Graveyard of ambition?

Was it DylanThomas who said that Swansea was the graveyard of ambition?

This may or may not be true depending on your point of view of course, but here’s my experience with the surrounding area, and probably goes for all of the country.

You will always get someon with ambition, it probably starts with being a child in primary school and being asked what you want to become when you grow up.

Most people give examples of jobs/professions that have some status in society and roles that usually do the community some good.

Then we get into secondary school, and depending on the crowd we hang out with, we either get more ambitious and get more excited, get less ambitious and more cynical, or we feel a sense of hopelessness, not knowing the direction our lives are going to take when we leave school.

Then when we leave school, we either go to college, we get a job which is hard to do in the current harsh economic climate, or we simply “sign on”, or go on a course.

You can see by taking any of those paths, our ambitions are going to vary greatly. If you hang out with those who have no jobs, the ambitions discussed every day are likely to be minimal, and standards are going to be fairly low to begin with. A lot of people are in this situation, because of the jobs leaving the ecomony seemingly all the tie, this is truly tragic and i feel sorry for al those put in that situation, working your way out of it is incredibly difficult, but can be done. I’ve seen many do it, and achieve great respect from it.

When it comes to exercise, the facts in the UK are that most people DO NOT exercise regularly 3 times per week. This means that when most people have conversations about exercise, the likely tone is bound to be negative.

If you speak regularly to people who want the best for themselves, their health, their fitness, just about everythig, the tone is likely to be very upbeat, and the tone is likely to be about possibility, not negativity.

So you can see that swansea could indeed be the graveyard of ambition, but it could also  this amazing place of possibility too, and to be honest, i see this a whole lot more than the negative side. I also see negativity from time to time, but choose not do dwell on it and try to see the possibilities out there, and with people’s health. Those of you who know that being fit and healthy is an absolutely fantastic place to be, and im here to help you get there!

Forget the downsides and the doomsayers you hear each and every day, lets prove them wrong, even in these very difficult fiscal times!!

It’s not enough to say “i go to the gym sometimes”!

How many times have you heard that! “I go to the gym sometimes, i go swimming sometimes, i go on my bike sometimes with the kids, i go walking with my friends sometimes”!!

Why does that word “sometimes” come up so often, in fact most of the time with most people!

So are all of those comments enough to get you in shape? Or into the shape you REALLY want to be in?

If you have been reading this for some time, you know instead of mentioning the word sometimes, i tend to use the word “consistency”. Sometimes in my book means potching, half-hearted, haphazhard, without much commitment. You know by those descriptions that if you do anything “sometimes”, you’re not going to become much good at it.

So isn’t it time you blew out that approach and stop pretending that your committed to your health and fitness. Can we stop it right there, finish it and cut the lousy attitude. That attitude may work in coffee mornings or the walk once a month brigades, but it definitely doesn’t work on here, where we tend to be far more honest and revealing on what REALLY gets you into shape!

Annette who joined last night wants to get into shape and i want to sincerely help her achieve that.

She needs to look at the exercise/workouts section and look at the ideas i have for inside workouts.

She needs to go into the eating/diet section to get plenty of eating ideas that can get her into seriously good shape.

Then, there’s a million and one blogs on here on the mind and motivation. You will know by now that if you’re not mentally with it, you’re going to struggle getting your workouts in, making sure you eating regularly and the right selection of food, getting enough sleep for example, all the essential elements if this time once and for all, you’re really going to get into shape!

Then its all back to consistency, you have to be doing all of these basics pretty much most of the time. The days of “sometimes” really have to go, and your workouts, eating well, sleeping well etc have to become your lifestyle from now on.

Annette, please send me your current schedule, in fact please post it on here, then we can talk it through and take it step by step until you’re back up and running again with some momentum in your health and fitness again.

Good luck and look forward to hearing from you!


Monday’s the driver

I go on about it now and again, but isn’t it so that monday is your number one driver for a new week?

Here we are again, we are right here again, right at the heart of your decisions on whether you’re going to have a good week or not. That is correct, your “decision” on whether to have a good week or not!

It’s not somehow “beyond your ability” to have a great week is it? Of course not!

I may sound repetitive here but monday is so important to your week and good week”s make a good month, which means SUBSTANTIAL progress. This is what we’re after at the end of the day, so your momentum starts right here for the next 5days right up until friday night.

If you stop your excuses right now, you could be well on your way this week to making a substantial dent in your body fat, to a more impressive hard body, to lots and lots more energy, if you want to be one of those people who seems to attack life head on and get results, then you have to get out there today/tonight and get a great workout under your belt.

Then you have a shower, you have a meal of good protein such as chicken, turkey, lean beef, any kind of fish, with some good carbs such as wholewheat pasta, brown rice, sweet/jacket/new potatoes, with a wide variety of vegetables. Then you have a well-earned sleep and wake up on tuesday feeling well-rested, full of energy and full of wonderment on what your new day has to offer.


If you manage to have a week full of these habits, you are on course, you are on the road to amazing health and fitness. Does this sound far-fetched, hope it doesnt because you are very capable of doing it.

 As jean says, its about moderation so have a bit of what you fancy at  the weekend, as long as it doesnt turn out to be one huge blowout!!

Anyway, back to right now and the job at hand, its monday and lets make it happen, a big future awaits for you if you do!!

August to autumn

One of my favourite seasons, the stretch from august into october, you will have colder periods of the day from now on believe it or not, going right into the complete season change of late/september october.

This is the time of year you realise you should have done all of those late night workouts in the summer, when you really did have all that extra light to train. Now you will be forced to put your workouts in with slightly darker mornings coming into play, and definitely shorter nights.

This is exactly when you need to make the most of your routine’s, your structure’s and really make sure you have a plan that’s sort of bulletproof from now.

Instead of viewing your workouts as something you have to fit in somewhere, or you will do your best, make it an ABSOLUTE MUST!!

Making the commitment is the biggest thing you can do right now, lets make it happen and im not putting up with any excuses you may normally make at this time of year!

So your workouts now have to be the most important appointments you set up from now on.

You never miss a dental appointment do you? Do you not turn up for a solicitor? How about meeting your friends down the pub, do you miss that? I thought not.

So when you’re planning everything out this week in terms of things you MUST do, i want workouts in there too, because if you reall want to be in great shape, your commitment needs to be the FIRST thing to change.

Are you ready or not!!

Personal standards

A key way of determining your progress is asking yourself a realistic question.

“Am i performing better than this time last year?”.

If you can honestly say yes, then of course you’re on a great programme and doing a lot of things right.

If you say no, you’re not doing any better, you need to re-examine what you’re doing and scrap the programme you’re on, and come up with a plan that’s actually going to advance you, and not push you through the motions all the time.

That’s why im writing this, of course i have a plan that can not only raise your personal standards, but get you to the level when you’re at your all-time best performance.

Personal standards apply to everything. You buy new clothes so it makes you look a bit smarter, you wash every day with soap because you don’t want to smell, you brush your teeth because you don’t want them to fall out, you have to earn money because you don’t want the bank to repossess your house, you have to pay your bills because you want some light and warmth and the list goes on. Personal standards are key to each and every one.

Personal standards certainly apply to your exercise and eating standards.

If you shop for very sugary and fatty food, it may take you a few weeks but you’re definitely going to be putting on lots of unwanted body fat.

If you shop for fresher, more nutritious food, you’re going to look and feel fantastic, simple as that and you’re going to have a healthy glow about you.

If you don’t exercise or just go through the motions, your body is not going to be firm, you will be frequently out of breath over the slightest thing, and you simply won’t feel good.

If you exercise with passion and strive to do better and better over a longer period of time, you’re going to be feeling so energetic, and feel full of ambition for the future, nothing should be able to stop you if you approach everything with the drive and enthusiasm you approach your workout plan.

You can see your personal standards are key, lets set them high!!!!!!!!!