Thursday, November 8th

Here’s what I will say and is 100% true. Loads of you are on fire, on form, in the flow, making great performances look easy, feeling amazing, and it’s wonderful to watch.

You need to appreciate this moment though and cherish it.


You never appreciate how good you are until you have time off training, so keep your best friend going-MOMENTUM.

Those of you struggling to make it, lacking motivation, struggling full stop-WE FEEL FOR YOU.

There’s an incredible atmosphere at the gym right now and we want you to be a big part of it again.

BUT here’s the big advice. We want to help you, we want to lift you up, we feel you deserve to feel incredible but you have to SHOW UP, that’s the BOTTOM LINE.

I know lots of you have been ill, but if you are better, the climb back up starts with us. We want you to feel welcome, we know some of you have drove up to the gym before and struggled to get out of the car, it’s tough starting back, we know that but we want to support you.

Getting through the gym door is your hardest task right now, and I want you to know I have the BELL and WHISTLE ready to take you to new heights.

Our huge investments in the gym are for you, and we want to give you a thousand per cent again. This is the massive run up to Christmas and give yourself the greatest present ever of great health, which is the key to everything positive in your life.

Monday, November 5th

Let’s talk about your health prosperity.

How important is your memory to your daily job, your daily business and your longevity in that job/business? 

How important is your memory and mind for your family long term? 

Obviously highly important I hear you say. 

But your mental sharpness, your memory cannot be razor sharp if you do not move, science shows this cannot happen. Our mind responds to movement, the more you train the sharper you mind.

THEN your mind will highly respond to the environment you are in. You tell me, I know it to be true, and your workout environment is massively important to your success. 

Numerous studies show that we out-perform amongst other positive people, in a group we regard as helping us. This is no-brainer.

Let’s talk about your heart? Is it closed to improvement? Are you limiting your mind, your physical prosperity by not being open to what you can really do?

All the best performers we have at the gym became open to more in their lives. They imagined when they started that they may get a little fitter, and no way would they become the incredible success story they became.

They OPENED their heart by admitting to themselves that they had to do better. They had to eat better, they had to train harder and more often, they had to get to bed earlier, they had to associate with positive helpful people etc. Being honest with yourself will be a revelation.

If your heart is closed right now, then I urge you to open it and allow yourself the riches in your life you deserve.

If in the next 7 weeks you want true prosperity, I want to see you big time this week and at least 3-4 times. Everything you want in life is only possible through good health, I really want you to be rich in the true sense of the world, and for you to love the journey that allows you to get there.

Thursday, November 1st

I saw a great, very moving film on the plane from holiday, it was called Bobby Robson-more than a manager. He had great success as a manager, with some of the top jobs in the world, he had many ups and downs and always handled situations with grace and humility, when many wouldn’t.
One thing stuck out for me, apart from the sadness towards the end, was his toughness, and his ability to “smell the roses” along the way despite all the associated stress with being a manager.
He told his players to appreciate their surroundings, after all, they could be working in a factory he told them if they weren’t footballers.
He made players aware of their incredible opportunity in life, and was able to lift most of them to finally take advantage of their wonderful gifts.
He treated players differently, making them aware of their responsibilities, and their golden ticket in life.
Each and every one of you have a golden opportunity to look after yourself. Every day you get the chance to work on great machines, brand new ways of training, have great coaching and constantly challenge yourself.
Each day you get the chance to sample great nutritious food that will heal you from the inside, and power you on to do incredible things.
My secret sadness is for those who didn’t listen, who didn’t keep exercising, who went back to eating rubbish and drinking too much, who went back smoking, and those who eventually ended back with ill health, and ended up visiting the doctor far too much again, and despite constant warnings, failed to take action.
We all have forks in the road to take, and there’s a series of choices we all have to make.
I see people all the time coming to us altering their mind in happiness terms, and finally controlling and getting rid of anxiety that has plagued their lives.
There’s millions of people out there struggling with mental health putting on a brave face, and it’s fulfilling to see how great positive thoughts come into their mind once they start exercising regularly, and how their life changes in all areas.
Smelling the roses should take place daily. Walking first thing in the morning lets you feel better instantly. Doing a workout of any kind 3 times a week makes you feel incredible. Putting good stuff in your belly is your best life insurance policy, you are what you eat.
When you are healthy, you have more energy not only for yourself but for everyone else too. Getting fit is your most selfless act because you prime yourself to help and inspire so many people around you, especially those closest to you.
Smell the roses daily, make the most of it, make the right choices and literally change your life for the better.

Thursday, November 1st

Here’s a lesson for all of us.
I was used to a sunny attitude on holiday, people in California were blessed with a positive outlook, enthusiasm and a willingness to use their environment for good. For the record, I stayed in areas that real people live, not typical tourist areas so no false smiles were required.
I got back into Heathrow and the friendliness vanished, no thank you’s or please’s or smiles for that matter, this wasn’t the first time this happened to me on a return from holiday, you may have experienced the same thing. Would I let it affect the rest of my day/week/month?
The sun changed to rain, the warmth to cold icy rain.
Does our place we live in determine our environment or are we all actually in charge of it?
Then I realised that controlling our attitude is not difficult at all. I carried that attitude right into the gym tonight and I saw MANY sunny attitudes and positivity in return.
Our culture and attitude at the gym is all important. How we think, who we associate with, how we encourage each other to think is vital, we all need EACH OTHER to create our own magic kingdom of positivity and uplifting thoughts, on a DAILY basis.
One smile at the gym can break down barriers. One bit of help on one exercise can lead to lifetime friendships.
Listening to someone else’s bad day and offering them a positive way out or solution can literally change their day from depressing to uplifting in a few simple words usually drawn from experience.
Your attitude comes from your own head. Who you hang out with directly affects how you feel every day. Give up on your dreams and you will lose you mind.
All of us need to fly as highly as possible, and our daily environment dictates whether we get held back, or we rise to incredible heights.
I see every day what an incredible environment can do, here’s my invitation to you to only make it better because it’s very precious to us.
Here’s to a place where literally anything is possible.