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Will be up in london on a rare break until sunday lunch time, so will update blog then, or before if i get the chance. Good luck to you all and let me know how you get  on!


“Can’t do that” society

This is for all of you who have been told that you will never amount to anything! Society conditions us to be cautious, and not to step our of our comfort zone, here’s a few examples.

All of us have been a child, and some of us have been a parent, so you can relate to this hopefully. When you’re a child, you constantly get cuddled and fussed over, but also you get told not to do things too. If you get too close to the fire, you get stopped and told not to do it again, you get told not to spill your food and eat like a pig, you get told to make a better effort at not filling your nappy when you’re potty training etc etc. Rules start to come into your life!

When you get to school, you start learning that what you got away with in the house doesn’t cut any ice at school, and you learn more discipline, and you are taught by the teacher and your friends, what you can’t do and what you can do. Things have suddenly become a lot more limited in behaviour, and your choices on how to do things.

Then you are judged by your efforts in school and usually categorised as an A, B or C student for example. Certain things are expected of you in life and a certain range of career is expected of you. When you eventually fit into one of these careers, and then perhaps it’s not what you thought it was, the option to change it is usually met with those famous words “you can’t do that”! or “don’t you want to think about that?” or “something else may not suit you or you will find it hard to get a job”! “or even just be happy with your lot in life”!

When you are growing up, you usually have a circle of friends and there is pressure to conform. When you want to do something different that doesn’t really involve the rest of the group, who here has met with astonished looks , and not exactly lots of approving words?!! “You can’t do that” will often be thrown at you in a non-improving way.

What if you have put lots of weight on, your fitness is a distant memory from school, isn’t it true that your new circle of friends are usually not really interested in being very healthy, being fit and feeling fantastic about themselves. There may be one of your friends into a healthy culture but that may be about it. When you suddenly announce that you’re fed up with your weight, your fitness, feeling rubbish, no energy, no drive, fed up with your job etc, aren’t you suddenly met with an initial “don’t be stupid, you look “fine””! When you expand on your plans, doesn’t the “you can do that” undertones start again, or ”you’re too old” or “you’d better be careful” comments start all over again.

You can see then the “can’t do” attitude rules our lives, isn’t it easier to simply “fit in” and not be “controversial”, sounds ridiculous but true and if you like being part of the herd, like a sheep, then perhaps this may be the wrong message for you.

If you are interested in changing anything or even everything, and were told that all it took was opening your mind, and writing down a list of things you really wanted, and taking action to go and get those things, would you believe me?

What about Cyril who regularly posts on here, he’s down to 18 stone now, but I see him at the most at 15 stone, his mindset will allow him to get there or not, it’s his choice and I’m going to help him get there, but he ultimately chooses to get there, and put the work in of course. He is 200% capable!

 At a heavier weight, your mindset is different because you do not quite believe that an amazing physical condition can be yours. This is not the “right” of other people, it is your “right” if you put the work in, really leave no other outcome possible in your mind, and take constant action every day to get there. I’ve gone on about most people never taking any action and complaining about life. Isn’t it time by now that you took action to get REALLY where you want to be, isn’t there more to life and did you really imagine when you were that 10 year old boy or girl, that life would really be just “this”? If life is amazing for you, then that’s fantastic and you can probably relate to all of this today.

Life is all about being grateful with your lot, but doesn’t mean you can’t go out there and really get what you want does it? Don’t let anyone tell you that “you can’t do it”!

Life is much better when your are healthier, you workout because you feel better, you eat good food because you feel better, you help others because you feel better, people complement you because sometimes you happen to do good things in life.

Don’t believe you CAN’T DO this or that, you know the truth and taking action every day is key, in short DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and it will become infectious and you will suddenly become this goal-orientated individual who knows everything is possible, as long you put the work in!

I want to know your stories and let’s start proving you can do it, and prove a few people wrong along the way maybe, which is always fun!! Keep using the resources on this blog and ask me anything that will help you.


Today’s thought

“Most people i know aren’t lazy, they simply have goals and aspirations that don’t inspire them, when asked what they really want in life deep down, they CAN get excited”!

Success maps

Here’s something that always bothers me. Most of the time, people i train will do really well, then some will do quite good but could do a little bit better, then the odd person will really struggle with results and should really do better, and this REALLY, REALLY bothers me!

There must always be something going wrong not to achieve some sort of success and i have  broken it down to the following things.

First of all, when you read a newspaper article, or if you’re a kid at school sitting through a lesson, or if you’re watching an TV programme, you will take in all of things a certain percentage of your capacity. The shocking number is just 10% if you just passively sit down and watch what’s going on!! Just 10% of your brain will really take in what you were interested in just a few hours before, or definitely the day after.

Isn’t it like that sometimes when you workout, and then make plans to exercise through the rest of the week, but it never happens? How many weeks do you have when you achieve just 10% of your potential because you didn’t follow through on your plan?

What would happen if you gave just 10% more every week, wouldn’t the results be a lot more impressive?

Another study for you, when those same kids in the class, or anyone studying just about anything, and they actually WROTE down what they were studying, and understood truly what they were doing, their understanding and lasting knowledge what they were doing went up to 45%! This can be transferred to writing down your workouts, writing down your eating over the week and writing down your goals, probably most important of all! Writing down things makes your brain absorb 45% of what you need to do, much better than 10%!

Writing down everything and creating logs not only improve you, but they create sort of a “success map”, so should slip back for any reason, you will know how you got success before, so you have a “route” to follow and you can get there again in a very direct manner!

Now here’s the most mind blowing fact, when the kids, the students, the workers of all kinds actually followed through on their plans, their written down plans and goals, and day to day, week to week, they DID what they actually said that they were going to do, their understanding and potential was realised to a magical 85-90%!!

There have been some massive studies into this, and its been proven that those who have a record of what they are doing, and what they have in front of them to do, are massively more successful than those who never plan, never acknowledge their successes.

If you read biographies of champions in all fields, all of them are fanatical about charting progress and success, and whether they are meeting their goals, they are creating their own “success maps”. Most of you have had successful times in your lives but never really wrote about them in detail. Many of you seem now that you determined to reach your true potential again, do me a favour and write your own “success map” down in detail.

Aim for progress, aim to improve each week, and pretty soon you should have something to be proud of again.


Momentum can go either way

How many of you have been successful in weight loss, and everything has been great and all of a sudden one person comes up to you and says “you’re losing TOO much weight and you’re looking ill”! You don’t really take it on board because you’ve worked HARD for this, and nothing’s going to stop you now! Then a few people you know come up to you and tell you “you’ve really lost too much weight and put some back on”!

Then you look at your food intake and decide perhaps that you have really cut things back too far, and you have developed a negative association with food, all food is bad and only a little bit is good. This is a highly unhealthy situation to be in, and often is the start of the putting weight back on process. This is because you go under the healthy recommended amount of calories per day and immediately will go back to your former ways.

Fast forward a few months later and you’re out shopping or at work, and someone comes up to you and says those dreaded words “have you put on a few pounds”!! Those seven words can ruin your day, although you pretend to shrug it off at the time. The same process begins again after a couple of weeks with more and more people asking about your weight gain. At that point, you will usually promise to get rid of the weight again sometime soon! That point sometimes never comes, and it can take an almighty jolt to get you on the right track again!

What we are describing here is “yo-yo” dieting, constantly losing weight, putting it back on and more, losing weight, putting it back on and more etc etc.

The bad news is that the more you go through this process, the more resistant your body becomes to weight loss and to say its unhealthy would be an understatement.

When you started to lose weight and get fit, did you notice that the first few weeks were the hardest, maintaining a lighter weight was at times easier, but the way you may have done it was unsustainable and that was the problem, losing 5 pounds a week can be unhealthy, most doctors recommend 1-2 pounds a week for it to be sustainable, as well as a healthy a range of balanced, healthy foods.

The most sensible way to get in shape is to change for your food not drastically, down to a few measly morsels per day, but to eat high quality smaller meals and snacks. Eat every 3-4 hours so you don’t go hungry, drink plenty of water during the day and when you exercise. When you exercise, start off gradually and promise not to slip back and miss workouts, if you do then don’t beat yourself up, just pick yourself up again and have a go the next day. This is the true way to create the positive momentum you need and everyone needs in their lives.

Always remember it’s harder to create momentum than actually go along with it, and you CAN do it if you really believe you can. If you exercise a minimum of 3 times per week you have momentum, if you eat well 80% of the time, you have momentum, this will help you sleep better which is always vital.

The first and hardest step is always getting going, it’s a lot easier after that if you remember a few simple rules. Momentum gives you great power and the inspiration to achieve great things, it’s nothing magical to get, just do it!