Day 18

Day 18

Can you really believe we are in day 18 already? And I can tell you what’s got me really fired up today. Chris L contacted me today and was pleased to tell me that he last lost one stone and one pound already! 18 stone 2 pounds down to 17 stone 1 pound, quite an achievement and he’s still not happy! He has lots more to go he said but he’s very pleased he’s on the right track!

The good news is after checking my list of unique visitors to this site, we now have 89 individuals following our daily progress. This started off around 3 ten weeks ago, so has built up well without any advertising and thank you for that. Same people posting all the time though so a few more you posting would make sense now and help everyone else in their efforts to be in great shape.

My first week back working this week after taking last week off for the baby last week, and for the first time today, I was tired! Getting up daily at 4.15am doesn’t help maybe but I am used to that now, baby getting up in the middle of the night sometimes happens to, but everyone goes through that!

My solution? The natural reaction was to have 3 cups of coffee straight away, I didn’t, I have some water to clean my system out after sleep and to get my performance system ready. I had my porridge and protein shake and getting in the car I was starting to feel up for the day.

I get offered tea and coffee all day and I could take them, its an easy way to feel “up” for the day. I have found in the past though that it is a temporary high, and makes me irritable and leaves my energy levels often on the floor at the end of the day! Also, I can get sick of all that caffeine in my body, and I really believe my diet can sort me out for the day in a natural and better way. If I didn’t believe that was possible, I wouldn’t be posting here today. After a couple of workouts today, my energy levels have actually gone up, there have been no crashes and I don’t come home like an irritable pig!!

This eating thing is sometimes intimidating but here’s a challenge to you. TRY eating this way for 24 hours, then another 24 hours, then another one and will you please how much better you feel? Will you please do that? This will help others and most importantly, YOU WILL BE HELPING YOURSELF!!

All of us want to feel better, all of us want to look our best, all of us like compliments when we look good and have made significant progress, its human nature and you don’t need rubbish diet pills, magic beans or magic portions to do it.

Sometimes you have to give complete faith to something and I’m telling you right now that this is the day to do it. If you weren’t looking for amazing progress, you wouldn’t be on this blog and I’m offering you just that, amazing progress and it all depends on how much you’re prepared to put into this.

If you put a little bit in, you will get a little bit out. If you give your heart and soul to this, by mid-april, you will absolutely astound yourself with your unbelievable transformation. It can be done and give yourself over to this effort, you can do it.

Chris is setting the early example along with many others on this site, and we have all of February, march and most of april to go. The results could be staggering so let’s re-commit to this and be your best always!


Day 17

I was pretty fired up last night to tell you the truth, i have days of inspiring people putting some inspiring performances in, and its no surprise to you maybe that makes me well, inspired!! I also have people who could do better sometimes, and that’s what gets me pretty frustrated. I want the best out of everyone and when they don’t get there, it disappoints me but i know tomorrow is another day, so we will give it a shot then.

Another reason to get fired up is not letting this 84 day challenge ramble on like some kind of automated blog that puts out post’s full of cliche’s and not real world advice. I try to say it as i see it, and if that upsets some people, then that’s hard luck. The people who it upsets may need to look themselves in the mirror anyway, and examine why they are not reaching their goals.

Life is not about existing anyway is it? It’s not about just working your way somehow through to the weekend, and getting wrecked down the pub? Is there more to life than that?!!!

If you’re not excited about your life, isn’t it time to look at yourself in the mirror again and get off your behind and do something constructive about it? I have countless people asking me for help in all different situations, but when i give them the direct approach on how to get their lives back in order, many of them look at you as if you are from a different planet, and then they go back to their comfortable lives that they are not actually comfortable living in!!!

Those of you who workout on a regular basis and eat good food, tell me right now it doesn’t FEEL AMAZING?!!! Really tell me it doesn’t feel that good and you don’t have loads of energy in your life all of a sudden?! I THOUGHT YOU COULDN’T SO LETS GET OFF YOUR BEHIND, THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE BROWSING AND NOT TAKING PART! I URGE YOU TO DO IT AND GIVE YOURSELF A BETTER LIFE!!!

Have you noticed the familiar theme here and sorry for shouting! I preach the basics almost every day and urge you to take action. Please don’t be one of these who has got all the gear and no idea? Don’t talk a good game and do nothing about it. Each and every one of you has the ability to transform your life in this challenge. We are only in day 17, feb 3rd!! You can still join by clicking on subscribe!

I am here to help as you all know by now, no lies, no faddy comments and totally the truth, whether you’re comfortable with that or not, this is your time in life so let’s do it!


Day 16

There are a few different types of people who train

1. Those who complain, they moan, they shout out loud about the fact that they aren’t in shape.

2. Those who train hard and smart, and get into good shape.

3. Those who exercise yet still moan and bitch about not being in shape.

I’m sure there are many on here in different groups, the one’s who complain will bitch about not going to the “right gym”, not having enough money to get into shape, not having enough time, they have read the latest men’s health “fashionable” magazine about how to get into shape in less than 10 minutes a day and it still didn’t work (most of those magazines are fashion magazines and full of faddy advice)! There are lots of excuses, lots of moaning to be done and if you are still on here and its not working for you, maybe you need to re-visit all the information on here because THE SOLUTION IS HERE!!

I”ve trained lots of different personalities and i’m at my all time lowest tolerance of people making excuses, i’m telling you straight! There is a way to train, there is an intensity to train at, there are certain fresh natural foods you should be eating, you shouldn’t be eating all man-made foods for instance, they are REALLY BAD NEWS for your body and you know it! I’ve met people who have joined gym’s for 5 minutes and apparently they have this wise guy attitude that they know it all, there are plenty of them. I have met people with the biggest ego’s in history, and i have learned to give all that crap right back at them and bring them back to basics, its the basics that work time after time after time after time after time after time after time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do i make my point?!!!!!!!!

Let’s not put up with any of this rubbish anymore, all of you are intelligent enough to really do this once and for all, i know many of you personally and i have seen you reach amazing heights before, its time to do it again right now and i want you all to dig deep, re-hash that shopping list and quit visiting the rubbish isle’s of the supermarket, most of the supermarkets are filled with enough salt, sugar, saturated fat to sink many battleships!

Let’s get aggressive, you need to some times and really get stuck into this! Let’s do those inside workouts 3 times per week, you can do your walking, cycling, running etc another 3 times, if not why can’t you fit it in, what is more important than you getting in shape so you can help your family and friends even more, you will become a much more giving person so let’s really get that energy back in your life!!


Day 15-re-commit and let’s do it!

Sounds as if things are being thrashed out on here with you all?

I wouldn’t be making a day 15 post at all tonight without borrowing another machine. Dropped my laptop tonight and won’t be fixed by dell until wednesday, bit of a pain but at least it should be fixed by wednesday, makes us realise how much we rely on our computers these days!

Judging by your comments, i think you all are beginning to realise that having consistent weeks is really the way to go? Just look at jean this week, she has achieved great things this week, even though she hasn’t lost any weight, what i mean is that instead of stress eating about it in the past, she has analysed here week when she didn’t lose the weight, and concluded that she could in fact done quite a bit more to make sure her week was successful. I believe she will have a great week this week. She has lost 7 pounds already, so she is ahead of the game already.

Cyril has promised to go for the big push and cut out all the junk this week, his attitude is sincere and enthusiastic, and wants and deserves to do really well. Can he do it? Of course he can and i know a lot of you take comfort in cyril’s posts, which helps us all out if we are in periods of doubt and don’t feel like getting out there and doing things, that man has been out there in icy and snowy conditions, so he deserves our respect. I want to know your success story this week cyril and i want you under the big 18 very soon, with self belief and constant action, you’re going to do it and that means under 40 inches on the waist too, i’m counting on you to do it!

Whatever your situation there tonight, it’s february 1st and isn’t it time you really got excited about what you are doing again? If you are not excited, then maybe its time to set up a dream list, the things you really can achieve over the next 10 weeks, the next year and maybe even the next 5 years.

Maybe it’s being a better parent, and a healthier parent i mean, so you can keep up with your kids in old age. Maybe it’s being proud of your efforts in this challenge, and your children and friends admire you for overcoming all the challenges you have in daily life and STILL being in great shape by the end of april? Maybe it’s finally getting off those blood pressure tablets or avoiding the threat of diabetes? Maybe it’s meeting the person of your dreams, maybe it’s being at a healthy weight to have children, maybe its about getting the drive to open a new business, or go for a new promotion in work, or make yourself a less stressed human being that doesn’t take their bad health in general out on others, its a fact we are more irritable when we have an unhealthy lifestyle, and those around will cheer to that too! Whatever your choice and ambition,  its really time right now to go for it again, get your priorities straight and use the information you know to be correct and creating the very best version of you!

Remember, its the stories you tell yourself that stop you getting to where you want to be, tell yourself the truth and the positives attributes you have, and you will move forward and achieve anything you put your mind to, the time is now, no putting it off and let’s commit well and truly to a great week 3!!!!!!!!


p.s. couldnt reply to your question in the comments board cyril due to this laptop for some reason, but the thigh stretch is done lying on the floor before you go out, go on to your side, grab your foot and pull it back whilst on your side until you feel some discomfort. Try and keep the thigh your stretching close to the other one, this will give you a better stretch. Hold for 10 seconds, you can also do this stretch standing up.