Day 47

Day 47 and many of you are starting to get through some of the limits you had previously set on yourselves. It may have felt as if you have been dragged through a hedge on here sometimes, but some of the best things in life are like that.

Think of a woman giving birth, absolute agony that is unimaginable but worth it in the end! Think passing your hardest exams, horrid doing all the work for them but worth it in the end, and makes you proud of yourself.

 Some people I have trained for a marathon never thought they were capable of doing it, yet six months later they achieved their lifetime ambition, or one of them anyway! Absolute hell doing the longer runs sometimes, but prepares you for the big day and you can enjoy the scenery even more if you’ve prepared properly, and getting a decent time which is always good!

This challenge is a bit like all of those things for you, and the same end result will be true. A sense of achievement, a sense that you have overcome your own demons, your own previous physical limits, your own previous discipline levels, and most importantly in my view, you have discovered you have to take action for a sustained period of time to become truly successful.

This talk may be a little premature for some of you, but those of you at day 47 will have already become a lot more powerful mentally too, and hopefully, your life and decision making process will never be the same again.

Those feelings you had when you left school and anything was possible may have been extinguished by life’s twists and turns over the years. Maybe some of those feelings have come back to the surface again? Maybe you have discovered you weren’t finished physically, and you’re ready to become a warrior again, and are not prepared to be pigeon holed by people’s perceptions of you?!

Most people have opinions of us, and sometimes its hard for people to accept we are transforming ourselves from a couch potato to an accomplished athlete. You may laugh at that but that’s what you are, an athlete if you are following this programme. I encourage different training based on you being your best athletic self. You may not be at the next Olympics but you can be at your own personal best?!

There is not one person I train who has gone back in fitness due to their age, I don’t people in categories that because they are 50 or 60 years of age, they are finished! That is not true, and if you go out to southern California like I have many times, its not unusual to see packs of 70-80 year old’s running in packs, its not unusual to see new mothers running in packs with their prams and new born babies, it’s not unusual to see healthier menu’s as the norm in restaurant, and not just as a token gesture, this place is always true inspiration for me and gets me fired up every time I go there.

So what’s the difference over here? Do we have to take a different lifestyle view because we are british? Do we have to base our lives around the pub, around the takeaway, around supermarket ready meals, or have we got a mind of our own? Those of you who really want to change but are too afraid too for some reason, I urge you to do so right now and really don’t put up with feeling so lacking in energy any more, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Don’t put up with being too afraid to go to the swimming pool, don’t be afraid of the beach, don’t be afraid to chuck all that rubbish like the ready meals and all the junk in the bin and take it down the tip! There is a way out that really works, but it depends on hard work, and a lifestyle that you need to practice before getting used to it, this is what this challenge is all about!

Here’s a great example of someone who has changed her life in an instant, a lady called Caroline has joined the programme and eaten 5 bars of chocolate since the beginning of time. I challenged her to not eat chocolate for a week, she initially had headaches for the first 3 days as the chemicals leaved her system and managed the whole week without chocolate.

Most people expected her to go on a chocolate binge after the week, but guess what? She hasn’t touched one since and her training performance has literally gone through the roof. Her squat thrusts have gone from a typical 30 to 100 in a week! That is the power she has given herself and from a lifetime of sugar intake, she now has changed her life in ONE WEEK! True story and there are many like hers on here too. That is the power you have, so are you can be pigeon holed as having as someone who can’t excel in life, or are you going to join the many, many people on here changing their lives on here every day?!!!

The time is now so let’s turn it all around in an instant!

Day 46 Fork in the road?

As we are still around the half way stage in the challenge, just gone in fact, the challenges in your mind will be coming thick and fast right now.

Life’s ups and downs are happening for many of you now, and that’s why we call this a “challenge”, and not a “breeze” or “easy street” or “fun in the sun” or “get in amazing shape in 2 weeks” rubbish like you here from some marketing men trying to part you with your money!

So the situation i would guess for most of you is at its toughest right now?

Q My food is getting “bland”, what can i do?

A. Maybe try being more inventive with your food, use good basic ingredients still but there is no end of stir fries you can make and versions of any so called junk food, and no end of healthy recipes you can follow. I will be giving more input myself on this over the coming weeks, and listing many examples.

Q My body shape is changing but because of that, im noticing my fat on my body more!

A This is a good point, and you will be “breaking up” a lot of body fat on your body, and indeed, this is a sign your body is re-shaping! Your body firmness is improving as well of course, so once the fat reduces more, you will actually see some good definition!

Q I am frequently tired and am feeling run down sometimes?

A If you feel like this, then you have either caught a bug/cold, or you need to boost your immune system as we spoke about when we first started this programme. If you don’t eat fruit, veg, nuts every day, your immune system won’t be at its best. If you don’t exercise, your immune system won’t be at its best, if you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system won’t be at its best, if you exercise excessively, your immune system won’t be at its best.

You can see from this that its all about balance and living life in moderation, and doing the right things more often than not. A health and fitness programme will actually make you avoid the run down feeling when done correctly, but everyone has a cold now and again so don’t worry about it too much!

Q My clothes are better fitting but my scales say i haven’t lost weight?

A This is another common one we talk about all the time on here!! Throw the scales if they make you unhappy, if you are truly eating well, exercising with purpose, then surely you are moving quickly in the right direction so don’t look back at the negatives that can play with your mind. Your clothes, other people’s complements, the way you feel, the way you look in the mirror are hugely more reliable than the weighing scales! SO chuck them please if you want to, and that’s one problem out the way!!!!!!

Q I have followed your plan up to now, and surprised myself at my progress, but i don’t know if i can keep this up for life?

A This really IS a question and a common one. You have evidence you have done amazingly well, and made the HARDEST steps already, yet you still doubt yourself. Trust me when i say the first steps are the hardest and most of you now have made great big leaps. If you haven’t made the leaps, then theres still plenty of time!

The best part of making these leaps is that you truly discover your inner self again and what you really are capable of. Most people are capable of anything they want, the facts are that most people never achieve WHAT THEY REALLY WANT DUE TO A LACK OF SELF BELIEF!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE FOLLOW THROUGH on what you really want to do, change can really happen in an instant and you are developing the tools now for lasting change for the rest of your life.

Nobody knows what’s really ahead of us, but life will taste better for you all when you are fitter, healthier and stronger, as well as being mentally stronger too! It’s all here for you to do, seizing this opportunity is not only vital right now, but it can change your life!

If you condition yourself for success, then life seems to become less of an effort and you will accomplish even more. You will realise that most people are down or negative on most things, then have a look at how successful they are at their chosen endeavours for your answer on which attitude is best. It’s tough being “up on life” all the time, but it will become a major asset in you becoming hugely successful in achieving anything you want.

No fork’s in the road anymore, we are going one way so jump on!

Day 45 Telling it like it is

One of the best traits i like in people is the ability to speak your mind, telling it like it is and really seeing great importance on getting your message across. With the amount of people i train, i always get to hear problems throughout the day as well as success stories.

The ability of the person i train to tell me what is really going on is paramount to the effect i can have on their development. For example, we have jean writing in last week, how good she felt when she tried a jacket on last week that hadn’t fit her only weeks earlier. I remember her saying she was having massive asthma problems, and the need of an asthma pump in her life and the fact that she hated it with a passion.

Then we had Jean writing in how well her training was going, hitting hills for the first time in a very long time, and her breathing had actually improved tenfold!! There were non-stop positives coming through thick and fast. Then the screeching halt, the scales were telling here that she hadn’t improved after all, all the better breathing ability hadn’t really mattered, the jacket fitting for the first time didn’t matter, the fact that she was putting very good food in here body every day, and somehow this didn’t matter?!!!!!!!!

What rubbish, jean is going great guns and i’m prepared to congratulate her for her perseverence. All i have done now is point the facts out to here, and one little small thing (the scales), is playing games with her mind. Don’t fall for it jean, throw those scales in the skip if you have to, because they are clouding your otherwise very good judgement!!

Who else on here is not having a “perfect” time? I have a less than perfect time all the time! I have the same worries and insecurities that most of you have, but i work on the following principles/guidelines to where i should be.

If my lowest waist jeans still fit well, then i am in shape and i am happy. If my fitness is still good, and i’m improving year on year, i am happy. If i am still giving my best most of the time, then i am happy. If i feel good most of the time and have a lot of energy , i am happy. These are pretty good principles and guidelines to live by.

So what are your guidelines and standards? I would suggest the following.

Grab your best jeans, do they fit anymore? Great if they do, if they don’t, its easier than you think to get there, it just may take some time and you need to get with the programme!

Do people still give you compliments on your appearance? If they don’t, you can turn that around and make it happen.

Are you still in the range of your previous personal bests in terms of physical performance? If you are great, if not, you have the tools to make it happen!

Are your energy levels still good? If they are not, start eating properly again and exercise regularly, you can change that around STRAIGHT away!

Are you happy? If you’re not, chuck out the negative influences in your life and celebrate what you have going for you, help others and do the things that give you satisfaction and personal pride.

Believe in yourself-When everything seems to be going wrong around you, this is the only thing you have to bring you out of all holes you don’t want to be in. Believing in yourself and your abilities is crucial to achieving long term success and firm foundations in your health and fitness programme, and i life in general.

Be honest with yourself-if you’re eating rubbish most of the time, and you’re missing more workouts than you’re actually doing, you’re kidding yourself and you’re not living life at the level you could. If you’re carrying extra pounds or stones, the best thing you can do is admit it, then formulate a plan on how you’re going to achieve your physical goals. Self-honesty is paramount to being in the shape you want to be, and on this programme it’s good to tell it like it is, as none of us are perfect and we all feel like we can’t climb life’s mountains at times. The first step is always the hardest.

Sharing your problems is always a good strategy as there is always a way out, there has always someone who has been there or even a worse situation, and can maybe advise on the best way out. See problems as challenges, and without challenges, we would be able to grow as human beings.

Tell it like it is, don’t gloss over it and you are likely to get a direct answer back, which means the issue gets solved straight away, and the problem/challenge no longer exists.

Hope everyone’s having a great week!