Not learning lessons

I am the guilty one today, i am the one who said last wednesday, after being snowed in, that i was glad i didn’t get in my car and try my luck on the roads. I have spent too many needless hours on the roads spinning up hills in the snow and ice. I had sworn never to do it again!

After looking outside this morning very early, i was confused as there seemed more snow than promised, but some sleet in the air too. The bbc had say it may wash away with rain, after promising a couple of hours before that it would dump it down with snow! I decided that i would give it a go, and be an idiot! To cut a long story short, i got into serious difficulties in swansea, and a 35 minute trip turned into a 100 minute trip, after having a couple of slides and bumps into the pavement in my car! I eventually made it to mumbles and discovered i couldn’t get up the side roads! I could only then make it home by the M4, which is the long way around to say the least.

The point i am making in all of this is that we are all guilty about not learning lessons, and sometimes doing the wrong thing time after time, even if causes us pain and stress each time. The same could be said about our eating, all of us binge from time to time, there are various reasons for this but most of them involve stress of some kind. Then we get stressed because we have eaten so much and so badly!

The facts are that most of us are never going to stop making rash decisions, mistakes with our foods after giving in to sudden urges, the difference between being successful and constantly tripping ourselves up must be making “less” mistakes, and doing the “right thing” more. Hard to do but sounds simple. Next week’s start is about practicing good habits constantly, and not making so many emotional decisions on food that usually end up with us ingesting mega-calorie foods!

I am promising myself to do better than ever next week, and never to risk driving in so much snow again!


Awaken the giant within!!!!!!!!!!

Next week is an opportunity to finally get it right, get yourself out of the slumber of christmas and january, and finally reach the physical condition you’ve craved for all this time. Not only physically, but mentally too. You’ve always known its more than a diet, its more than an exercise programme, its the mind that in fact may be the most important part.

How long have you put up with faddy diets? What about those rubbish exercise equipment you have bought off satellite tv or a sports shop? Was it really a good investment or did that piece of equipment simply become anothe coat hanger?

Are you going to give yourself 12 weeks this time to get it right, to give yourself the opportunity to finally be in shape for summer? This is when the hard work starts, and this is the time when you outlast those who will be giving up their faddy programmes by valentine’s day!

Making this commitment for 12 weeks will also give you huge mental strength as previously mentioned to take on anything in life you want. If you develop self-discipline, and its all a matter of practice, you can apply that to life’s difficult challenges too. You’re going to develop a lot more energy too, and when you have that energy, you’re automatically going to feel a lot better too, it’s natural.

Are you fed up of being written off, and never letting your potential come to the fore? Are you fed up of people doubting whether you can get fit and healthy at all, this is the time to prove everyone wrong, and finally gets some huge compliments back in your life too, and they will continue if you manage to lay down a solid structure in your life, and theres no reason not to!

My first tip is to take a photograph of yourself this weekend, then again in 12 weeks, there should be a big difference, try and wear tighter fitting clothes as baggy t-shirts wont show your progress as well. Then measure your waist and hips, and write down your height in inhces, the goal is to get your waist under half your height in inches. You’re also going to keep a diary too, every day jotting down all your hopes and aspirations, and the reality of doing these 12 weeks, then after  the 12 weeks, you need to write a short essay on your experiences, and brutally honest as possible, and we will post those who want to post them, these will be valuable in helping others.

Plus you will get everyday help from me, and all the pointers and examples of exercise programmes to help you along.

More to come this week but this is an idea of what we need. Also, if you have any blood pressure issues etc, may be a good idea to get yourself checked out by your doctor, so he can check your progress out at the end, plus you can buy cheap bp machines in chemists these days. It is advisable to get your doctor’s approval before beginning any exercise programme. Safety is always my number one concern.

Speak soon,


Successful………..but happy?

How many people do you know that have climbed the ladder of success, but they have found out that when they have got to the top, they have been climbing the wrong wall. I have met a few, and they have been some of the unhappiest people i have ever met.

There was the story about the millionnaire business owner sitting in a restaurant with his protege, who became very successful himself. He had a large home, a parking place close the front door, and a brass nameplate on his office door. As they were back slapping each other on how well they had done, the business owner asked his protege “how he would define successs”? He replied he couldn’t really answer. Then, the business owner told him that being successful for most people was achieving and having the things that were important to them.

The protege then started to list all the things that were important to him and made him happy, he never mentioned his job. The boss then asked “well, you’re happy right?”, “well no” came the reply. And then the boss asked “well, you’re successful right?”, he didn’t have a reply. The protege just sat there thinking.

To cut a long story short, the protege quit his job two months later. The boss begged him to stay, but there was nothing he could do. He reminded his boss of the conversation he had, and thanked him for pushing him into doing something with his life that he actually loved, and was important to him.

He used to be in telecommunications, he now has a roofing company! He always loved working with wood and now he’s hammering shingles on roofs and building porches and guess what? He’s happy.

I have a post way back called Your drving force, look it up and you will be asked to list those things that really get you out of bed in the morning, those things that are really important to you and drive you on to achieve great things. Once you make a list, you will realise that being fit, strong and healthy is a major part of you achieving all of those things, and most importantly, being happy. It’s a good idea to fill it in, as the 12 week challenge starts next monday, and this will help you keep motivated and strong.

Give it a go,


Care for yourself

If you look after others, and most of us do in some way or another, you need to look after yourself to begin with. Family and friends, people you work with may rely on you more than you ever thought. When it all hits the fan, you’re bound to be in demand and how much energy you have will be crucial.

Your ability to look after, and help others will be helped a great deal by your own fitness and health, if you’re not fit and healthy and have some energy in reserve, how are you expected to look after others? If you don’t exercise, then you’re nowhere near the help you can be. If you eat badly and carrying around extra weight, are you going to struggle to do as much as you’re needed to do? You may let others down unless you have drive and determination to spare.

If you do train hard, you do eat well, and you don’t drink to excess, you have lots of energy and drive in the bank and you will be able to dig deep and give those who rely on you a much needed helping hand. You should look at doing this programme not only for yourself, but for those who rely on you too. Being fit and healthy means you are ready for anything, so let’s keep active and don’t let the snow become the latest excuse in your life.