Signs of progress

Most people i train will show some signs of progress at regular intervals, and i try to show that by measuring. It could be that an individual has high blood pressure and it steadily comes down until it is in a healthy range again. It could someone has discovered that running isn’t really “impossible” and runnng a couple of times per week is actually achievable. What about all of you cleaning up your diet? Wasn’t it hard first of all not to add salt to your food, then cook without salt and not eat food that contain foods that contain high amounts of salt?

These are all gradual processes that show signs of improvement that are likely to last for the long term. Once the individual has made such changes, they will soon become second nature. Human nature will then dictate that most people want to get even better, so that runner who runs twice a week may be interested in running a 5k or even a 10k! I’ve seen individuals go from that up to a marathon, which would have seen unimaginable only months before!

You don’t have to set specific goals that everyone likes, make sure you set the goals that are important to you. If it really bothers you that you can’t wear a pair of shorts in the summer, train your legs that much more over the winter, this is when the hard work is done and when you need to knuckle down. If you carry too much weight around your stomach, chances are you’re eating too much, drinking too much, not exercising too much or all three. Learning to eat less will take a week or so, and somewhat uncomfortable at the time, but will lead to a tighter stomach area and it will have been worth it.

Eating less or slightly smaller portions should i say,can sometimes make the difference between looking “okay” and looking “special”. When you play most sports, its usually down to that game on a saturday for 90 minutes and a couple of training sessions. When you’re trying to get your body to be at it’s very best, in terms of the way it looks and feels, it’s a 7 day a week thing and very much “living the lifestyle” being the most important factor. When you live the healthy way of life, you get the full benefits in looking amazing, feeling great and people complimenting you.

There are no shortcuts, and the way you actually feed and hydrate your body will eventually show, as well as how much exercise you put in. What you put in, you get out so be sure to put the efforts in even when you don’t feel like it on a cold, dark winter night! Sometimes, this is the most important time to fit in that extra workout.

Look for progress throughout the year, don’t put workouts off and look to do a little more each week, the benefits from doing it can be pretty amazing!


list of weekend workouts been sent in!

Site members

Dave from Mumbles is cycling saturday morning on the mumbles prom

Catherine in mumbles says she is doing a run from Bracelet bay to langland and back

Author Nevil Williams will be mxing in walks around Llanelli with his weekend radio presenting slots.

Thomas will be trying out my coastal path workouts he says, hopefully not all of them in one go!

Good luck to Dan Williams of Progress surf in his weekend teachings, very recommended to get you up on those waves in Llangennith!!

Good luck to the girls in Arthur Llewellyn Jenkins on their home workouts, and those involved in 10k efforts, girls you CAN do it!!

Pembrey Country Park seems an ever popular workout destination, gareth says he will be pounding the trails of the beautifual forestry down there sunday morning with his dog!

To all of you out there, good luck and you know it’s going to make you feel great afterwards!!

Interview coming up

An interview will be coming up shortly with site member Sergeant Justin Evans, who is now a very keen cyclist using the coastal path and beyond. Learn how he overcame the highs and lows of back surgery, the inevitable highs and lows of subsequent weight gain and weight loss, and how now being very fit and healthy helps him in his job, and undoubtedly now is the best thing he ever did!