Sunday, 26th March

If this weather doesn’t give you the kickstart to get more active, then you need to have a look at yourself.

Sun on your back means you are being actively encouraged to get out and about and show what your body was meant to do.

No excuse now to shiver indoors, and waste yet more time watching rubbish on TV that will only make you more miserable, more inactive. Superior knowledge of a reality programme gets you nowhere near where you really want to be in your life, unless it’s your chosen subject on Mastermind.

If you get off your behind right now, get down the harbour, beach, mountain-anywhere that looks amazing, then i guarantee that 10 minutes later you feel better, you will feel more hopeful, you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier, and why you waited to get going in the first place.

Most of the time we worry about wind in our faces, how cold and wet it is, how dark it is, so the time is right now to seize the moment and realise we have everything working on our side for a change.

Please don’t contemplate it, don’t discuss it too much, no need to have a meeting about whether you should do it or not, just take action right now and DO IT no questions asked!!!

Monday, 6th February

The mornings and evenings are vital periods when we need to get going, sometimes when we don’t even feel like it, but we will definitely feel much better afterwards.

I was fortunate as a young child to be around the gym environment between 4pm and 6pm, soon learning that this time most days was meant for exercising or at least doing something.

I haven’t spent too much time in the house tea time in my life, so it’s difficult to imagine what not doing much (physically) at that time is.

This is called a pattern in life really getting engrained in me. I did it so much, i did not know or do not know any different and it feels strange if i don’t do it.

Forget 21 days to form a habit, NINE months of continuous exercise is what studies show to be the stage where individuals are likely to make exercising a long term lifestyle choice they are likely to stick at.

Many of you have passed that stage and continue to make exercise a huge part of your life as you know the great associated benefits. Some of you have yet to get to this stage so you can see how vital it is, to make sure you develop exercise as a way of life, and a pattern of living that gets engrained in you too.

Many spend certain times of day watch TV, sitting around talking with their friends drinking coffee, some go for walks, some spend that time with reading, whatever you want to do is great but making a set time for exercise and sticking with it is absolutely vital to you becoming a long termer or just someone who comes and goes, never discovering the true value of being fit and active has on your life.