Monday, 11th December

This weather nearly shut a lot of Wales down today, and it affected my early morning run which didn’t eventually get done until late morning. It’s the difference in how you feel when you exercise that makes it worthwhile, and this run was a critical point of my day just to feel better.

Two weeks tomorrow is Christmas, and the forecast for the next two days is very cold temperatures. No snow, but cold and then warmer on wednesday, and how you react to it shapes how you feel going into Christmas

Here’s your two choices.

You either play along with the weather, and accept you can’t possibly leave the house, and put your body well and truly into sluggish mode, making the chances of a mid week pick up in mood remote, and you “give in” to eating rubbish to “warm you up” and you accept you won’t feel as good just because it’s Christmas and it turns into a vicious circle.


2. You show up for training tomorrow eager to feel better again. You train tomorrow and your blood flow gets going, your heart feels alive again and the drama of christmas becomes manageable once again. You get the fire in your belly, a lot of people rely on you over Christmas and they are looking at you for leadership.

Most of you have had a wonderful year, finish off in the spirit you have shown all year long. Today was a test, but this test can only confirm how far you have come and time to show how much of a fighter you are.