Day 25

Day 25 and you all be doing very well by now, that is if you have taken action!

Please don’t make the error that a lot make though, and simply go through the motions in your workout programme. Exercise needs to be increased in some way if you are to continue making the gains you have been making. I always like to talk intensity to you all, and you know i like everyone to put in good efforts in each time they workout. 1 out of 10 means sitting down not doing anything, 10 out of 10 means your all time best efforts. I would try and hit around an 8 each time you workout, this would be very desirable and bring you the results  you deserve.

Upping your exercise programme means you accomplish more and become a lot stronger in all ways. Your progress and advancements help you define where you want to really be, and how long its going to take you. For example, Chris L achieved great things in losing 15 pounds relatively quickly, so whatever he has used to get there, he need to up that to reach the new level, and once he reaches his new goals, he needs to push on from there too.

This may sound intimidating to some of you but let’s put it like this. Cyril probably went out on his bike for 15 minutes first time and it may have been tough. The next time 15 minutes would have been too easy, so maybe he pushed it up to 25 minutes, and so on until now he can cycles well over an hour. It’s always about constant progression and you will find that you don’t have to kill yourself to do it! It does become far more natural than you think for your body, especially if you are supporting everything with a solid eating plan full of nutrients you need.

Most people who have ever trained with me know i favour hills over flat walking/running. Not only is it more interesting as you get to take in some stunning scenery at the top, hills tend to make more demands on your heart and lungs, and in a good way.

When you walk up most hills, you will need to take in big gulps of air and probably stop a few times. As you do more and more workouts up hills, you will need to  stop less and less, and eventually you get to crave hills because of the buzz it gives you, and the sense of achievement you get from conquering some of the most famous hils in the area. The reason you eventually get better at these hills is because your body gets used to the demands you are putting on it. You will be able to take bigger and bigger gulps of oxygen in at any one time, that is a true sign of fitness.

This leads to a more efficient body, a much stronger heart and lungs, and a very much healthier version of you.

Bear in mind that these changes take time to occur, the amount of time differs with each individual, but those changes will happen no doubt! Have patience and be consistent as i always say.

There are plenty of hills in the area, go and check them all out, and watch your progress absolutely explode to the next level!


Day 24

What side of the fence are you sitting on now? Are you the type to do all your workouts with enormous drive, and seek that amazing feeling you have from doing your best, or even setting a new personal best? Nothing better than that feeling, and isn’t it a great feeling you’re getting fitter and fitter even as you get older.

This is another myth we need to dispel, you CAN get fitter and healthier as you get older, that’s a fact as long as you use tried and tested strategies that work. Your progress won’t always be amazing, you will perhaps have some better periods than others, but as long as the trend is upward, things are going to continue looking rosy for you.

Back to the what side of the fence are you thing, you may be in one of two camps as i said. One of them is the camp that wants to do well, performances constantly getting better, eating getting better, feeling more energy and finding EXCUSES TO TRAIN MOST DAYS! Who would have thought that? Actually finding reasons to train, eat well, be active, where as in the past some of you would have thrown in the towel at the slightest sign of hardship!

Then there is the other camp which you may be in. It’s the one where the slightest thing will put you off, the slightest change in circumstance can make you say “enough, i’ve had it, i can’t do this anymore and i have no time for it anyway”! TO ME, THIS IS THE BIGGEST COPOUT of all time!! I have heard this so many times that it actually makes me sick as soon as i hear it.

If i told you the number of individuals i have with all sorts of obstacles in their lives, you would be amazed and they NEVER miss workouts with me, if they do it’s very rare and there’s a damn good reason!!

So how’s it looking today? Are you going to give into that loser lifestyle of the wine on the way home, followed by crisps and chocolate, or are you going to achieve something amazing in your life today, tonight or whenever you are on your way home? Are you going to have the guts to get on this programme, not get put off  by negative people talking a healthier lifestyle down? That’s another thing and sign of being successful, most people i know who have achieved something big in life have ignored or disassociated themselves with negative people, because they can grind you down to their low levels in life if you let them!! Leave them go now i urge you if you want to be successful in this programme, or least keep them at arms length!

This is the time to do it, take action and keep the momentum going really well!


Day 23

The ability not to whine at the slightest bit of stress that happens on this challenge is one of your biggest habits you need to master. Things won’t go right all the time, in fact, things may not go right for 7-14 days if different things happen in your life. Is that the end of the world? Are 77 or 70 days still left in the challenge enough to get your body and mind right and still create a positive results? Of course it is!

What about people whineing about not having chips anymore? How about making some lower fat and more natural versions of them, such as more natural wedges that you can cut yourself that you don’t have to put loads of additives on either. There are lots of different varieties of fast food we can do, just visit a healthy eating book and simply google search healthy recipes and ideas, without using loads of additives such as salt, butter and sugar, they really are not needed.

Some people i bump into once a week maybe have used this challenge to re-launch their fitness programmes, and have reported some very good results already. They haven’t moaned, they have got on with it and re-discovered their physical talents of their youth. They are joy’s to bump into the next time i see them, as they are usually very enthusiastic about their progress and this brings me great satisfaction of course, and that’s perhaps why some of you are referring this site, because you know it can help others improve their lives too, the time for excuses is well and truly dead and buried, its time to be and do, rather than talk a good game!

There have been others of course who have asked me advice over the years, and now i refer them to this site. This is almost too direct an answer for them in a way, because now they are forced to take action and join the challenge. This often jolts them into either doing something, or whineing and moaning about yet more “reasons” why it’s “not the right time” to get into shape. These people i suppose will always make excuses about their mediocrity in health and fitness terms. If you’re reading this and still haven’t got on to the programme, then i urge you to do so now, making the first step can and will take you a long way indeed.

It really isn’t that hard to do, what is harder to do is keeping it up consistently, the true secret to success. This is why this site is updated DAILY, so you learn all the time (we are all learning believe me!), and you don’t get a chsance to fall off and slip back. 99% of you hopefully now are feeling some momentum in your life, health and fitness in general, if you are not, you are still telling yourself the same old stories that are not strictly true.

The tools are here for you to be in great shape, the only thing that is holding you back is yourself. It’s never going to be perfect, read the users posts, but life never is. The key is to do your best and if you do that 8 times out of 10, that will ALWAYS be enough!