Benefits of being strong!

Back on my schedule today again, the 6.10am run and the day off yesterday did me no end of good so im hitting this message today with no end of energy too!

 I like to talk about balancing your schedule throughout the week, and how important it is to have your week planned in a broad sense to make sure you are successful each week full stop.

You always need to be doing some strength work a minimum twice a week to boost your metabolism, increase the rate your body burns calories 24 hours per day, really firm you up all over, get you stronger and fitter all round.

For many years, doctors argued that weight training and resistance work of all kinds would simply give you a heart attack if you pushed it too hard and would give you high blood pressure too. We all know now that the opposite is true.

Making gains in your health and fitness plan is impossible without having resistance training in your plan.

Another myth that used to be put around was that strength training slowed you down a lot.

The heaviest users of weight training in the running world are always the sprinters. Try telling someone who can run under 10 seconds for the 100 metres that weight training/resistance training slows you down!

The realities are that the athletes were the ones finding out first what worked before the doctors. The doctors would then research the claims made by athletes and then verify all the amazing benefits that they were constantly reporting.

Now any sport from tennis, to football, to squash, to canoeing all use strength training as vital parts of their weekly training, year round!! None of this rubbish “i don’t want to get too big”!! If only that was possible that easy!!! Sportsmen are discovering the benefits of strength training in all sorts of different ways for their chosen sport, and are not “getting big and slow”, they are getting sharper, fitter and lasting a lot longer into their 30’s than ever before.

A lot of strength training is about avoiding injury too. Most people dont know that you are strengthening your bones and joints when you use resistance too. This makes your body work together in harmomy more, making the chance of injury much less.

When you get in old age, you want strong tendons and ligaments, as well as strong joints and bones to avoid falls for instance, and to do things that will still give you a high quality of life. We all want to be active into old age but you have to create a strong base and foundation first.

You need to do your strength work AND cardiovascular work (running, walking, cycling, swimming etc), thats a perfect balance!!

Have a great sunday and thanks for visiting!


Without drive, you’re not really going to get where you need to go. You will have no impetus, no inspiration, not much energy, not much determination, and you will find things a really struggle when times get tough.

The things that usually drives us is our thing inside of us that really motivates us. It can be either inspiration or desperation!!

How many of us have done things because we are really inspired by something to get off our behind’s and actually do something with our lives. We have usually seen something motivating or someone has shown that it can actually be done, and we have often said “if they can do it, then i can do it”!!

Another situation is getting desperate. I know a lady who would struggle with her weight, and not really do anything about it. Then one day, she was told by the doctor that she needed an operation, but she couldn’t have it until she lost 3 stone! This is a common story for some i know.

She approached me to put her straight and to cut a very long story short, she lost 5 stone which was incredible. She has since had the operation and now continues to lead a very active and happy life, and can now enjoy the pleasures of her grandchildren a whole lot more!

So by inspiration or desperation, you know you have the capabilities to get there. People with the biggest handicaps of done it before and you can do it too, as long as you take action of course.

Finding out what really drives you is ultra-important, its the thing that gets you up in the morning, its the thing that gets you out there in the cold and wet to do your workout, when the easiest option would have been to cancel it!

It may the new dress, it may be the need to have an operation like the lady mentioned, it may be the desire to get yourself in great shape, after abusing yourself for years with alcohol and sugary/fatty food and no exercise, it may be to simply feel better after feeling low in energy and low in confidence all these years, it may be to get in shape for holidays, it may be to improve your love life, it may be for a wedding, it may be to keep up with your children or grandchildren, it may be too help your asthma-YOU GET THE PICTURE!

Here’s a test for you, write down all the things you really want in life, short term and long term, give it a go and really go for it, and you may be surprised how many things you write. Then, i will bet right now that all of those things will be severely ENHANCED with exercise and eating healthily.

Give it a go and have a great weekend!


Everyone gets tired from time to time, even me. 12 weeks of a new born eventually take their toll with lack of sleep and general tiredness.

Also,  i made the mistake of training 7 days in a row and just carrying on the next week as well, with no break. I know this never works for me long term and eventually i get tired, and lack energy. I didn’t follow my own advice and am paying the price!

Can’t wait for a day off tomorrow, and some well-deserved rest, perhaps you never get complete rest with two little ones, but i will try my best!!

Saturday is always good for having a lay in, although that only means 6-630am to me, but its still better than most. An early morning walk is great for me too with the dogs, and generally a day relaxing gets me ultra-enthusiastic again, and ready for a great early morning sunday run, which i thrive on!

Rest is always the understated third component of the thre essentials.

Everyone knows about how important training is, as well as eating is of course, but rest and recuperation is just as important so we all need to use the recovery phase properly. I am charging myself up now, and the next 36 hours recovery phase will mean i have overwhelming energy again.

Have a great evening and im going to raring to go tomorrow after a good nights sleep (5 hours would be great!)

The right path

It’s never to late to take the right path. We have all chosen certain ways of doing things, approaching challenges etc, and many of us are too stubborn to change course, even if the ship is at times heading firmly for the rocks.

It stands to reason that we fall for the best marketing technique when choosing a way to be healthy. Actually, that was wrong, most marketing techniques are aimed at those who want to lose weight, whatever the consequences! Being “healthy” doesn’t seem to matter to most people as you would think. Associating losing weight with being totally healthy is misguided at best.

Living the healthy lifestyle involves a number of factors, and losing some weight can be beneficial of course if you have to lose in the first place.

Choosing what food and drink goes into your body matters greatly.

Exercising regularly matters heck of a lot.

Sleeping properly is hugely important.

Living life in a positive manner supports your immune system, being negative often brings on stress which attacks your immune system, you can see how important this is.

I find that most people go through all the marketing techniques before they get to me usually. I can be the last resort to some, but bringing people back to doing the right thing is always the answer.

Doing the “right thing” again after going through so many faddy ways of doing things may not work immediately believe it or not. Because you will have confused your body so much by constant dieting, and different methods of dieting, your body can be resistant to new ways of losing the weight.

I will concentrate on doing the right thing and your body has to get used to finally getting used to consuming all the important nutrients again. You have to get used to working out properly, doing the right exercises on the right amount of days, with enough rest in between. This will help you sleep better, which is massively important to your ultimate success.

So once you’re on a solid plan, regular improvements should come almost on a weekly basis to start with. These improvements will constantly increase your belief in the programme, and with that will come self-confidence.

After you’ve had some experience doing the right thing continuously, you will wonder how on earth you ever fell for all the faddy marketing techniques in the first place. Don’t feel like a fool, there are people out there making a lot of money in “selling” you this imaginary result that is never likely to happen, or at least last for an extended period or a lifetime.

So whatever your position, its never too late to get on the programme and put your body on a firmer course. All I know is that this way works, there may be some ups and downs, but ultimately you’re going to arrive in a better place, and you will be able to keep it up for life without too much trouble.

Its always the right time to do the right thing!

Seeing the light

Looking at things in a different light can make the difference between doing positive things, or feeling your are collapsing under the strain of life.

Some of us have terrifying schedules to some, and some of us moan about our jobs, our lives, our responsibilities. If you look at these factors in a different way, and feel lucky that you have such a busy schedule, feel lucky that people make us responsible for others and take pride in that, and that our jobs are actually meaningful, we can soon feel pretty lucky indeed, and look at things in a different way.

I feel lucky that some of you communicate after i’ve shared my thoughts with you every day. This helps me learn and understand what’s really going on out there, and i learn more about the highs and lows of human emotions.

You will hopefully benefit from me sharing all the things i know, and its great to have some positive feedback on what we do on here.

I am on the verge of putting my house up for sale, having a young family makes you grow out of houses very quickly, and so im about to see things in a different light in a different address! I feel lucky i have the opportunity to move house and are able to finance it. Life’s about different experiences and im sure a ton of them are about to come!!

Seeing the light for many of you came through our recent 84 day challenge, you may have been on the verge of giving up, the verge of throwing in the towel many, many times, but some of you came through and actually demonstrated to yourselves that if you employed the right strategies, you could really improve yourself and make a major contribution to your wellbeing and health in general. You overcame feelings of hopelessness at times and were brave enough to get off the floor aqnd come back fighting.

Look at the way Cyril picks himself up every single day, good or bad and somehow manages to work it out for himself, and shares all those ups and downs.

I have said many times that one of the biggest secrets of success is simply showing up 80% of the time. if you expect good things to happen, and you take positive action each day in the hope they will, chances are that some good things will happen.

Gary Player, the famous golfer once said when asked by the media on how he was so “lucky” he replied, “the funny thing is, the more i practice, the luckier i get!

Hope your week is going well and keep practicing!