Day 8-get with the programme WEEK 2!

Well day 7 ended pretty well for me. The birth of my baby daughter at 11 o clock was a momentus occasion and she came in at 7″15 so a good weight. Both mother and baby are well, but no definite┬ánames yet! Will let you know and that’s why i’ve been quiet on here today!

A special thank you to midwife Becky who was outstanding, she has recently given up smoking, and i have invited her to get with the programme, up to her and hope she makes the right choice, i’m sure she will do well!

Glad to see most of you are doing well over the first 7 days, most of you say that you haven’t felt so good for a long, long time. For many of you, its been a struggle this week, but you have come through it. Some of you have had good days, some bad, but all of you have realised it’s not about being perfect, its about doing your best with the resources you have.

Those “resources” are pretty powerful as it happens, it’s just that most of you don’t use them enough. I am fortunate to have had a new baby come into the world tonight, and hopefully she makes the right choices most of the time, like i hope her brother does.

How many of you have made choices that you consider “bad”? Well i’ve got news for you, its a pretty big club you’re in and most if not all of us have made choices we are no longer proud of. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it’s time to realise that it’s not the cards you were dealt, it’s how you play those cards. The past does not equal the future, this means just because something has happened in the past, it doesn’t mean it has to affect your future, so that you never try anything again!

Would i be on here on 0.55am on day 8 after i just got home hospital if i didn’t care and want you all to improve? Before you ask, the hospital wouldn’t let me stay and i go back tomorrow. This is blog that asks for no money, all it asks for all of you to do your best and change your life for the better through eating well, exercising as little more and with more purpose, and allowing this process to really allow the self-belief in your life that has been missing to sky-rocket!! It can really be done and with most of you, the early signs are good!

So you all have the same choices going forward, no matter what has gone on before. Is there any one of you that can’t make their families proud of the physical improvements you are making, and and are about to make? Is there any of you that really can’t do 3 inside workouts this week, and 2-3 outside workouts to make youself so much better inside and out by next sunday? Is there any of you that can’t make a healthy shopping list up and finally get to the supermarket and really commit to eating fresh and healthy foods for the remaining 11 weeks? Or are any of you going to give up on yourself and not reach that potential you always knew existed deep inside of you?

Those who commit right now to another good week will be ten steps forward, those who are dubious about it, need to try it and see if it really works? I stake my reputation on here EVERY DAY to say it does, and i will debate these principles with anyone who cares to ask why this way? It is based on science and tried and tested principles, be consistent, use the resources on the site, and communicate with the valued members on here, IT ALL HELPS!

We are here, week 8, let’s do it!!!!!!!


Day 7

Sunday morning and it looks like a great day out there! Hope you enjoyed your saturday, and all it’s delights and it was chance for most of you to take your feet off the gas for the first time, enjoy something “off the menu” for the first time this week and in general, relax.

Sunday morning for me has always been the opportunity to get out there and do something, whether its a run, cycle, hard walk or whatever, i have just needed to “get out there”. It’s a dry start so i urge you to do the same and get it out the way early if possible!

If you don’t get it out the way, things will come up, someone else will put demands on your time and you will be struggling to get anything done.

It’s also a time today to eat well, pizza night doesn’t continue into sunday just because “it’s the weekend”. Time to get the basics done again today, and not blow all of your hard work all week, you’re still in the challenge remember, and we are just finishing the first week to change your 2010 into the best year you’ve had in some time, perhaps ever. Nothing wrong with sunday lunch either, just go very easy with the gravy obviously and another pointer would be to limit portion sizes.

We are all tempted to stuff our plates like you see in many a carvery, but what happens after that? Our stomach’s are in pain from being too full, and then we sleep all afternoon! Which in turn, finishes off our sunday’s to a large degree, and doesn’t exactly send us into monday with a spring in our steps!

Have a good sunday and look forward to day 8, your second week already!


Day 6

It’s saturday and time to loosen everything up after a week which has tested you, tested your resolve, tested just about everything! Trying to go at it 200% is not going to work long term, especially when you don’t have a day off, so that day off is most welcome today! It’s a great day out there and whatever you decide of course, is totally up to you. Having saturday off is also a release for your mind, and kind of says “this is my reward for my hard week”, and your eating can be a little looser, you don’t need to exercise, and mentally this allows you to come back fresh on sunday with some pretty strong motivation.

Another thing you will notice is that every saturday for you becomes a little different. Many of you today will be eating something that’s not on your normal diet, and why not. You may be in a social surrounding that demands it, or whatever you want to do, just do it and enjoy it. Every saturday will become different though because all the sugary/fatty foods you may be enjoying today will soon become quite sickly, and may even become quite off-putting! Anyway, i’m going to let you come to your own conclusions and take your own path, i’m not here to lecture, i’m just here to help and hope you follow the path that will bring you most success.

Have a great day, loosen up a lot, relax and we’re ready to have a big sunday activity wise!