Day 7

Sunday morning and it looks like a great day out there! Hope you enjoyed your saturday, and all it’s delights and it was chance for most of you to take your feet off the gas for the first time, enjoy something “off the menu” for the first time this week and in general, relax.

Sunday morning for me has always been the opportunity to get out there and do something, whether its a run, cycle, hard walk or whatever, i have just needed to “get out there”. It’s a dry start so i urge you to do the same and get it out the way early if possible!

If you don’t get it out the way, things will come up, someone else will put demands on your time and you will be struggling to get anything done.

It’s also a time today to eat well, pizza night doesn’t continue into sunday just because “it’s the weekend”. Time to get the basics done again today, and not blow all of your hard work all week, you’re still in the challenge remember, and we are just finishing the first week to change your 2010 into the best year you’ve had in some time, perhaps ever. Nothing wrong with sunday lunch either, just go very easy with the gravy obviously and another pointer would be to limit portion sizes.

We are all tempted to stuff our plates like you see in many a carvery, but what happens after that? Our stomach’s are in pain from being too full, and then we sleep all afternoon! Which in turn, finishes off our sunday’s to a large degree, and doesn’t exactly send us into monday with a spring in our steps!

Have a good sunday and look forward to day 8, your second week already!


Day 6

It’s saturday and time to loosen everything up after a week which has tested you, tested your resolve, tested just about everything! Trying to go at it 200% is not going to work long term, especially when you don’t have a day off, so that day off is most welcome today! It’s a great day out there and whatever you decide of course, is totally up to you. Having saturday off is also a release for your mind, and kind of says “this is my reward for my hard week”, and your eating can be a little looser, you don’t need to exercise, and mentally this allows you to come back fresh on sunday with some pretty strong motivation.

Another thing you will notice is that every saturday for you becomes a little different. Many of you today will be eating something that’s not on your normal diet, and why not. You may be in a social surrounding that demands it, or whatever you want to do, just do it and enjoy it. Every saturday will become different though because all the sugary/fatty foods you may be enjoying today will soon become quite sickly, and may even become quite off-putting! Anyway, i’m going to let you come to your own conclusions and take your own path, i’m not here to lecture, i’m just here to help and hope you follow the path that will bring you most success.

Have a great day, loosen up a lot, relax and we’re ready to have a big sunday activity wise!


Day 5

Day 5

Okay, we’re into Friday and day 5! I am very pleased so many of you are tuning in, and especially those of you who have taken this challenge on despite others trying to put you off in one or two cases. One of my favourites is “what’s the point in doing this 84 days, you could be dead tomorrow or a car could run you down”!! That’s pretty cheerful!

Let’s look at that statement, the ones who probably gave that statement may be overweight and feel hopeless themselves and don’t really want you to succeed. Most overweight individuals didn’t get that way all of a sudden, it usually takes a lot of eating the wrong foods, and quite a lot of not moving!

It’s okay to have that attitude of “it’s the end of the world tomorrow” but what happens when the end of the world doesn’t happen, and you’re not run down by a car? How does all that junk you eat and drink every day affect you, does it make you overweight, have zero energy, and make you deeply unhealthy inside? Tomorrow for most of us lucky ones does happen, and it’s important to face it feeling as good as possible isn’t it?

Do you want to feel that you can walk in a shop and pick any clothes off the hanger and look great? What about having so much energy that you wake up to the day with renewed purpose and vigour? Do you want people to come up to you after this challenge and be staggered on how great you look? Does this seem impossible to some of you? If it does, then I’m here to tell you that you’re mistaken and can achieve exactly what you put your mind to, as long as you take action EVERY DAY to get there.

So forget all those comments about  living for right now and the end of the world is nigh! Life is about right now, and very much today, and tomorrow IS likely to come and it’s likely to be a great day when you’re fitter, you’re healthier, and you’re full of energy, these are the facts. Most people I know who eat badly every day and don’t exercise are simply “settling” for a mediocre existence, why settle when you can live life on another level? I want lots of you to tell me that at day 84 and how this challenge has really changed you, physically and mentally!

Nobody really believes when they are chomping into a burger and chips, that they are living their last day on earth, otherwise they would be having the whole menu that day!!

If you get accused by some of saying “life is too short” for workouts and eating well, then answer them by telling that life will get even shorter unless they mend their unhealthy ways and really change things around. Isn’t life too short not to have a go at reaching your dreams? Is it too short to avoid a swimming pool/beach just because you’re not happy the way you look? Is life too short not to be able to wear exactly the clothes you want? Is life too short to wake up with a hangover every day? Is life too short to simply make it through the day, and slump in front of the TV and watch all the soaps?

So using the excuse, “life is too short” isn’t really true and isn’t a valid excuse, in fact it’s just another excuse to eat badly and not move around enough.

Have a good day and stay strong,