Day 80 The black hole

Day 80 is quite something don’t you think, 80 days of straight flat-out effort, that is some achievement even if you haven’t been able to do your best this time. As i keep telling you, its really impossible to be perfect all the time, it is important though not to knock yourself too much when you do blow it for the day or the week, getting back on the programme is all that matters at that particular stage.

So the big question is, are you going to keep on doing this thing after day 84? Hopefully you are and you will keep on doing it in such numbers. Around 120-150 unique visitors from around 15 different countries view this site according to the latest data, so i have every incentive to keep on writing and trying to help everyone out.

One of the most important changes i have heard from people taking this challenge is their taste buds changing. Those of you who used to eat a lot of packaged food, and have tried around 5000 diets, have noticed since you don’t eat the processed food so much any more, so much processed sugar, so much salt in your food and in the cooking process even, you are now noticing the TRUE disgusting sickly taste of processed food that ultimately wrecks your body for long term success.

Salt, sugar and saturated fat are the evil triplets of what we are really trying to achieve, and these triplets are happy to send us into a black hole where we feel helpless about our weight, that we feel depressed about our weight, that makes our performances go to pot, etc etc. If you want to avoid this black hole, you need to stop falling for marketing madness, or “genius” on the marketers point of view. They want you to keep falling it for every time, and it does seem a lot of people still do.

I really can’t believe these scams are still in existance, as well as all the products linked to them. These WILL send you into the black hole of hopelessness.

Good natural foods will send you into a world full of hope and achievement, and send your body and mind into a world where everything works better inside and out, and your view of the world improves drastically without even trying too hard. If you think that is overdoing it a bit, try lasting the 12 weeks in its entirety, and then see what your view of the world is?

I don’t buy this idea that people have low expectations so you are willing to accept any old rubbish. That you are willing to believe such processed foods are actually good for you just because they are “low in calories”. I don’t believe most of you will fall for any of those lies.

So you have a clear choice right now. Either you believe and actually carry out what’s on here every day, and make it work for you and your family. Try asking anyone if it sounds like common sense, or try asking a doctor to see if its likely to work? I’m pretty sure they will say its the right thing to do for the short-term and a lifetime!


You go into the infamous “black hole” of processed foods/weight loss clubs, faddy exercise videos and equipment. That neverending world of short term glory, and ultimately the depression of putting it all back on and more. The nasty feeling of spending all that money on plastic exercise equipment, only to see it in langushing in some dark cupboard three months later.

The good news is that i’m here to back you EVERY day in your ambitions and goals. Some of you may even find the idea of being fit and healthy fanciful, i can tell you now its perfectly achievable and there is indeed, a new and better life out there for you!

Day 79 Your amazing shopping list!

Your amazing food shopping list!

All of these foods will serve you well, and leave no shortage of ingredients for you to cook healthy meals. As long as you eat well 80% of the time, then you will be in great shape, and keep your sanity! A treat here and there is no problem when you use this philosophy.

Meat and fish

Anchovy fillets

Chicken breast




Salmon, fresh fillets and cans

Smoked salmon




Tuna, fresh and canned

White fish fillets


Free range eggs

Goat’s cheese (soft and hard)


Parmesan cheese


Live natural yoghurt





Baby beetroot


Green cabbage, green red and white




Chinese leaves

Corn, baby cobs





Green beans




Mixed salad leaves


Red and yellow onions


Frozen peas

 Red yellow and green peppers

Red chillies




Sprint onions

Sprouted seeds

Butternut squash


Sweet potatoes









Kiwi fruit






Nuts and seeds

Cashew nuts



Pine nuts

Pumpkin seeds

Sesame seeds

Sunflower seeds



All canned

Butter beans

Cannellini beans

Chick peas

 Flageolet beans


Mixed beans

Mung beans (dried)

Red kidney beans

Spilt yellow lentils (dried)

Split yellow peas (dried)

Grains and wheat

Brown rice

Buckwheat flour

Buckwheat noodles


Millet flakes



Rye/wholegrain, wholemeal bread



Bay leaves





Lemon grass



Mixed herbs, dried

Oregano, dried






Black pepper

Caraway seeds

Cardamom pads


Chilli paste

Chilli powder

Cinnamon, ground


Coriander seeds

Cumin seeds

Curry leaves

Curry paste

Curry powder

Fennel seeds

Fresh ginger

Ginger powder

Mango powder

Mustard seed


Onion powder


Poppu seeds

Star anise



Avocado oil

Olive oil

Sesame oil

Walnut oil


As previously discussed, handy and essentials for your storecupboard

Anchovy essence

Black olives

Carrot juice

Coconut, creamed

Coconut, milk


Horseradish sauce

Mixed vegetable juice

Mustard, Dijon

Mustard, wholegrain

Peppers in olive oil

Ratatouille, canned

Soy sauce

Stock, fish

Stock, vegetable

Stock powder

Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil

Hopefully, you will find all of this useful!

Day 78

Bank holiday monday already, the bank holiday almost over! I have had my early morning run, and i will be shortly off to Carmarthen for the kids steam engine ride with Thomas and friends!! It’s a bit rough out there but the boy is 2 with me today, so we have to give it our best shot!!

I suddenly realise we are in the last week of the challenge, and its been a long road for most of you. Some have started so well, then threw in the towel. Some have done amazingly well, then panicked and forgotten what’s worked for them and changed eating systems, going back to faddy ways of doing things.

Some of you never actually got going, just watched along the way, and nothing wrong with that, but your participation next time would be most appreciated.

Those of you that are still here are to be highly commended! You can see how hard it is now just to last 12 weeks!! That’s pretty tough going and you managed to do it!! You kept your head when all those around you were losing theirs!! You have accomplished great things and the biggest thing you managed to do is keep going and showing up here on this blog a lot, you can see that this a major achievement that some cannot finish, or most cannot finish it seems!

Okay, we have 6 days left and those of you who are left, try and make them big ones if you can. All the hard work is done, all the eating good fresh natural foods is done and your body has appreciated all of that, that is great news now for your body and for the future!

What’s your future going to be after this, are you talked into doing the right thing yet, or are you tempted to do things the wrong way which means all the faddy eating again?

I try to post each day because i believe what i am saying is the truth, and really the tried and tested way to do things. It’s a free country so if you want to trust my words, then that is appreciated, if you don’t then that’s up to you.

What i do know is that i don’t make a penny on this site to preach all this stuff every day, the faddy diet inventor’s however want your money, your longer term financial commitment and will literally tell you anything to get you onboard.

These are the facts so make your choice. All i know is that when i pay for something, i want that product to work and not to let me down.

Have a great bank holiday and see you on here tomorrow!


Day 77 80% is enough for me!!

Another great sunday morning run done today, and the sun was out loud and proud this morning again!

This great harbour scene was overshadowed a bit by the presence of church goer’s in cloaks at burry port lighthouse having a sermon, or chanting or something really weird, they could have been devil worshippers?!! Who knows, but what i do know is half those people pretending to be christians are usually the biggest sinners in our community, you know them so i say no more!

Anyway, how’s your sunday morning going? Has there been a workout in already before you get on with easter sunday? Have you had a great breakfast packed with vitality, or is it your weekly great british breakfast? Is this a day of rest for you or is it a day when you hit several beers, as easter sunday has come to mean this for a large part of the community.

Whatever your choice, i’m cool with it as long as you keep hitting your 80% target.

80% in school used to mean you were really intelligent, were very at good exams and likely to go on to college and have a very good career.

80% as a goal kicker in rugby is phenomenal in terms of coverting penalty kicks. Johnny Wilkinson and Neil Jenkins are the best of all time, and i would doubt even these great kickers ever achieved this success record!

If you were successful in something, it could be assumed that you were doing things right most of the time, not all of the time as that is impossible, but 80% or more would be classed as being a master in your chosen field.

This 80% i keep going on about is your target with your eating and training. If you can do this, you can see by comparison with everything else, you will be highly successful without a shadow of a doubt!!

I think the problem sometimes is that people often have to go 100% or nothing! You will see some on this site at either remarkable highs, or depressing lows (for a short time only i hasten to add!!). You can see that being perfect is not only impossible, its stupid to beat yourself up for not achieving it or even close to it!

EVEN the so-called masters are not perfect, and don’t achieve perfection, or anything close to it. Their magical number is closer to 80% rather than 100%.

Johnny Wilkinson often said that his pursuit of perfection nearly destroyed him mentally. He has since become a buddhist and now has a different view on life, which he says, has helped his rugby as now he doesn’t put so much pressure on himself. He still has hugely high standards, but doing his best and what comes from that is now enough for him.

Being yourself is often frowned upon but shouldn’t it be encouraged? Your best should and always be enough in my book, and whatever the result, then so be it. You willl be happy, i will be happy and when everyone’s happy, results nearly always go up and up!