Nourishing your mind

We all workout as well as we can, we then feed our bodies hopefully, with good quality foods as fresh as possible, and we really aim to look after ourselves. Being strong in body is no good if we don’t use our mind in the right way, or let not so good things happen in our lives because we have negative influences all around us.

If you can give your mind healthy, positive images on a daily basis, then chances are you’re going to become a more positive, happy go lucky person yourself. If you tend to see the best side in people, rather than the small negative side, you’re going to seem a far more attractive person to others, and people will see the good side in you too.

A good habit is to spend time with more positive people, who share similar visions to you in life, where you talk about any ideas you have to create a better environment for you and others.

There’s a million plus sites on the internet to talk positive on, and learn about others who have created great positivity in the world. Positivity and seeing the best in any situation becomes a valuable habit in life.

There’s also  a million plus sites to see the worst in everyone, these are hugely popular im afraid as most people accept life is pretty miserable most of the time.

The options are simple, search for the best and most positive influences in life, and attract the same positives back into your life, or seek the negatives and worst of any situation, and you also attract negatives in your own life.

Train your body, eat very well and feed your mind with positive influences, this habit can become very powerful and second nature very soon.


Monday intentions, good and bad

When you make plans for your weekly workouts on a monday, you are also planning on what to avoid. For instance, today i will be doing my workouts, i will be eating well, i will focusing on getting enough sleep, i will be trying to reach my normal standards, perhaps even exceed them, i will be making sure i get my fruit and vegetables in to avoid all the colds out there at the moment, i will be trying my best to help others reach their goals etc etc.

This list of things to do is all positive, but i also subconsciously have a list in my head on what NOT to do. I won’t eat the junk all week that i will know will give me a wheezy chest, like it did on my break in london. I will give 110% to my workouts, not leave myself down simply by going through the motions, it’s not going so happen! I won’t be going down the pub because a couple of friends are, i won’t be buying sugary/fatty foods in the supermarket simply because it’s “nearly christmas” and i “deserve” it for some reason. I won’t be denying myself of sleep because i know it’s going to hurt my performance the next day, sleep is vital for me or i let everyone else down the next day, and yawning all day in front of everyone isn’t exactly “inspiring”!

It’s important to appreciate that when you seemingly deny yourself things, you are also being hugely positive about your life. You are building your self-confidence, your self-control, realising you do have willpower after all, and the control of your life you never thought you had is actually there, and you have a lot of it to call upon when YOU want it.

 You are not ignoring friends if you don’t drink or eat badly with them in the week, you are just choosing to live your life for the better, and feel better, nobody can deny you that!


Do i take my kit or not?

After a weekend in london, its always great to have been away, but great to have arrived back too. The main point of this post is about the eternal question;

1. Shall i take my kit on holiday/weekend break?

2. Do i even think about taking my kit?

3. I always take my kit away!

You can possibly guess that i now always take my kit away, in the past, often i didn’t and paid the price when i came home. The “price” would be a wheezing chest, shortness of breath, weight gain and generally feeling not so good and sluggish. That is exactly the reason i take my kit away, i simply want to FEEL better when i come back, its that simple, and i really don’t want to be a few pounds heavier after just a couple of days away!

So the bottom line was i did two runs, both at 5.45am on saturday and sunday, only for 25 minutes and after a shower, i felt incredibly better after pounding oxford street when only the cleaners were around, and some coming home after a night out!! It was freezing in a pair of shorts but that feeling only lasted around 5 minutes, and it did have some strange looks!!

Another question you may ask, why are you so “boring” to run on a break? First of all, it’s part of my lifestyle and i want to feel better and well, as listed above, and isn’t it more boring to whinge about how many pounds you’ve put on after a trip, and complaining how bad you feel? Not exactly entertaining is it! I’ve been in both camps and i can assure you that feeling great is number one by a mile!! When you make the commitment to look after yourself, you take every opportunity to look and feel your best, i didn’t always have this mindset, but so glad i do now!

We all eat richer food on holiday, we may drink a bit/lot more. It needs to get worked out of our systems sometime or another, there’s no time like the present so let’s make it happen!


couldn’t wait so try this

The programme!

4 stages

Overcome doubt

Start to believe

Be proud

Living the dream


Overcoming doubt (weeks 1-2)

Every single individual I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting into shape, they have all had the feeling “can I really do this?”, or “I’ve tried everything else before and it’s never worked”, so I’m not new to what doubts are going through your mind. I’m here to tell you and show you that you CAN do it and achieve major things in your programme, in fact, the more you dare to dream, the more you’re likely to achieve long term.

The overcoming doubt phase will usually last for 2 weeks, which gives you “bedding in” period for any programme. It’s about learning how to eat foods that will help you perform better in every area of your life, as well as your workouts, and more importantly, feel better than you‘ve done in an awful long time!

This stage is also about learning what exercises are best for you, which have most benefit for you and learning how much of each you should do.


Start to believe (weeks 3-4)

You will have had a decent first 2 weeks by now, and started to get to know your body again! You will be learning new ways to cook food, eating foods perhaps you previously thought of as tasteless, you will being to feel that much better, and you may realise that you’re not so bad at this “exercise” thing after all!


Be proud (weeks 5-6)

You will have accomplished a lot by this stage. You will be in a flow of exercise, suddenly started to make exercise a little bit more intense than normal, and liked to feeling of wellbeing you get after a great workout. You will being to do things you never thought possible, really enjoy the outdoors again and if you eat high-fat, sugary foods again on a regular basis, it will make you feel sick, tired, irritable and soon yearn to get back eating fresh, natural

foods (hard to believe I know but it’s true!)


Living the dream (weeks 7-8)

“living the dream” isn’t about suddenly having a luxury yacht in the marina, it’s not about winning the lottery or anything in material terms. It’s about feeling fantastic again, walking up as if you look forward to the day again, feeling that whatever you taking on that day, you’re going to do it and then have some energy to spare, as well as having almost daily complements on your appearance, and the good news is that this stage lasts for life, as long as you keep to your new lifestyle and follow the tried and tested structure you now have in your life!


The beginning!

Let’s get to it, I’m sure you don’t want to waste too much time reading and I want you to spend more time “doing” so let’s go!


Eating good makes you feel good full stop!

I always tell everyone to look at the way they eat in terms of how they feel, and how they perform in the lives right now. If you’re not feeling like you have much energy and there’s no medical reason, then there’s something wrong. If you’re putting on lots of unwanted weight or just feeling flabby, there’s something wrong. If you’re not going to the toilet regularly, then there’s something up! If you’re not sleeping properly, the guess what?!!

Let’s take away the excuses and address why you may not be performing like you know you really want to!



Let’s start at the very start of the day. A lot of people I know don’t eat breakfast, or they don’t “feel” like it or they may think they will lose weight if they don’t eat. They are all WRONG! Breakfast has to happen or you don’t kick your day off right. You will not burn calories straight away, you will have no energy and your digestive system is not firing properly. Follow any of my recommendations for breakfast, they will change your life I promise, and for the better. And another thing, before you eat breakfast, try and have a glass of water, put a slice of lemon in it if it’s too much like hard work, but what the water does is clean your system out. Have you noticed that when you have a pee first thing in the morning, it is usually a dark colour, this is due to all the “bad stuff” from the day before building up in your system, the water will take care of that and even better, it will actually begin the “feel better” process of the day!



This is a time usually for most people if they’ve skipped breakfast, the day begins to go even more wrong. Fried bacon in a white bap with ketchup sounds tempting, chocolate of ANY kind sounds compulsory, and a bag of crisps sounds part of British culture! Here’s a good incentive not to eat them, have a look at the person eating any of these and especially if they eat them REGULARLY. Most likely, they will be carrying some or a lot of excess weight, or if they’re not, they’re going to struggling with spotty skin, or a general redness of poor complexion. Nothing wrong with treats like this now and again, but regular consumption is not going to be one of your greatest ideas, and will slow down or stop your progress.

Fruit sounds like a boring option for you maybe, but give it a try, there’s always going to be one or two types fruit you like, and maybe try some natural yoghurt on top to sweeten it up. Natural yoghurt usually gets a bad rap too, but usually because most people never try it, and they never try it with their favourite fruit, or maybe with some a small handful of chopped nuts thrown in. remember we’re think fresh, natural food and we’re trying to feel better. The sooner we do it and make the change, the better!



This is all about getting to love food again, but not always taking the easy option and picking something too high in saturated fat, and loaded with sugar! We’re going to discover lean, fresh proteins (chicken, turkey, fish) again which are vital for keeping your lean muscle tissue, and that means keeping the rate you burn calories very high!

The important factor in determining your lunch has to be balance. We’re thinking a piece of protein around your size of your fist, a healthy supply of colourful vegetables, and your carbs (energy) should also be the size of your fist. This isn’t always possible when you’re on the run so I’ve included plenty of options in the lunch list.

Many people are out for lunch, or calling in bakery’s etc. The trick is to stay in control and realise the fact that YOU’RE paying for the food, and have the RIGHT to ask for no mayonnaise, little or no margarine or butter, little or no salad cream etc. The sooner you start taking control of your food, the more results you’re going to get, and you’ll find that those closet to you may actually begin to follow you! We all take what’s given most of the time, so it’s time to change and finally be your own boss. It’s not about being a “health freak”, remember it’s about being the best you can be, feel fantastic and do what you want in life, and this plan is going to make it happen!



Is a time when most people struggle for energy. Usual reasons include eating too much for lunch, which means too much energy, fats consumed which “spills” over and leads to a sleepy feeling, and a lack of general will to do anything! Putting fruit in your programme at this time will help enormously, giving your body some natural sugars it needs.

Another good idea would be to include some nuts at this time. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, brazils are all examples of tasty nuts that provide your body with essential fats your body needs. Your skin, hair and teeth all depend on these naturally good facts, as well as your vital organs and inner workings of your body. Fats often get a bad rap but these fats are an outstanding idea for your diet every day, so make sure you take them in!


Evening meal

This is the meal that many people when I first meet them, have a decent stab at. A lot of people suddenly remember that vegetables have to come in sometime during the day! Try and make your plate colourful when it comes to vegetables, this way you can get a fuller variety of vitamins and minerals your body really needs. Like lunch time, your body needs some lean protein to protect and preserve vital lean muscle tissue. This helps enormously in making sure your metabolism keeps firing along at a much increased rate, so give it a helping hand by putting the right foods in!

Everyone has screamed at the sight of carbs the last few years, but they’re not really the bad guys! Too many carbs are the bad guys, which can lead to that “overspill” effect we have talked about so far. If you take in too much of any food, you will put on a little body fat full stop. Like I keep saying, try and keep your carb serving to the size of your fist, the protein to the size of your fist and vegetables in abundance, as they are low in calories and packed full of great nutrition that you’re body is going to thank you for!



One of the most important factors in your diet, yet most people don’t follow through and get enough water full stop. Most people know water is vital, but most rely on tea, coffee and fizzy drinks. We all get thirsty, but by then, we’re usually dehydrated. It’s important to get water throughout the day, and not in big amounts in one go. If you try this method, all it will do is make you go to the toilet more. Sipping regularly throughout the day will give you a performance improvement of up to 30%, compared to days when you don’t take in enough water.

Taking in enough water won’t only make you perform better, it’ll make you feel better, and keep your concentration levels high too. It will lead to greater fat loss, you’ll be working better internally, and a great bonus would be having healthier, glowing skin, free of any redness or spots. It’s all about cleaning your system out and keeping it nice and healthy.

8-10 glasses a day is recommended but you will need more once you start exercising and your body temperature starts to rise. Start off slowly by increasing your water intake and work your way up. It won’t take long before you’re feeling unbelievably better!


Friday to sunday lunch time

Will be up in london on a rare break until sunday lunch time, so will update blog then, or before if i get the chance. Good luck to you all and let me know how you get  on!