Filling in the gaps

Here is the true secret of training and being healthy and a few of you go through it from time to time, EVERY single year!

Cyril is going through it right now!

On the challenge of 84 days, he was cycling in the snow and ice, pulling out the stops at every opportunity and being a true example to everyone.

Now he is going through a harder time now just to get going. The weather is a lot nicer, everyone wants to get into shape for the summer, and there is far more opportunity to go out and do things. There is more light and its sociable this time of year to get out there and do it!

So what’s the problem would you say?

What i mean by filling in the gaps is this, there are significant gaps usually in the year in most people’s health and fitness programmes, and this is the biggest reason why most people don’t get the kind of success that they think they deserve.

If you have had an impressive 84 days already this year, then that’s fantastic.

What happens though if your next 42 days are mediocre, and you start to miss workouts.

What happens when the next 7 weeks are seen as “a rest” by you.

Then it gets VERY hard to get going again, and it can take all kinds of motivation simply to get to do ONE workout again, leave alone make the impressive progress that you’re used to.


If you have a few gaps each year, its going to be like a game of snakes and ladders. You will climb one ladder, then slide down a snake pretty soon, then you have to start again which is so frustrating isn’t it?!!!!

What would happen to your teeth if you didn’t brush them every day? Would you let them rot? Then start cleaning them again for a couple of months, then stop for another couple of months?

Of course not and you know it!!

So why do you let your body go backwards so much in these “gaps” each year? Why does that happen?

You clean your teeth every day as if its second nature, in fact it is!!

If you can get to this stage with exercise, doing it without thinking about it, then your plan will work amazingly well for you and you will look and feel fantastic for 12 months, EVERY year!

So what are you waiting for, let’s get out of this rut and do what you know is very possible in your life, being in great health is a choice for you all, let’s fix it and get back to basics right now and start monday with a bang!!!

No gaps this week, no gaps next month and no gaps for the rest of the year! This is my challenge to you!

Election day!

Most of you will be a bit up and down over what has happened today. Whether you are tory, liberal or labour, you can be sure change is on the way and that ought to make some people very happy, and some people a bit nervous perhaps.

Some people though let it rule their lives, their emotions and their future prospects.

I used to think that when maggie thatcher came in, the end of the world was nigh! And that was indeed the case for many, with the local steelworks etc all closing and creating mass unemployment. Times were very hard for many and im not going to start with the miners strike!

The most successful strategy i have seen from most of the successful people i train is not really to worry about who comes into office.

The facts are that opportunities will always come and go, things will always go up and down, and worries will always appear and disappear.

The trick is seizing your opportunities when they come up, and when you think of it, you get opportunities every single day.

Debbie has written an inspiring post about encouraging others to seize their opportunities to eat better, to train harder and more often, to reach higher goals in their lives, she assures us it can be done and guess what……….she’s exactly right!!!

Once you start getting into higher levels of exercises, getting your weekly shop full of fresh and natural foods, your mind will automatically become more independent and determined to take the bull by the horns and get your body into fantastic shape!

This is what its all about, take the bull by the horns and not worrying about the election, the conservative party or what media savvy nick clegg is trying to do! You don’t really need to worry about all of this and it doesn’t need to interfere with your workouts, or your eating and drinking habits!

It may well be addictive television by sitting in front of the screen for long periods of time are great contributors to putting on lots of weight and doing nothing for your fitness and wellbeing.

We have a weekend coming up, and perhaps a brand new government, but you should know by now that its not going to affect your health in any way whatsoever, unless YOU let it!

Great workouts and great eating habits can start right now and continue for the rest of your life, far longer than any government can last, let’s do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recovery story

Everyone loves a recovery story and most people can remember one. The biggest problem is that we don’t really believe that we can create our own “recovery” story.

All of us have let ourselves go at times, and its usually a question to which degree we have let ourselves go.

Some of us think we have gone beyond the point of no return. This can be a depressing place to be and ends up a vicious cycle. The long road to recovery is always daunting, with the temptation to give up a very strong one at times.

When we have got from the stage of “one more won’t hurt” to “several more won’t hurt”, we know we are in trouble. This is the point of hopelessness as weight as accumulated at a rapid pace and the realisation we have to get it off is an extremely frightening thought.

I have seen several people come through such situations, and mentally it can be very draining and challenging. The road is never straight and the recovery phase is filled with bumpy roads. Those who keep their eye on the ultimate goal though are the ones who come out the other side having achieved an amazing result, far beyond what they ever expected.

Going through this journey also gives you great mental strength, as you need to become a very strong character to develop the skills needed to shift huge amounts of body fat, but the good news is that I have seen it many times.

Most people who do it never do it on their own either. They usually have a very strong support network and close friends who always at hand to help you when you most need it.

While the ultimate goal needs to be kept in mind, the most successful I’ve seen do it have been the ones who have taken one day at a time.

When you adopt the strategy of taking every new day as a new challenge, you remain focus and you are likely to make the rapid progress you want.

This rapid progress and new daily habits become second nature after a couple of months, and once you and your body have fully adopted the new healthier structure in your life, you will want to do more and more and your ability will increase on a weekly basis.

There are plenty of ideas on here on how to do it, and logging on each day on a site that’s updated daily will help take you a long way. Remember every day is different and to be enjoyed, get some tried and tested structures into your life, a very good support system and you will go a long way to achieving your biggest ambitions in life!

Fresh impetus

Everyone needs a fresh look at their training, their eating and their overall goals.

Having a fresh approach is fantastic for your mind, your body and your overall belief on whether you can reach the goals you have in your life.

 Something will often trigger it off, it could be that you want to emulate a certain person you look up to, it could be you want to be healthier and you’re not going to take it anymore in terms of all the weight you may have put on lately, you may have been told by your doctor to lose weight and start exercising, it could be that you want to meet someone new romantically and you will have a better chance if you’re healthier and closer to the way you want to look, it could be anything but that “trigger” often happens when we least expect!

Fresh impetus to your eating can be to attempt to include as many natural foods in your diet as possible. You will avoid as much processed foods as possible, you will commit to drink more water, you wont stop at the petrol station any more for food AND your wine that will only add copious amounts of body fat to your frame, which will obviously drive you further and further away from your goals.

I can tell you this too, it take a bit of guts to get your fresh impetus into your life.

Are you going to be one of these people who drifts along each week hoping your health will “take care of itself”? Or are you going to take action and actually do something about it and really aim for the fresh impetus STARTING right now?!!

This blog is about doing something about it finally, and having the courage of your convictions to follow your good intentions through for the first time in a while. You will get people putting you off, but try and hang out and listen to the people who actually believe in you and want to support your best intenstions, this is VERY important because in the low periods when you doubt yourself, you’re going to need some support and someone to lean on. Most people find this very valuable when describing how they because successful for the rest of their lives.

We all have doubt, periods when we doubt whether “we can do it”!

This is why we need fresh impetus at times to take us much closer to where we want to be in life with our health and fitness.

May to September

May to september is a great time of year for being more active, burning more calories and fat, for being outside, for getting on your bike, getting out there walking, getting out there running, just about anything outside is going to be good for you!

You may have seen the recent study showing how good fresh air is for you now, and just exercising for 5 minutes can be hugely benefiicial in the outside. It can greatly effective for your mood too, many of the people i train tell me how good they feel from working out in the fresh air. All you have to do is try it and you will feel better, i guarantee it!!

These months from may to september can be huge for you, on average it rains less, it’s warmer outside by a few degrees which means you already feel like doing something before you start. You are sort of in the mood to do something on nicer days. Imagine the contrast between nice days like now and the freezing cold and wet days of the winter!

The time is now to get out there and be as active as possible, and what’s really stopping you? You even have more daylight to play with now as it’s light now pretty much to nearly 9pm.

There is the issue of being “on show” sometimes for many of you, you don’t want to be seen working out. If that is indeed an issue, either start off by doing inside workouts, or do your workouts in quieter areas and take a friend with you too.

 This will help motivate you and keep you safe. When there’s two of you perhaps of the same fitness standard, you will be both in the same boat and you will both feed off each other in terms of motivation. It’s always great to have someone pushing you, and you will both be thrilled at how you both progress, if you both use a tried and tested programme!

May to September is always great for eating less, a tasty salad always goes down better in the summer rather than the middle of january. You don’t usually feel like the big stodgy meals in the middle of summer, lighter snacks and meals are the way to go.

All of this adds to a very productive time for losing body fat, gaining lean muscle tissue and being in your best shape. If you use many or all of these strategies, you’re bound to be looking and feeling very good indeed!!