Day 33 Friday-sunday weekend improvements

The subject of eating properly, and training properly may be a bit tiresome for many of you, but its something we all need to do, or life becomes less on quality and in vitality, and here’s why.

I never had a problem myself reading about, and searching for more training knowledge, in fact i had a hunger for it, and my house has a lot of it in terms of books, internet sources, and just about anything else.

 The more i learn now, the more it encourages me to learn some more. I always try to look for real training knowledge, and get distressed when i see some of the stuff in some of the “fashionable” fitness magazines. That knowledge and tried and tested experience, i try to pass on to you, and if you get to know how to do things the right way, chances are that you’re going to get to your target body fat, health and fitness levels that much quicker.

The same with the eating side, how come there are endless diets out there? Do all of them really work? Are some of them playing on our insecurities? If you strip it all down and work on the principle that most of what you put in your body should be natural in its content and origin, how can you go wrong? If something has been packaged 12,000 miles away, been loaded with salt just to keep it edible, and god knows that else preservatives, is it really good for you when you eat it perhaps a couple of months later?

I personally enjoy the allure of blueberries and strawberries, nuts, and natural yoghurt, over some “low-fat” biscuits or low-fat desserts that are really loaded with sugar and chemicals your science teacher in school would have had a hard job saying! It wasn’t always that way, and i discovered this “better life” too. I do actually like ice cream and could easily eat a tub if asked, i just choose a better path now that works for me fantastically well, plus i know i would put a ton of weight on too!

Here’s a fact that i go on about a million times, what you put into your body over the next 6 months will have a direct effect on the way your body looks and feels. That is down to your teeth and fingernails even. Check it out in your medical book if you want.

Now would you really want to look like this “made over” person in 6 months time, as if you have had some transformation into the best possible version of you right now? Yes it is possible  and i’ve seen so many people go through it. Is that truly exciting for you right now or not?!

It always makes me laugh when i hear the people who say it is “boring” somehow? Is it more boring moaning about life in a pub and bitching about how life has passed you by, or is it boring having a new life to look forward to, full of optimism and drive because of the way you have transformed your life in the previous 6 months?!! That is a question you have to remind yourself of from time to time.

Most people i know would get excited by looking amazingly well, being complemented on their appearance regularly, feeling full of energy all the time, and generally feeling good inside.

Confession time again, i know for a fact that i feel like garbage after i eat pizza, about an hour after actually! It tastes great while eating it, but the price of feeling bloated and horrible inside afterwards isn’t really worth it. Of course its fine to do once a week, and i always encourage that, to break to monotony sometimes, and the same with ice cream etc, having a treat is a break for the mind too, and can help you relax after a tough week. Everyone here would be a liar if they said they never had treats, or liked treats. Everyone loves a blowout from time to time, me included so i’m far from a saint myself!

I just know if i lived that life of drinking 3-4 times per week, settled for eating ready meals, processed food every day, drank pop instead of water, didn’t exercise, cooked with salt and put salt on my food, had 2-3 takeaways per week, etc etc., that life wouldn’t work out for me the way it does now.

The fact’s are that i truly owe this lifestyle heck of a lot, and i have seen the “promised land”! Like many of you, as i say, life tastes so much better when you’re living it to the full and you have a lot of great health to call on exactly when you want it. The only ones who say that this life is not possible are the ones who don’t live it themselves, and haven’t experienced how good it feels because they never had the “Stick” in them to get there, unlike many of you who are doing so well and are well on course for that place.

Let’s work hard and keep your structure and shape going, every day you’re getting  better and every day is a day closer to an amazing place!

Day 32

The numbers viewing are still going up, so there must be more of you trying this thing as it goes along hopefully. Either that, of you’re showing some interest in what’s written here, and you’re thinking you may have a go “next time”. Whatever your decision, i’m cool with it and thanks for your interest!

How’s it all going? Have you had some good weeks, and maybe a dodgy week and wondered why you weren’t improving? Its easy to think like that, especially with this weather affected challenge we have had since christmas. I have a confession to make too, i went up to 16 stone when i first started the challenge myself and my second child wasn’t born until jan 24th.

You know what it’s like in hospital, you get hungry and you go down for a paper, and inevitably its too hard to resist the chicken sandwiches in those packs, and without fail they have some mayo in there and god knows what else, this was the healthiest option by the way!

During a 3 day period there over new years eve and day, i also hit the hospital restaurant a few times, and gambled on their hot cooked food. I really admire the work hospital’s do, so am not complaining, but let’s just say that the food had way more additives than i cook with, or that i am used to!! And i have to admit, it all tasted pretty nice and once things tastes nice, the hospital canteen gets more and more attractive, and you start hitting that place for sandwiches AND the hot stuff!!

To cut a very long story short, when i hit 16 stone, and this would have been around the time the baby was born, i said enough is enough. I bought a cooked chicken for my visists, and like a pig i know, i snacked on that. I also snacked on a wide variety of fruit, and instead of endless coffee and teas, suddenly water made a lot more sense, and guess what? I started getting my energy back!

How many of us are fooled into thinking that january and february is okay to be a little “loose” everywhere? Well, i nearly feel for it myself and with my lack of activity due to the snow and ice, i was on the road to feeling like garbage and looking like michelin man! Maybe a little exaggeration but i stopped the rot, as i know full well how bad that can make anyone feel!

Here we are pretty much a month later and the happy story i have for you now is that i am 15 stone 3, and it feels a million times better! I am running more, my weights are going better and i’m loving my food, and have got used to the reduced portions again and good structure in my life.

No more bloated stomach’s from all that bread, i really felt bad! Also, i haven’t had a drink since January 1st and guess what, i don’t even miss  it and everything is really kicking into gear right now!! It’s taken me almost 7 weeks after new year’s to finally feel my old self again, and i plan on losing another 7 pounds to feel my own personal best, when my energy levels enter the optimum zone and i feel ready for anything, and that means i usually get even more fired up when i write!!

There is something to be said for routines after all!! They get us back on track, and remind us how we got into good shape in the first place. 80% of you now hopefully could tell how you get into shape, and you could recite your own “roadmap” on how you at one time or another, got into your very best shape!

So all of you have great intelligence and if you are reading here most days, you must have a deep down desire to one day be in your absolutely best ever shape, and the rewards that brings with it! You know it makes sense and you’re all so capable of getting to that heavenly place!!!

I’m backing you all in your ambitions and don’t hold back in trying to get whatever you want! 52 days left, you should be flying by now or reminding yourself that you can really fly as long as you remember what structures it takes in your life again to make it happen!

thought for tomorrow

“Whatever you put your mind to, you can do as long as you take regular and consistent action to get there, there’s always a way and you need to keep finding the way even when seemingly impossible challenges come your way, in fact, expect them!”

Day 31-discovering yourself again!

So following on from yesterday, all of us are in certain situation in life now and some of us are more happy than others to be in it?

If things simply weren’t as they are now what would happen? You have a chance to rewrite your life and start again somehow and get a better life, perhaps move towards the life you always wanted, but are too afraid to try? What if somehow you didn’t have the same responsibilites and expectancies, you felt you were buried so deep that you seem to have no choices in life, but now you feel as if you can turn it around and do better, much better maybe?

What would happen if you weren’t so overweight and tired? Would you live a little differently? Or a LOT DIFFERENTLY MAYBE?

What would happen if instead of feeling trapped, you had the opportunity to shape your life around who you really are and what defines YOU and MATTERS to YOU?

Given a second chance, are you going to change things around and move towards your best version of your life, or is “being the same” as everyone else, would it be  “safer”  in some way, and are you really going to settle for mediocrity in your life so you don’t upset people (who probably don’t count anyway)? Do you really not join in this programme because you may think if you try your hardest, then there is nothing else better out there for you? I can assure you that there is a better life out there for you and you need to grab it right now before it passes you by again!

I haven’t just given you hypothetical questions, if you start living better by eating better, training hard, and making better choices throughout the day, you are about to discover that you have a heck of a lot more choice about what happens in your life than you could ever dream.

This all begins with you refusing to accept and make excuses for you and the life the way it is right now. That’s a cold statement maybe from myself, but i’ve been there myself. If you don’t have what you want and need in your life right now, you must be willing to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that, and say so with conviction.

I have done a survery of a lot of people i train this week and ask them a straight question. Was your life better before you started making the right choices with exercise and food? I WANTED AN HONEST ANSWER!

100% of them reflected on their past life, examples were one of low energy, interrupted sleep, constant aches and pains, lack of desire in their lives, no confidence to go on a beach or swimming pool, no confidence to go to party’s because some people would comment on how big they were, couldn’t fit into clothes of their choice, they now say how their relationships have improved in all ways, their hopes and aspirations of the future for themselves and their children are now greater, how they wasted their lives not being fit and healthy and now how great their lives are and they simply want MORE of it all the time, etc.

I could go on and on with numerous examples, but the time is now to really find the best version of yourself right now. Don’t be fooled by the food industry propoganda, eat well and eat as natural as possible, and fresh too when you can, keep alcohol to a minimum, train like you have real passion for your workouts and want to be getting fresh oxygen in your blood, be positive about life and life around you, don’t be so cynical and help those who need it if they ask in times of need.

Surely you may think i don’t need to keep banging this drum daily, but i feel i have to, because there are too many of you out there wasting your lives away, instead of enjoying to the levels i know you can. The time is now again and the first thing you can do is change your supermarket shoping list to 80-90% good, fresh natural food. What you put into your body every day will have a direct effect on the way you look and feel!! Time to do it again and every second counts!

Let’s do it!

Day 30 Your future

Is it at all possible that you have a wonderful chance for a tremendously more exciting and rewarding life, but you tend to undervalue yourself and put yourself down because you don’t think that life is possible?

If you do think that a exciting life is indeed possible,  are you are stuck in a place you don’t think you can get out of? If that is the case, would it be fair to say that you are really a unique and special person with the need to do and be all of who you can be. You may not achieve this maybe because you feel weighed down by life, by responsibilities and you don’t really “want to make a fuss”!

If you are really this person with huge ambitions for yourself and don’t do anything about it, you are letting yourself down, your family and all of those who depend on you for whatever reason. I wasted years working in an office, not really believing i could make it on my own. I am making up for it now, but i don’t you to waste all those years yourself, and that’s why you need to be on this programme changing your life around and being your best, and really creating the new you.

Taking control your life again is hugely liberating. It’s all about finding the old you and to do that, you only have to think back to the best times of your life and how good they made you feel.

What was the happiest time of your life? The most fulfilled and the most you’ve just been “yourself”. In those times, life should have been full of excitement and energy, and at the same time, you will have been at peace with yourself as life was calm on the inside.

You may have been in employment, but work would have seemed so much fun back then in your best time. You may have felt as if you were exactly who you were meant to be, and working with colleagues who you wanted to work with.

You made decisions for the right reasons and you didn’t care what anyone else thought, they were the right thing to do and that’s what really counted. There was no self-doubt and no excess worrying, everything life in life will have flowed together and you lived every day looking forward to the next. There was a sense of optimisim, that good things would always happen, as long as you put the work in and you treated people fairly.

You weren’t sure  what the future would bring, but you didn’t care so much then, as you were full of self-assurance, not arrogant but confident in your abilities and you were going to strive to get what was rightfully yours, no matter how long it took. Your accepted the way you were and this was the fundamental reason this was the happiest period in your life.

To get back to these times, you need to discover what is important, and throw away the negative stuff that is hurting your progress to a better life. Life can push you out sometimes so its time to put your life together again and respect yourself for who you are and what you do.

Life is not “going along” with any old rubbish, life isn’t “a bitch and then you die”, it really doesn’t have to be that way at all and deep down you know it. It’s not about “getting by” and if you just do that, you have settled for a life much far less than i bet you thought when you were 18!

It’s time to put the excitement back in there, and get back to your best times, when endless possibilities existed and life was flowing with endless energy. Those of you who have significantly improved their fitness, health, their bodyfat, blood pressure, energy levels, skin tone, hair, teeth, resting heart rate, organ function, will all know that life tastes better where you are right now and your “old self” is coming back! 30 days into this thing already, you have an incredible 54 days to make an even bigger difference so let’s get excited and keep making the change!