Day 21

End of the 3rd week, and this should be a time to reflect on how well you are doing, how your life is being improved in all areas and what you have in front of you.

What my job usually is on this type of thing is the “why”. You all should pretty much know”how” to do this type of thing, the home workouts, the outside stuff such as cycling, running, walking, swimming etc, its all pretty much out there now and you should be able to make some kind of effort every time.

The “why” though is different. Chris L for example, before he lost his 15 pounds already, felt like throwing in the towel at least once. I know others have felt the same too. The feeling that you want to “chuck it all in” is often overwhelming when times get a bit tougher, and its when you resist to this feeling that you are really winning! Overcoming challenges makes you feel amazing after all.

Remember when i said before that most people’s new year’s resolutions are often all over by valentine’s day, this is very true and in reality, most people’s new year’s resolutions are all over right now. They have caved in at the first sign of pressure or hardship. Their motivation has gone but i tell everyone that motivation doesn’t last forever, but structures do.

None of us every day wake up feeling hugely motivated EVERY single day, life sometimes doesn’t allow that to happen. However, if we have a good structure in place, eat a good breakfast, lunch and evening meal, and snack healthily, drink enough water, sleep well etc, we are likely to be very successful indeed!

If you read some of the posts by the users, there’s never huge problems with the workouts usually, its your state of mind that always plays tricks with you. It’s always the WHY! Some of you will look for excuses to quick and to feel sorry for yourselves, i’m not buying them so i wouldn’t even try if i were you!

Some of you now are falling down one day, but the ultra-important thing is YOU ARE PICKING YOURSELF RIGHT BACK UP!!!! Now that is the exciting thing for me and it should be for you too! You are winning and are learning “why” you fell down in the first place. THAT IS MAJOR PROGRESS and the true secret to ultimate success, now you have it let’s pick yourself up EVERY SINGLE TIME!

You will get knocked down at times, that’s life remember, but i want you getting your behind’s off the floor EVERY TIME. You either want to be successful or not, and this challenge is no time to be a baby or lie on the settee on a sunday, let’s get out there and show the fight that’s really in each and every one of you!


Day 20

So here we are already, nearly at the end of week 3 and most of you have made substantial progress to say the least, a big congratulations to you all on that. Had an email from simon in chicago yesterday, he las lost 11 pounds already and he thinks another 10 pounds will make him very close to his goal weight, which i was very pleased about.

Sorry to hear cyril and jean are not feeling well, this is sad as they are usually highly active and very valuable tothis blog!

So today’s post, i would like to tell you what happens if i ever get struck down by something like that, and thankfully it doesn’t happen to often!!! One day off work in 12 years!

Anyway, here’s what i do. I buy a whole lemon, some manuka honey, and some warm water, and sometimes i even eat the skin of the lemon, and i know most of you wouldn’t do that as its so bitter, but it works for me!

Then as a defence for all of this coming in the first place, i tend to make sure my immune system is very strong to begin with.

I always make sure i have nuts in the house, brazils, walnuts, cashews, almonds which are great for the immune system.

I always make sure i have plenty of fruit in the house, blueberries, strawberries, pears, apples, bananas, oranges etc, which again, are fantastic for our immune systems.

I consume all of these daily and never miss, as well as consuming as much veg as possible, from different sources.

To further boost my immune system, i get to bed early and try to get good quality sleep, even with a new baby in the house, its that vital to me!

To boost my immune system further, i don’t smoke of course, or eat much rubbish at all, and i never drink in the week at all, never!

Another good immune system trick is to always have at least one day off a week off from training, exercise is a very positive thing for your immune system, but if you overdo it, it can overload it and it breaks down, and then you get sick.

I try to keep things simple as you all know, so i don’t rely on medical drugs, and paracetemol etc if i possibly can, and try to rely on nature’s way of  looking after ourselves.

Give it a go, it’s a positive way for you all and you know deep down, it’s going to have a positive effect.

Have a great saturday, enjoy the game later, and get out and plan something active for tomorrow, i know it makes you all feel great after a leisurely saturday!


Day 19

Day 19

One of the secrets to be successful can be not letting your treat day, typically on a Saturday, become a half week blitz on your favourite treats!

Let’s look at tomorrow, Wales versus England in rugby, and many of you will be out tomorrow, having a few drinks or maybe lots more than a few, eating whatever you want and generally going way off your eating plan and really going to town on anything you want!

We have all done it, and nothing wrong with a blast now and again.

The real problem with this type of Saturday is that our whole weekend state of mind is changed. Most of you have eaten really well all week, achieved some really good results already and are very focused on this 84 day challenge.

What I mean about a state of mind change on the weekend is this. When you know you are having the big Saturday out, your Friday thinking can go too, as it’s like a version of being on holiday.

You think you’re going to let it all hang out Saturday, so may as well start on Friday! You may have a couple of drinks on the Friday, then have a takeaway, then Saturday morning you have a substantial cooked/fried breakfast loaded with a huge number of calories. Then the game is on Saturday tea time and lunch is usually very rich, and Saturday tea time onwards will be a write off of course!

Then there’s Sunday, you somehow crave cooked breakfasts on Sunday simply to feel better! Then, there’s Sunday lunch and most people always overeat that, and before you know it, it’s Sunday night and whole weekend has gone.

These are 3 huge days for you, and how do you think this will affect your progress? Well, you will have had 4 good days, and 3 bad days, and the 3 bad days will feature no or very little exercise. It should mean a week of zero progress, because you will be concentrating so much of simply “burning” off the weekend!

I would look at the weekend a little differently. I would continue exercising until Friday night, and eat sensibly still with a good selection of good food. Saturday doesn’t have to be trashed from the moment you get up, you can still eat well!

Nothing wrong with a few drinks for the biggest game of the year, but getting trashed into oblivion is really going to wreck your next day to say the least, and maybe a couple of days afterwards!

First thing Sunday morning, I would get up and run or cycle, despite maybe a headache, you do feel better after 10 minutes of doing it, honestly you do! Then your workout is out of the way early, and you will feel significantly better for the rest of the day and ready to start Monday with a bang!! Also, you will be far more motivated to eat well the rest of Sunday, and the great thing is that your fatty/sugary cravings will go straight away!!

Doing it this way, your week can turn into 6 good days, and bit of a blowout on Saturday, but with still good eating habits!

This is a great option of how you eat, drink and exercise the weekend!

Up to you of course!


Day 18

Day 18

Can you really believe we are in day 18 already? And I can tell you what’s got me really fired up today. Chris L contacted me today and was pleased to tell me that he last lost one stone and one pound already! 18 stone 2 pounds down to 17 stone 1 pound, quite an achievement and he’s still not happy! He has lots more to go he said but he’s very pleased he’s on the right track!

The good news is after checking my list of unique visitors to this site, we now have 89 individuals following our daily progress. This started off around 3 ten weeks ago, so has built up well without any advertising and thank you for that. Same people posting all the time though so a few more you posting would make sense now and help everyone else in their efforts to be in great shape.

My first week back working this week after taking last week off for the baby last week, and for the first time today, I was tired! Getting up daily at 4.15am doesn’t help maybe but I am used to that now, baby getting up in the middle of the night sometimes happens to, but everyone goes through that!

My solution? The natural reaction was to have 3 cups of coffee straight away, I didn’t, I have some water to clean my system out after sleep and to get my performance system ready. I had my porridge and protein shake and getting in the car I was starting to feel up for the day.

I get offered tea and coffee all day and I could take them, its an easy way to feel “up” for the day. I have found in the past though that it is a temporary high, and makes me irritable and leaves my energy levels often on the floor at the end of the day! Also, I can get sick of all that caffeine in my body, and I really believe my diet can sort me out for the day in a natural and better way. If I didn’t believe that was possible, I wouldn’t be posting here today. After a couple of workouts today, my energy levels have actually gone up, there have been no crashes and I don’t come home like an irritable pig!!

This eating thing is sometimes intimidating but here’s a challenge to you. TRY eating this way for 24 hours, then another 24 hours, then another one and will you please how much better you feel? Will you please do that? This will help others and most importantly, YOU WILL BE HELPING YOURSELF!!

All of us want to feel better, all of us want to look our best, all of us like compliments when we look good and have made significant progress, its human nature and you don’t need rubbish diet pills, magic beans or magic portions to do it.

Sometimes you have to give complete faith to something and I’m telling you right now that this is the day to do it. If you weren’t looking for amazing progress, you wouldn’t be on this blog and I’m offering you just that, amazing progress and it all depends on how much you’re prepared to put into this.

If you put a little bit in, you will get a little bit out. If you give your heart and soul to this, by mid-april, you will absolutely astound yourself with your unbelievable transformation. It can be done and give yourself over to this effort, you can do it.

Chris is setting the early example along with many others on this site, and we have all of February, march and most of april to go. The results could be staggering so let’s re-commit to this and be your best always!