Time stealers

How many of you have put off workouts, have put off something good you were going to do for yourself or others by people “stealing” your time? It’s true that when i ask people how their week went, they will initially say it went very well indeed. On closer inspection, i then ask how many workouts they did and the answer 40% of the time will come back, i did do one or even two workouts without you, but i didn’t manage those one or two other workouts! I then explain how important they are, and indeed for a few weeks again, they will be 100% compliant with their workouts, until guess what…………..someone or something steal their time!

Ways around not getting in your workouts in on time are tried and tested. These include making appointments with yourself. Think of it like this, would you cancel a dental appointment? An appointment with a solicitor? Or a doctor? 99% of the time you wouldn’t of course, and when you think about it, they are not exactly the most pleasure things to do!! So how about re-thinking your commitment and what you really want? Imagine how more effective if you really ignored the things or people who steal your time. Working out can be a big pleasure in your life, especially when you practice it more, it really does get more fun!! 

What about if someone calls for a tea/coffee every time you’re supposed to be training, just tell them that your time is important to you to workout, and not being ignorant but to call 30 minutes later! Then you can have the big chat of the day!! Is what Ken Barlow or Phil Mitchell in corrie or eastenders that important to steal your time from working out. There’s enough misery in those shows already, leave alone heaping more on you by making you overweight through inactivity and comfort eating!

That’s why working out first thing in the morning can be valuable, nobody is always trying to steal your time at that time of day usually, and a workout can be done before life’s everyday things approach very soon.

I’m sure if you make a list of people/things that steal your time every day, they can be re-arranged to make time for yourself, and from a family perspective, just tell them you need your workouts to get rid of stress, and for even more energy to serve everyone in the family, they will understand, and its ten times better and cheaper than going down the pub every night!!

December 6th already, time to keep your focus and workout regularly this week, make your intentions public and tell everyone that working out and eating well are 100% parts of your life, nothing shameful in that is there?!! When you make your intentions public, they will be more reluctant to keep stealing your time, 30 minutes is all you need for meaningful exercise, now THAT is really not too much too ask for in 24 hours!!!

Have a great sunday,


Robson Green

Actor Robson Green on tuesday, tackles his free swimming fears when he swims many of the world’s most difficult places to swim.

Starting from the coastline where he had spent his childhood growing up playing on the beach, he would swim the two miles out to holy island, surrounded by strong tidal currents that make swimming to it particularly dangerous. There are many such incredible swims to come and should be worth watching.

For Robson, pushing himself so hard was life-changing experience, “i at the age of 44, had let my ambition falter and accepted my limitations. What working with jon (his trainer for swimming) made me realise is that if you commit to your destination, then anything is possible”.

Robson dedicated the swims to his father and the whole series of films.

I urge you to check the series out on tuesday night and let me know what you think?


Training in schools

Just like to thank Brynhyfryd Infant school today, the 6 and 7 year old gave 200% to my introduction to healthy lifestyles, and i feel proud of the fact that i managed to hold their attention for an hour or so!

It’s critical to have a positive early start in fitness, and these kids have shown great promise in the quest to lead an active life. Having done work in schools over the years, i always get a good feeling if even 50% take something in like we did today, and inspire perhaps their parents to get active again, and make those shopping lists a bit more healthy.

Most people don’t know that you can develop fat cells until you reach around 20 years old, so the healthier you are, the less fat cells you develop. That’s why you see overweight people struggle with their weight for the rest of their lives after they get to 20, because they have far more fat cells than the individual who has taken more care of himself.

Obesity in children has never been worse, and there a number of strategies to help combat it. Anyone who knows my work will know i have heavily researched this area, and have a lengthy programme in place to help children. This will be published on here shortly.

Have a good weekend and check in tomorrow if you can!


Do i throw in the towel before Christmas?

Do I stop training before Christmas?

This may be one of the biggest mistakes that most people fall for every year. It is common especially in gym members, who normally give up the ghost in December, promising the so called “big start back” in January. They then follow the familiar pattern of making new year’s resolutions, which are often all over by valentine’s day, and along with various colds and flu’s, progress often comes to a screeching halt!

A very good habit is not to follow the herd and think for yourself this December. How about actually stepping up your programme this month, what about raising your limits right now, and making your loftier ambitions right now? This will give you fresh impetus this month and see you looking and feeling good right up to Christmas day.

Another benefit from training and eating well up to Christmas is boosting your immune system. The cold and flu remedies adverts are in full flow after Christmas, knowing people’s immune systems are at their weakest due to over-indulging and lack of exercise. If you keep your immune system strong, you are much more likely to stay fit and strong throughout the break.

When you eventually get to making new year’s resolutions, you will only need to make realistic promises to yourself, as you will already have some momentum going into 2010. 97% of new year’s resolutions are never kept according to research, so you will be one of the few who looks likely to have a flying start to the new year ahead!