Day 45 Telling it like it is

One of the best traits i like in people is the ability to speak your mind, telling it like it is and really seeing great importance on getting your message across. With the amount of people i train, i always get to hear problems throughout the day as well as success stories.

The ability of the person i train to tell me what is really going on is paramount to the effect i can have on their development. For example, we have jean writing in last week, how good she felt when she tried a jacket on last week that hadn’t fit her only weeks earlier. I remember her saying she was having massive asthma problems, and the need of an asthma pump in her life and the fact that she hated it with a passion.

Then we had Jean writing in how well her training was going, hitting hills for the first time in a very long time, and her breathing had actually improved tenfold!! There were non-stop positives coming through thick and fast. Then the screeching halt, the scales were telling here that she hadn’t improved after all, all the better breathing ability hadn’t really mattered, the jacket fitting for the first time didn’t matter, the fact that she was putting very good food in here body every day, and somehow this didn’t matter?!!!!!!!!

What rubbish, jean is going great guns and i’m prepared to congratulate her for her perseverence. All i have done now is point the facts out to here, and one little small thing (the scales), is playing games with her mind. Don’t fall for it jean, throw those scales in the skip if you have to, because they are clouding your otherwise very good judgement!!

Who else on here is not having a “perfect” time? I have a less than perfect time all the time! I have the same worries and insecurities that most of you have, but i work on the following principles/guidelines to where i should be.

If my lowest waist jeans still fit well, then i am in shape and i am happy. If my fitness is still good, and i’m improving year on year, i am happy. If i am still giving my best most of the time, then i am happy. If i feel good most of the time and have a lot of energy , i am happy. These are pretty good principles and guidelines to live by.

So what are your guidelines and standards? I would suggest the following.

Grab your best jeans, do they fit anymore? Great if they do, if they don’t, its easier than you think to get there, it just may take some time and you need to get with the programme!

Do people still give you compliments on your appearance? If they don’t, you can turn that around and make it happen.

Are you still in the range of your previous personal bests in terms of physical performance? If you are great, if not, you have the tools to make it happen!

Are your energy levels still good? If they are not, start eating properly again and exercise regularly, you can change that around STRAIGHT away!

Are you happy? If you’re not, chuck out the negative influences in your life and celebrate what you have going for you, help others and do the things that give you satisfaction and personal pride.

Believe in yourself-When everything seems to be going wrong around you, this is the only thing you have to bring you out of all holes you don’t want to be in. Believing in yourself and your abilities is crucial to achieving long term success and firm foundations in your health and fitness programme, and i life in general.

Be honest with yourself-if you’re eating rubbish most of the time, and you’re missing more workouts than you’re actually doing, you’re kidding yourself and you’re not living life at the level you could. If you’re carrying extra pounds or stones, the best thing you can do is admit it, then formulate a plan on how you’re going to achieve your physical goals. Self-honesty is paramount to being in the shape you want to be, and on this programme it’s good to tell it like it is, as none of us are perfect and we all feel like we can’t climb life’s mountains at times. The first step is always the hardest.

Sharing your problems is always a good strategy as there is always a way out, there has always someone who has been there or even a worse situation, and can maybe advise on the best way out. See problems as challenges, and without challenges, we would be able to grow as human beings.

Tell it like it is, don’t gloss over it and you are likely to get a direct answer back, which means the issue gets solved straight away, and the problem/challenge no longer exists.

Hope everyone’s having a great week!




It’s very easy to walk away from this programme, and even easier to never start it. It takes guts and determination to get through it and finish it, and you will do well if you finish it and achieve big things! I’m getting some pretty inspiring stories through too, such as daughters and sons nagging their parents to keep on going, even when the parent doesn’t want to sometimes!

When questioned, the main reason the parent wasn’t going to exercise that night was due that old chestnut “I didn’t have time”! That’s my favourite one, or at least my favourite in a most pathetic kind of way.

If you look at the training/workouts section of this blog, some of those workouts are 15-20 minutes long. I work on this theory and it’s heavily based on actual progress, and actual results. Anyone who has ever been through it will know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you start off being able to do 4 press ups, then 6 weeks later you may be able to do 30, would you say you progressed? Of course you have, if you did 20 squat thrusts to start with, and 6 weeks later you are up to 100, did you progress? It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out, so good you’re getting it!

Three circuits of 5-6 exercises takes a maximum of 20 minutes including water breaks! So what exactly are you spending your time on? What do you exactly base “I haven’t got time on”?!!

Most people work so 8 hours there if you’re full time, let’s give you 8 hours a sleep night, family responsibilities I will give you 3-4 hours after work? Is that fair? So we have 19-20 hours, so is the 4-5 extra hours (at least) in place for neighbours, emmerdale, coronation street, and eastenders, sorry I forgot holby city? And what about silent witness, or jordan’s latest exploits too? Sorry, I forgot that life was supposed to be about all of these?!

So even allowing for all of that, you probably have a couple of spare hours, yet you need just 15-20 minutes to turn your life around, and you can’t manage that? Compare that to driving to some gyms, 20-30 mins there and back, then a workout and that’s nearly 90 minutes to 2 hours out of your night, same with the swimming pool?

So the question is again, is 15-20 minutes too much inconvenience in your schedule to get you into shape, sorry I forgot about the pub on the way home, the petrol station to get wine, the spar to get chocolates, and tesco to get your ready meals? There are more important things every day than your health, I apologise!!!

If you’re reading this for the first time, then you may think who this crazy person is, but I make no apology for stating the obvious!!! Many people justify all of these actions, most people have become very skilful at making excuses why they aren’t in the physical condition they want to be!

What would happen if you actually committed to the 20 minutes most days, and within 3 months, people started saying “wow, you’re looking great, what have you been doing?!!!”, would you like that? Would you like people saying that those clothes are hanging on you? You should buy a size that fits you?!! Would you like that or not? Would you like to be on the beach or certainly wearing less clothes, and people commentating on how amazing you look now and you look 10 years younger? THIS IS POSSIBLE AS LONG AS YOU QUIT MAKING YOUR EXCUSES NOT TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t fool yourself anymore, this IS possible, I’m repeating myself and I want to know when you are going to give yourself the body and health you really deserve?!!!!! I’m excited anyway because I’m living this every day and I’m helping others to achieve their dreams! Nothing better when you see someone you are training and their clothes no longer fit, and they realise they are getting into their best ever shape, that’s a great feeling for all of us, so let’s pick up the pace and really hammer the remaining 40 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought for the day

“Of all the attitudes we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing”.

– Zig Ziglar

Day 43 Extremes of eating or a lifetime of balance?

When you start a “diet” or a new plan, or whatever you want to call it, there seems to be a great difference to what you eat on a “diet” and what you used to eat before (I assume “before” was when you were not happy with yourself and you carried excess weight and your self-esteem was near to rock-bottom).

Okay, so here we are in day 43, and most of you are probably are concentrating on eating not so much and looking to be in your best shape. Cast your mind to “before” again, and do you really understand and know how many calories you were eating?

Many, many people come to me and never like to mention the “before”. Was it 2000 calories, was it 3000 calories, was it 4000 calories even per day?!! Was that amount of calories mainly made up of “empty calories” too?

Empty calories are usually junk such as alcohol, pastries, crisps, simple sugars such as chocolate and sweets, highly processed food such as ready meals, pizza, takeaways, chips, everything in batter, chicken kiev and such food etc etc., and offer no nutritional value, that means no benefit to the human body, and I mean zero!

Is that your story? And do you deny eating so many calories, because it may surprise you the calorific value in foods that only causes distress to your insides, and then your emotions?

So what about now, have you crossed under that magic 1200 calorie per day minimum all doctors and nutritionists talk about? Have you made that mistake and are you in state of malnutrition? If you have, it’s a dangerous place to be and you need to come from there. The doctor will tell you the same thing by the way.

So answer me this? Why is it a case of either eating not so much and getting all the weight off, or eating way too much to create longer term misery for yourself and health problems potentially, why is it a choice of extreme’s all the time?

Isn’t a happy medium a better place to be? Doesn’t it make sense to fill your house with more natural foods, eat a variety of fruit and vegetables? Eat your fish and white meats, eat good carbs such as wholewheat pasta and rice? Does that make sense if you really want the best for yourself, short and long term, and indeed for those closest to you?

I have seen such habits taken up and stuck to, and guess what the main outcome from those adopting those habits are?

Your clothes don’t fit any more! Another one, your skin looks better, your breathing is better resting and during exercise, you sleep better, you feel better, you feel you are in control, you lose body fat, you develop an actual waist! And about another thousand benefits and personal stories of success on how people have changed their lives for the better-these are facts and some of you have already been there or are there of course!

So can we finish off those destructive habits once and for all, THEY DON’T WORK NOW AND NEVER WILL LONG TERM!

Even if your eating goes astray from time to time, surely if your shopping basket contains 80% good natural food, does it have to end up in a long term binge to destruction and wonder how you got into that situation in the first place again.

Extremes should be OVER now, that is worth repeating because over time, your body reacts very badly to that. Your body likes being treated well, just like you do and is the most important thing (your health) you can do for yourself to give yourself a great quality of life, and feel your best every day of your life.

I try only to repeat the facts, as they usually stand up to scrutiny time after time, and I would be out of business if these facts didn’t work. Plus the doctor will ultimately tell you the same thing, I love common sense and getting straight to the point, because it works and I want the best for every body!