Thursday, 15th March

Only you can change your body, then your mind. It doesn’t usually happen the other way around.

The statements “i will exercise once I get my head around it”, “i will wait until the conditions are right for me to start”, “i have to be mentally stronger first”, usually mean you will NEVER start.

The chemicals in your brain to allow you to start have to fired by a trigger.

That trigger is always starting to move more, so getting your behind off the settee, and actually into doing something will be the beginning of the change in you that you had been waiting for.

There is a lot of brand new evidence to say with certainty that your daily movements/exercise dictates your mood, what you focus on, how high your ambitions rise and your general feelings of wellbeing.

Waiting around for inspiration can be a long wait, accept you always have to initiate the action yourself and take the plunge, and you will be proud of yourself for the action you took.

When it’s down to you, you have everything to gain and you start to take responsibility for your actions.

When you accept that it’s you ultimately that decides to change your life, you are likely to take even more action. You will realise that the more you put into your exercise and healthy eating, then the more incredible results you will get.