Day 13

Your “nice” day again, or it maybe a day when you get a chance to do your bike ride, or your long walk, of your run of the week or whatever takes your fancy. Traditionally as i spoke about last week, you may take it a little easier on your eating today, and have a little bit of what you fancy, who knows? The chances are that those treats may not taste quite as nice this week, as cyril pointed to in his posts this week.

Here’s a quick one again on exercise whether you’re training or not today. Many people who exercise quite regularly don’t seem to get the results and here’s why. I see it on the coastal path typically every weekend. The low intensity bike ride is fun and great in its own context and WILL give you some good health benefits. In fact, most of us feel very comfortable with low intensity workouts, and if you leave most people alone to do what they want, they will train at too low a level to really make lasting change to their bodies and the rate they burn calories throughout the day.

This is another reason why many people give up their training programmes, their own training is simply too easy, and therefore won’t bring the results they were really after in the first place. It’s great going on the coastal path and going too easy and having fun, stopping for a coffee etc, but the majority of your workouts should be something a lot more, and i mean by that workouts DONE WITH PURPOSE! I talk about it all the time when people ask me on here how hard they should train. I tell them that on a 1-10 level, 1 being sitting down, 10 flat out, i tell them to aim for at least a 7 or 8 each time, and that should make you successful.

Another think with low intensity training, you burn lots of calories and thats great, but that makes you very hungry, and you will eventually eat back those calories very quickly indeed, i think most of you have experienced that.

Here’s another thing for you, the whole idea and premise behind our training should be to challenge our bodies and have it react by getting stronger and healthier, if you don’t challenge it, there will be little or no change going on. I repeat again, any exercise is good, but training with a purpose and challenging yourself is so much better. If you’re going to exercise, let’s make it worthwhile and it doesn’t mean killing yourself either, so please don’t misunderstand me!!

The bottom line is that calories burned during your workout ARE NOT REALLY THAT IMPORTANT. Challenging your cardiovascular system REALLY IS IMPORTANT. Once you get into this way of training, and you enter this zone, you’re going to be hugely successful!


Day 12

Some good results coming in now and don’t forget, we are only in DAY 12!!! Cyril has reported now that he is down many inches on his waist, and what a fantastic job he has done so far! As i told him, if he can achieve so much in just a short amount of time, imagine what he can do over the extended period such as 84 days?!!!

The one thing cyril and we all worry about is the weighing scales, and we all need to move our minds away from that a bit, because it can really mess us up mentally some weeks if our weight hasn’t moved, or even worse put it on!! The reality is that weight loss never moves downwards in a straight line, and there are sometimes bumps on the road, in fact, expect them!

Once you are moving down that road though, you can become unstoppable as long as you are continually doing the right thing, and many of you are, some at a quicker pace than other. Debbie mentioned the tortoise and the hare story, and that’s quite true, as long as you are all moving in the right direction, you will all get there.

It’s always important to do in the right way too. Don’t go too low on your calories for the quick fix, you want to be showing some progress right up until day 84, and not feeling so hungry that you are miserable all the time!!

Your lifestyle has to fit into this too. As i have mentioned in several posts, i have given many examples of shorter workouts that are destined to give you enormously good results.

I have given you advice and which foods to buy in your supermarket, ideas for meals and there’s even family ideas in there so you can compromise with your children too. This is not some kind of spartan regime, it’s meant to allow you live a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your days. If you manage to do this, and there’s no reason why you can’t, the quality of your life will be very much enhanced and when this happens, life becomes very much more fun!!!

We have the weekend coming up, be interesting to see how tomorrow goes because saturday’s is usually your fun and relaxing day. I’d bet some money on it that those treats you thoughTyou couldn’t do without will soon become sickly and not quite so nice as before. Same as today, you may be having your treats tonight, the trick is to still enjoy them, but try not to make it one big binge that lasts from friday to sunday night!

We are in day 12 and most of you should see some benefits coming through pretty soon or already! Sticking at it is the secret!


Day 11

One of the most common reasons you hear from many people on why they don’t exercise, or even eat well, is they “don’t have energy”! Those of you who have started may laugh at this excuse now, but it’s only because you have got going yourself, and started to adopt healthy habits yourself, that you’re able to laugh that excuse off now.

How much energy does it take to go to the supermarket to get some fresh food? You don’t even have to leave the house, i do a lot of food shopping online myself particularly this week, so not much energy needed to click a few buttons! It may be harder to drive to McDonald’s that get healthy food these days.

What about exercise? I see so many people these days driving to their workouts, such as the coastal path’s famous in this area. I’m not asking you to make new world records for the marathon!! A simple slow walk will get you started, and one of my inside workouts is suitable for anyone at ANY level, i have given you ways on how to test yourself, and then test yourself once a month to create new workouts. From the feedback on here, i see that many of you are developing fantastic levels in your inside workouts, certainly far in excess of those workouts you would achieve in a gym!! And you have to drive to the gym so another excuse avoided!!!

Here’s the bottom line, the more you move, the more energy you actually CREATE! The less you move around, the more tired you become and your desire to exercise goes down even further. Anyone who exercises will tell you that!

Here’s the bottom line on eating, the more healthy food you eat, the BETTER you feel! The more junk you eat, the more horrible you feel and your view of healthy eating will become distorted, as if healthy eater’s are some kind of freaks! Anyone who has been in both camp’s will tell you that!

Through my various posts so far, you know by now that when you exercise, you will be feeding fresh oxygen into your body every time, and clearing all the “bad stuff” out!

When you eat well, you will be putting fresh nutrients in, and clearing all the bad stuff out, creating a better digestive system.So for all of you who haven’t taken this challenge on yet, it’s only day 11 out of 84. plenty of time to change your life for the better so your choice!!!