Day 10

We are into wednesday already, and im getting used to world of no sleep again! Despite that, and having the week off working, i’m still trying to get a workout in here and there.

How’s your checklist doing?

Drunk enough water?

Breakfast today?

Snacked in mid-morning and mid-afternoon and healthily?

Eaten a good healthy lunch, but not stuffed yourself so much that you’re tired all afternoon?

What’s on the evening menu? Enough veggies going in and are you consuming enough protein with most meals? It can have a real effect on burning more calories.

What’s your workout plan today? Is it inside or are you hitting some fresh air workouts? Guaranteed to make you feel a lot better!

Have you had any moments of doubt today? Is your self-belief still high or is there someone negative looking to throw you off course? If they are trying to do this, then they haven’t your best interests at heart.

Is the programme becoming more positive for you, and is it a bumpy road due to external factors outside your control?

Are you committed to the programme still, or are you looking for the exit door by making the “same old excuses”?

Are you making some improvements to your workoiuts? By now, your numbers on each exercise should be going up.

Is fresh and more natural food easier to stomach? If it isn’t stick with it and you won’t go back to fatty/sugary foods…ever!

Are you feeling overall better, both physically and mentally? If you have applied yourself, then chances are the answer is very much YES!!

Whatever you have achieved so far, things will only get better so let’s keep building on these strong foundations you have set!


Day 9

How many of you know people who get worked up or even throw a tantrum because they can’t have certain foods? I say they “can’t” have certain foods but isn’t it their choice to change their lifestyle in the first place, they committed themselves to a better life, and like a little child, once they findĀ out they can’t have their “favourite” sugary and fatty foods, the worst kind of tantrums are thrown and i have seen them first hand!

If you are in this group, does it really make sense to put yourself through this process? Should you really be on this programme if you are not really committed to feeling your best, getting more energy in your life, changing things once and for all, the bottom line is do you want to change or not and that’s the challenge i’m putting to you?!!!!!!!!

The process you may be going through is that now you have given up junk for now, are you jealous of other people eating chocolate in front of you? Do you really think that their lifestyle is somehow “exciting”? I think not! Chances are that people are jealous of your lifestyle now, the fact that you’re making the right choices and your life is charging on in a very positive manner at a rate of knots!

So in summing up, the most destructive thing you can do right now is to keep COMPLAINING about the fact you can’t have your junk, your alcohol in excess, that box of chocolates!! Think of it another way, be thankful that you are leaving that old lifestyle behind, yes you REALLY ARE DOING IT!! Appreciate your healthier lifestyle and better quality of life, and you are adjutsting to it steadily, the old days are gone, and good riddance to them!

Your body is not fighting this change at all, it’s your mind, so quit the crying like a baby and throwing the toys out of the pram, focus on the opportunities you now have in your life, now and in the future, and let’s have a great day 9 and get this plan firmly back on track!!