Wednesday, 19th September

Every single one of you tells me that sometimes, you didn’t feel like coming down. BUT afterwards, you ALWAYS feel a lot better.

When you want something BADLY enough, you will get it if you are willing to put the work into getting it.

If you are prepared to make sacrifices for your health, then you will make the time for the gym full stop and please no excuses on this one.

We have made enormous investments in the gym over the last few years, but what matters to me DEEPLY is your results, your state of mind change and you feeling good about yourself-this is what matters end of story.

You can tell yourself endless stories why you haven’t made it this week or last week, but it all comes down to how deeply you want your health and mind to feel good.

Can we try something? All the new machines at the gym can give you HECK OF A SWEAT in just FIVE minutes?

Can you just try that? and then walk out if you want.

How’s that for a deal. That 5 minutes will affect your brain chemistry, and is guaranteed to make you feel MUCH better, and it may even put a big smile on your face.

Great transformations, great stories of courage and achievement start with the smallest of efforts in the RIGHT direction.

That’s my challenge to you, don’t give up on yourself and I sincerely want you in our incredibly inspirational environment.

Challenge on, or have you given up on yourself? If so, even more reason to make time for a session at the gym. Your life, your decisions, your happiness.

Monday, 17th September

How many times do people tell you NO and how many times do you back down and do exactly what they say?

I got used to it over the years, and you may notice that when something doesn’t work out for me, or people say it can’t be done, it tends to light the touch paper within me, and it creates a big spark that I need to do something IMMEDIATELY to overcome the rejection and prove that person wrong. NO is my motivation, NO makes me prove people wrong even quicker, and NO can often make me want to do even better.

By now, I use that tantrum I am having inside to very good use, I channel it to a very productive direction. I don’t waste my time on arguing why something can’t be done, I just do it and it’s ultimately satisfying to seeing the face of the non-believer once the action is taken.

Overwhelming action will always beat having an argument with someone a thousand times over. 

You may well be used to by now people saying “why go to the gym so much?”, “come out for a drink with me/us instead”, “why exercise, you might strain yourself” etc etc.

You hopefully, have learned to ignore such people, even if they “mean well” in some way in their own minds or perhaps more likely you are showing them up because they don’t have the get up and go to do it themselves. 

You know the huge benefits of exercise already, and the point where you get to when you realise you don’t have to justify your life’s choices to everyone is a very satisfying one.

Your mission to get anything you really want in life is to keep taking massive action until you get there. Don’t argue with negative people, you have left their poison behind and these days you fill yourself up with hope, opportunity and purpose.

Think of your biggest rejections, think of the times you have been written off the most, and then work even harder to seize your moment, and prove everyone wrong again. 

Everyone else’s opinion is only a point of view, not fact. What matters is your deep passion for getting things done, and your willingness to take action EVERY DAY. 

Let’s see what you really have deep within you.