Wednesday, 27th February

I train a lot of people who sit around for 8 hours a day. I don’t mean they do not work hard, what I do mean is that this sitting around lifestyle in the work environment can have a harmful long term effect on one’s health.

Apart from our exercise sessions together, here’s some tips I have offered them to increase their healthy experience at work.

a. Instead of sitting on a normal office chair, some of my clients will sit on an exercise ball at their desk for 30 mins at a time. This will engage their core far more, strengthening key areas and can be great to break the monotony of life in an office.

b. To start their day, I tell them to make sure they have a bottle of water right by them. Living on coffee, tea and diet coke is no way to spend those 8 hours by the desk. Not drinking enough water will decrease performance in the office and your workouts, it will ruin your concentration and in general your body wont work so well. This is a fundamental area you may need to improve.

c. Try and get a small fridge in work. This helps you keep your foods fresh, and gives you more variety in your food choices at work. Eating foods that are fresh is far more appealing and keeps you firmly on track in your healthy eating. Water also tastes better and fresher cooler, especially on the summer days to come. A small fridge is an excellent investments between a few of your work colleagues.

d. Keep your training shoes under the desk. Everyone needs a break, and going for a 10-15 minute brisk walk will do you far more good than a diet drink or coffee! It will refresh you, make you feel better and you will come back to your desk with renewed energy and concentration.

Working in an office is no excuse to put weight on, most jobs are sedentary these days, so this makes your workouts even more important!

Monday, 25th February

We always like to talk about hitting it hard on monday, and setting the right tone for the rest of the week, but you should also have made it easier on yourself by not going crazy on junk food and alcohol for the entire weekend!

One night when you have a drink within reason is no problem, and one day when you have bit of what you fancy in terms of your favourite foods is no problem either. The problems start though is when you make it an ALL weekender, meaning that you “go for it” on friday, saturday and sunday.

When you do this, no matter how hard you hit it on monday, you’re going to be playing catch up for the rest of the week!!

So there is a couple of rules you have to follow if you want to make the weekend work FOR you, instead of working against you.

Make the alcohol one day a week only, make the foods you consider a treat one day a week only, or if its two make them relatively small portions, or certainly much smaller than you would normally do.

When you do have that day when you relax on food and alcohol, the very next morning you exercise first thing NO MATTER WHAT before breakfast!! This tends to burn fat straight away and THIS HABIT will get you back on track saving the effort you put in all week before the weekend.

The weekend is definitely there to have fun, but if you binge ALL weekend, then no monday superhuman effort is going to make up for it.

So let’s say your big day/big night out is saturday, then that could be your rest day too. So the sunday morning becomes your big early morning workout, a true “recovery” workout if there ever was one!

Then by the time monday comes along, you will have already got the rubbish out of your system, and monday’s workout will have a much greater value for you, and TRULY set you on the right path for the rest of the week!!

Friday, 22nd February

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “which exercise is best, or my friend just goes to spinning classes and she has lost a stone, or my friends just runs and he feels and looks amazing now, or my friends just do yoga and they swear by it”! You get the picture but here’s the answer!

They are all partly right but entirely miss the point when it comes to constructing a valid programme that will serve you well for the short and long term, and keep you getting sustainable results.

Spinning is great for example, but to say it should be 100% of your programme is misguided, delusional and you will be missing out on much better results if you put more variety in your programme.

Spinning should be 10% of your programme.

The running should be 10% of your programme (assuming you have good knees and a sound back or you could run into problems).

Yoga is great, but again should be incorporated into your programme, rather than become ALL of your programme.

Weight training and body weight training should be a fundamental part of your programme, but doesn’t need to be the overwhelming part. You should work your entire body every workout, therefore needing just 2-3 workouts a week maximum.

You also do not need the 4-5 sets per exercise, and you don’t need the 3-4 exercises per body part like some do.

Choosing one exercise per body fat for 2-3 sets of 8 reps will work very well for you, IF done with real intensity and progress keeps happening for you, which it WILL if you are doing it properly!!

Bosu ball, balance work, fitball work should also be a big part of your workout plan, and done a minimum of 2-3 times a week, but doesn’t by any means need to be the whole of your workout.

Same with boxing, a big part of everyone’s training I teach, but done at the end of most workouts but very valuable all the same.

We work hard with ropes in the gym that will bring amazing results, and so do sandbags and tyres, as well as sledgehammers.

My job is making people’s workouts brutally efficient, saving lots of time meaning you can concentrate on the exercises that REALLY count, and you can get much variety than you every imagined!!

So a little bit of a long answer, but that’s the truth when it comes to which exercises you should/could be doing for amazing results!!

Monday, 4th February

Two big sporting losses for me at the weekend, Wales of course lost against ireland with such a poor first half performance,it was scarcely credible! This left wales too much to do in the second half and so it proved.

You cannot continue to make such serious mistakes at such a high level so often and expect to get away with it!

Then the san francisco 49ers lost againt the baltimore ravens last night in the superbowl!

The 49ers didn’t really perform to anything like what they could normally do, and left the first half so far down,it seemed impossible to get back in front.

They nearly pulled it off though and finally lot 31-34 in a classic superbowl!!

This is the magic of sports,and the theatre is creates. This is why a lot of us watch it in such big numbers!!!

If wales and the 49ers were more consistent, and play like they could play, the result could have been much different.

This is exactly the same with your training and eating.

If you lack consistency with either,you are going to be struggling to perform well, lose body fat and feel as good as you know you could.

If you do not start the week off today by being consistent with a good training session and solid nutrition, then you are likely to struggle the rest of the week.

You should be concentrating on getting a lot of good food in during your supermarket shop. You will need the nutrients to power your workouts, recover from your workouts, and keep your immune system strong, especially in the cold and wet winter we are having.

Consistency will always be your best friend, and the more you practice it, the more it will seem like totally the most natural thing to do!!

Wednesday, 30th January

Training diaries and records are vital for you unless you have a photographic memory and you can remember pretty much everything you do from session to session!

Some of the most successful individuals I know and train keep a record of everything, from their training to their 7 days eating typically.

The eating plans tend to be done once only every couple of months, or especially the sudden gaining of a little weight!!

The training record though would typically be kept in a little book, and some of these books can go on for years I have seen! The thinking behind it all is that you will have a roadmap on where you have been, and indeed where you intend to go from where you are now.

Also, if you have no plan, no past workout history, and you workout in a haphazard fashion, then your results are never likely to be as impressive as you would like.

Your body responds well to a good routine too.

For example, if you are doing 10 press ups for week one on a Monday and Thursday for example, then pushing that figure from 10 to 12 won’t seem that too much of a stretch.

The week after 12-15 won’t seem that bad, and the week after that, 15-18 won’t be a superhuman effort.

From these examples, its easy to see how people get to doing 25-30 press ups through this system of gradual progression.

The thought of going from 10 to 30 press ups in one go is frightening, and indeed pretty much impossible!!! Doing this gradually and in a methodical way is the ONLY way in my book.

The training diary lets you record this in black and white, and as I have always told you, when you write your goals down in black and white they are 80% more achievable!!

Your training diary is not only a practical way to record your progress, but is much more likely to see you achieving great things with your body and health in general!!