10 reasons why you don’t “just do it”!

Here’s a set of conditions which may be hanging around with you this Thursday, and causing you not to have as great a week/month as you’re really capable of.

  1. You may not have had your Monday blast, as I suggested on Monday, increasing the chances of you not having the week you’d like to have.
  2. You may have carried on your weekend treats into Monday and Tuesday, therefore not exactly developing the drive and energy to train hard or not even train at all.
  3. You may be worried about your job or business, with all the government cuts coming, I hear of a lot of pessimism again and it is very worrying for a lot of people.
  4. You may have emotional strife, worries on a personal level that make it hard to get workouts done and certainly not big performances.
  5. Your shopping list may not have been done last week, instead you are relying on bits and bobs from the local shop, petrol station and the odd takeaway, after all it seems a lot easier doesn’t it?
  6. Your sleep is terrible, its unsettled and you wake up shattered, leaving no energy and your irritability is at an all time high!
  7. You may have a glass of wine every night, that turns into a bottle sometimes? Number one way to destroy your training for the week and put extra body fat on!
  8. You hang out with friends who make fun of exercise, who ridicule exercise and give you pearls of wisdom such as the famous “one life you have, its too short to exercise”! This is one of my “favourites”!
  9. You have turned into a story teller, you tell your kids and maybe grandkids that you were really in shape “once upon a time”, but that was in the past and those days are “behind you now”. This is getting pitiful isn’t it?
  10.  You have lost all self-belief and self-confidence and reached the bottom of a big deep rut, nothing can help it seems and life is now one big day to day struggle! Desperation is good, it will mean to you that you are finally desperate to change it all around, as life is unbearable surely being that much overweight, inactive and depressed? The ONLY way is up surely?


EVERY SINGLE ONE of these reasons why you’re not performing well is helped TO A GREAT DEGREE by exercising and eating a whole lot better, this is an absolute fact and the big question is, like every day this week, are you going to actually do it or is life going to be one big feel sorry for yourself exercise?

I don’t say this to pick on anyone, but im saying that I know the truth and the all natural remedy for your lack of energy, lack of optimum health and lack of real attitude to conquer all TEN of those scenario’s.

The big question is are you going to do it right now or not? It all starts again with the first step and im right behind you so lets do it!!


Okay, we are here right in the middle of the week and hows everything going?

There are just two scenarios, you have either had a belter of a workout on monday, been a little stiff on tuesday and feeling pretty good about yourself today!


You dodged monday’s workout because you didnt really feel like it and before you knew it, you had a nap on the bed and eastenders was on!! Okay, i understand life is tough sometimes!

The great news is though that its still only wednesday and you can still have a great 3 days and it will only be friday!!

Isn’t this really a funny time of year for most of you? When your friends and family may be on holiday, and the inspiration to get into great shape may have been given up on for another year, yes yet another year?!!

Do you think its a healthier idea to think about your training in a more general way?

Should it always be about losing the extra pounds? Shouldnt it also be about having the confidence to now that you’e doing your very best for your health, ALL of the time!! These are the real endess benefits!

Isn’t it time to end these cycles you put yourself on every year?

You know the ones, have christmas when you put on weight and lose fitness, then start some kind of regime and lose a few pounds or even a stone! Then give it all up by valentines day?!

Then say you’re going to get into shape for summer again, and then it somehow goes pear-shape again and you lose motivation and spend most of the summer enjoying yourself based on too much food and drink.

Then its likely to be medicore progress until christmas again, then we tend to start all over again!!!

Is this a familiar pattern or am i talking rubbish again?!!

This is no attack on anyone, its just that ive seen so many similar scenarios, and the good news is that im always here to help, and believe it or not i can be very sympathetic!!

So agaain, hows your wednesday going? Is it going to plan and you’re on top of the world, or do you think theres the slightest chance of you getting going right now and STILL managing to have a great week?!!!

Its dry and its sunny,lets make i happen and its never too late!!

Super Tuesday

Tuesday should be going very well indeed for you. The weather is a little bit warm and close, but its perfect as you are already pretty much warmed up.

So did you take my advice and not have a lazy Monday?

Those of you who had a good workout on Monday will naturally feel better for the big energy workout and feel more optimistic about the week ahead and your life in general. Your self esteem will be higher because you know you’re doing everything you possibly can to look better and healthier, and self-confidence will be climbing pretty well too, if its not then you need to distance yourself more from negative people.

Everyone I know and everyone who I’ve read about who’s successful ALWAYS includes a workout in their day, and are very knowledgeable about all the benefits it brings.

Isn’t this week all about not making the same old excuses about not being able to get going again, all about wondering where your youthful body has gone, and isn’t this week designed to get you out of all this negative thinking once and for all?

What would happen if you decided from this day onwards to include exercise and healthy eating in your life just like you do cleaning your teeth, or having a bath/shower. I want to know why it isn’t part of your life yet? Surely you know the benefits by now, and the lack of ANY negatives of leading a healthier lifestyle?!!!

Yes, you can still go out for a drink every weekend as long as you don’t collapse each time and do a workout of any kind the next morning, fresh air though is always amazing at getting over hangovers!!

This blog is not some freak show for fitness fanatics who have never drunk alcohol or ate badly in their lives, those people DO NOT EXIST!!

Its all about helping each other and im here every day at the end of my day to help you, so ask away on any issues that concern you.

THIS is the best time of year to exercise, so are you going to reach your potential again or not?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday was a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the best ways to get going in the last week of july is to train with someone who gets you up to your best levels.

For example, tonight I had someone on holiday I train, so I ended up with someone with a similar fitness level on the weights, and it ended up my best session for a long, long time.

The amazing situation is not only have I had a great workout, I feel totally energised about the week ahead, and my ambitions already seem higher for my four days left in my working week.

You compare this to me simply going home and lazing in front of the television for an hour, the same feeling of energy wouldn’t have been achieved.

If I called in the petrol station for wine, crisps and chocolate, would I really have had an amazing start to the week or not? I think you know the answer to that!!

So following on from yesterday, have you managed to get fired up about your week or are you throwing in the towel?

Are you doom and gloom or are you bullish about your body and your abilities again?

Here’s a thought about things too. Have you noticed how easy it is to be negative about life, your workouts, the economy, the future everything?!!! Its EASY TO DO THAT!!

The people who deserve the greatest rewards are the ones who have hope, the people who tend to want to do things, the people who throw caution to the wind when most people won’t even try. These are the people who deserve to be in great shape, to have great success in their lives and to create a better, healthier life.

This is the time to do it, not tomorrow or next week, there really isn’t time because if you are indeed fired up from reading this, please ACT on it and don’t hang around because im convinced each and every one of you can turn your lives around.

Most people wonder what might have been, give it go right now, get active and you won’t end up like those who always talk a good game!

Let me know how you get on!

Write off another week?

Its more than a little concerning that some of you are giving up the ghost for summer?

The even stranger thing is that many of you have more talent than most and its criminal you’re not getting the best out of yourselves!

Debbie kicked her programme off last week, and whilst her workout could be considered light compared to her normal standard, it was exactly the right thing to do to start off gently again.

Starting off, a new beginning, moving again, believing in yourself again, finding your feet again, starting something big, kicking off things with momentum, etc are all ways to describe what you’re doing when you really DECIDE to go on that journey that culminates in you being in very good shape.

So the whole idea of writing off this week, sunday 25th July to Saturday 31st july is absolutely CRAZY. I know countless people who would love the chance most of you to train, to get outdoors and make a splash approaching the great, fantastic and warm month of august!!!!

So the question is are you going to waste your talents or are you going to join the ranks of people who change their lives EVERY DAY. Literally right now, there are lots and lots of people making changes in their lives, from getting fitter and healthier, to giving up on their dreams and not bothering about their fitness or health.

What’s your choice, are you going to have a big week and you can be proud of yourself by the 31st july, or are you going to take the easy wait out and follow all your favourite TV programmes, after all, they are REALLY important!!

Let me know how you get on and lets get out of your summer slumber!!