looking better but everything must start from the heart, because that will keep you going in darker times and when you feel like giving up at the first hurdle.

In your head, you can pretend that you don’t need to exercise but deep down in your heart you know that is the big lie you keep telling yourself.

In your head sometimes we pretend we get too old to do things, reflecting on how things “used to be” and how good they were in the past, but we cannot do them now.

In our hearts though, we know that if we get our behinds off the settee every day, there is a strong chance that better, more exciting times lie ahead of us again, all we need is to keep showing up.

It’s sad to think that many think our best days are behind us, when so many people prove us wrong on a daily basis.

As we get older we get wiser. History should show us that in the past we felt amazing at times. If you analyse our habits at those times though, it shows clearly we gave more time to exercise, gave more time to having fun and gave more time to dreaming of endless possibility and trying new things.

After speaking to so many people older than me at the gym on a daily basis, and how they are still leaving their comfort zone every day, and telling me how incredible life is for them right now, I’m more convinced than ever to encourage every single person with us not to just relive their past levels of happiness, but to live brand new stories of joy, happiness and fulfilment worth telling even more stories about in the future.

All starts with your health and MUST come from your heart.