Sunday lazing

If you’re laying around, feeling in a coma like state after a big night out, then a huge sunday lunch, then maybe a workout or two/three and some good eating will give you this starting monday;

Reduced stress levels

More control of appetite

Increased confidence

Put you in a better mood

Make you look younger!

More confidence

Shiny skin, hair and nails

More protection from osteoporosis

Improve your attiude to EVERYTHING in your life!

Give you better sleep

Increase your co-ordination

Improve your posture

Help you burn more calories at rest

Give you lots more energy

Give you increased lung capacity

Increase muscle tone

Protect your bones and jonts

A fimer body in every area

Give you more control of your life

Help you with any sports you play

Make you actually want to do things!

Give you a sense of wellbeing

Don’t reach for the headache tablets, get out there and do something, it’s not too cold honestly!

Start monday off well and you won’t regret it!


Worst to first

I don’t want to get up at 4am for work half the time, but my mind is soon changed and i am flattered that someone wants me training them at 5am.

Many clients say they didn’t really want to start, but so glad they did because they have achieved great things. This came about by doing things that they thought for the very worst thing in the world, running up hills, going out when it was freezing, wet, windy, and even snow! They tell me that initially eating foods that taste terrible could actually become very tasty given just a few weeks. Another of the “worst” things was allowing a photo to be taken of themsevlves, and actually admitting for the first time, they were in bad shape and needed to dig themselves out of the hole they were in. It was a incredible journey for some, and still is has they continue to face life’s challenges.

It’s like eating all your greens when you’re a kid, you don’t really want to do it and could be the worst thing in the world at the time, but you know you have to because it’s good for you, and after some practice, the greens become a lot more tasty somehow and i could lisr many examples with a lot of foods!!

Isn’t it funny if you keep on practicing things you may have considered horrible (linked to good health) to start with, your life changes for the better, you get lots and lots more energy, and you start looking and feeling better, the more you practice! The more you develop your weaknesses, the stronger you will become, and those weaknesses will soon become your strong points, and make you much more of an all rounder knowing you can attack any challenge.

Sometimes the last thing you think you need to do, or eat or train, should be the first thing you should do.


The truth as you see it

“The only thing in the world you can change is yourself and that makes all the difference in the world”-Cher

There comes a point when someone i train is not reaching his/her potential, that an old saying has to be said.

You can talk crap to your friends, and i can talk crap to mine, but let’s not talk crap to each other!

How many people do you know look calm and happy on the outside, but underneath they may be unhappy in some way or many ways, but are putting on a good act, i’ve met more than a few.

If you started your life all again, and had total control of how it would turn out, from the start until now, how would it look?

For example, some of the questions i have seen asked;

What if you hadn’t fell into trap of others putting unrealistic expectations on you, as well as responsiblities you felt were too much? What if you weren’t just expected to do the mundane and just plod along?

What if you weren’t born into a certain family and level in life and you felt you had no choices?

What if you didn’t live from pay slip to pay slip, worrying that things may not turn out ok, and didn’t have everyone depending on you?

What if you weren’t heavily overweight and quite so tired all the time, would life be different? What if the feelings of being trapped went away, and for the first time in your life you had the opportunity to shape your life for who you really are and what really matters to you finally?

What if you started questionning what it really matters if you drive an old or new car, how much you earn, what street you live in, and do you really care if someone dislikes you or not?

So if you had this second chance, would you really go for it, or is the old life nice and safe so you stick to what you have. Is it worth a  new adventure of being fit and healthy, or are you going to bail out again last moment, and not follow through?

 Are you going to settle for that because you are scared that the new, fit and exciting version of you can’t really happen? If you commit in the new year to that new you and you managed to stick to the programme (and yes, you can get help at any time), a few things will likely happen to you.

You will discover you have a lot more choice on what happens in your life and you do have much more control than you thought. You will find out that your past does not control you, not now and definitely not in the future. For you to start though, you have to refuse to accept the negatives going on in your life, and refuse to keep on making the same old excuses.

If you do not have what you really want and need, you must be willing to say so and with conviction. Then, you can really start to change it and make those changes last for life. If you always tell yourself the truth, you will become even more proud of the progress you’re about to achieve, as you know it will be real and nobody will be able to tell you otherwise.

Eye on the prize

Keeping your eye on the prize    

A common trait in people who reach their goals is never taking your focus off what you really want to achieve. If you notice and pay attention to those around you, just look and observe those who make new year’s resolutions. 97% of them fail as previously discussed and there’s a common trait amongst those people. If those people are trying to quit smoking, then that’s hard enough, but if you are trying to quit and you have had a couple of drinks, then someone in the pub offers you a cigarette outside, most people are tempted and will take up the offer, swearing it’s their last! Of course, most people end up regularly smoking within a few days. What they have done is taken away their focus on their ultimate goal, and its easier to fall back into old habits, than it’s to keep their new healthier habit going.

This applies to all bad and good habits. When you’re on a diet, isn’t it harder to stay on track than to accept friend’s invitations to pig out? Excuses for not eating well most of the time include “we had friends around”, “it was Chinese night”, “we were home late so grabbed something easy-from the takeaway”, “you can’t beat the smell of fish and chips”, “I always eat badly when I have a drink”, “I can’t stick to it!! I’m not strong enough”!! etc etc.

If you do go off track, and we ALL DO, at times, then isn’t it healthier to accept the fact that you will have treats from time to time, and as long as you get back on track to eating well the next day, then there’s not much harm done surely? As long as you eat well and healthy at least 80% of the time, then any rubbish won’t stay in your body for long, as your exercise habits and good eating again will get rid of it. It’s when the treats start happening most days that the problems start and the weight starts to come on.

Here’s an old tried and tested way to think of your eating, if you had a puncture in your car and one tyre was out, would you get a shotgun out of your car and shoot the other 3 tyres? Simply because one was out, the other three may as well get trashed too? This is the thinking many have, have a bad Tuesday after initially good intentions, and because of that write the week off, pig out the rest of the week, not exercise and start “next week” and next week never comes? Ever been through that way of thinking? And somehow you blame the programme you were on?!!

Write down your goals and the big thing you want to achieve from the start, and when you get tempted to quit, look at your diary again and what that goal of being in great shape really means?

Successful people never lose sight of their ultimate aims, and always get back on track when life sometimes throws a spanner in the works.

Practice it and most challenges somehow become easier to recover from.


Carb overload!

Another typical pattern this time of year, and its about to get a LOT colder tomorrow, is seeking comfort in carbohydrates. Absolutely nothing wrong with carbohydrates, as long as they are served in moderation. How many of us have restricted our bread to 2-4 slices a day, or even no bread in a day, and then introduced it, perhaps a really nice loaf from a bakery and couldn’t stop eating it once we got over 4 slices?! Then the habit gets continued day after day, and this really goes well in a pasta story, where you make a big bowl full that’s supposed to last until tomorrow, but you nearly eat it all in go? The same with jacket potatoes and just about anything thats full of carbs, and dying to be eaten in excess!!! As has been documented in previous stories, i had a huge pizza appetite myself once upon a time!

The way to get around all of this is get some idea on portion size. If you think of carb portions as the size of your fist, you shouldn’t really overeat, and the same with your protein portions as i have mentioned many times before. Your veggies can be any size, as long as its plentiful for you. If you stick to these rules, you will find your portion control had literally “gone out of control” and you may have been putting on weight at a rate of knots. So carbs aren’t the bad guys, eat too much of anything and you will pile on the weight, and your appetite WILL accomodate it believe me, so time to get that appetite down to healthy levels again maybe?

Juts a quick note on the atkins diet, of course it worked for weight loss but you could never eat like that for life could you? Plus the negative side effects that were numerous. May be the reason why the atkins product range went out of business, people loved their carbs too much, and as long as you keep those carbs in moderation, you can enjoythe great taste every day and fuel yourself up for great workouts. If you eat too much of anything, you will be overweight, simple as that unless you have some kind of tour de france type calorie needs!

Have a good one and watch the cold the next few days, BUT IT WILL BE DRY so no excuses!