Day 5

Day 5

Okay, we’re into Friday and day 5! I am very pleased so many of you are tuning in, and especially those of you who have taken this challenge on despite others trying to put you off in one or two cases. One of my favourites is “what’s the point in doing this 84 days, you could be dead tomorrow or a car could run you down”!! That’s pretty cheerful!

Let’s look at that statement, the ones who probably gave that statement may be overweight and feel hopeless themselves and don’t really want you to succeed. Most overweight individuals didn’t get that way all of a sudden, it usually takes a lot of eating the wrong foods, and quite a lot of not moving!

It’s okay to have that attitude of “it’s the end of the world tomorrow” but what happens when the end of the world doesn’t happen, and you’re not run down by a car? How does all that junk you eat and drink every day affect you, does it make you overweight, have zero energy, and make you deeply unhealthy inside? Tomorrow for most of us lucky ones does happen, and it’s important to face it feeling as good as possible isn’t it?

Do you want to feel that you can walk in a shop and pick any clothes off the hanger and look great? What about having so much energy that you wake up to the day with renewed purpose and vigour? Do you want people to come up to you after this challenge and be staggered on how great you look? Does this seem impossible to some of you? If it does, then I’m here to tell you that you’re mistaken and can achieve exactly what you put your mind to, as long as you take action EVERY DAY to get there.

So forget all those comments about  living for right now and the end of the world is nigh! Life is about right now, and very much today, and tomorrow IS likely to come and it’s likely to be a great day when you’re fitter, you’re healthier, and you’re full of energy, these are the facts. Most people I know who eat badly every day and don’t exercise are simply “settling” for a mediocre existence, why settle when you can live life on another level? I want lots of you to tell me that at day 84 and how this challenge has really changed you, physically and mentally!

Nobody really believes when they are chomping into a burger and chips, that they are living their last day on earth, otherwise they would be having the whole menu that day!!

If you get accused by some of saying “life is too short” for workouts and eating well, then answer them by telling that life will get even shorter unless they mend their unhealthy ways and really change things around. Isn’t life too short not to have a go at reaching your dreams? Is it too short to avoid a swimming pool/beach just because you’re not happy the way you look? Is life too short not to be able to wear exactly the clothes you want? Is life too short to wake up with a hangover every day? Is life too short to simply make it through the day, and slump in front of the TV and watch all the soaps?

So using the excuse, “life is too short” isn’t really true and isn’t a valid excuse, in fact it’s just another excuse to eat badly and not move around enough.

Have a good day and stay strong,


Tip for day 5 (friday)

Plan your day, your workout, your food, your plans full stop. Make time for yourself and what you want to accomplish. List it down on paper and you may be surprised that your day actually goes to plan!

I always like morning workouts because it gets it out the way early, as life often gets in the way later on!

Day 4

Nearly the first week over already and what’s your situation? Have you got a handle on this yet or are you afraid of dropping into a great big hole you may struggle to get out of? The dropping into a big hole is comparable to most people when they eventually come off their new year diets isn’t it? Once you come off these diets, there seems no way back until “next time” and somehow, it going to be okay next time!

I’m going to be pretty predictable most days, we’re going to go over the basics and the fundamentals, the stuff that REALLY makes a difference so you don’t drop into that great big hole. The better you do each day, the more chance you’re going to have of having a great week, the better the week you have, the more motivated you are going to be of having another great week. Once you have great weeks, your results can be phenomenal, so your motivation goes up tenfold!!

The weather has suddenly got drier, the weather is much more favourable for you the next days so you have a great chance to get out there again and do something. Whether it is cycling, whether it is running, whether is is walking, or whatever you want to do, you know it feels better when you get outside and do it!

Don’t worry about the coming days, the coming weeks, take it day by day and do your best on that particular day. If you look too far ahead sometimes, it can be too intimidating and that can put you off and give up hope. Remember if you do have a bad day, and none of us are perfect so you probably will, it’s always vital to get back on track the next day or even later that day. This is a longer term effort and remember as long as you get it right most of the time, the results will be more than worth the effort you are giving right now.

So let’s get out there in the coming days, do your resistance workouts too, get outside, do some good food shopping (many of you shop towards the weekend), and you will have done a whole week by this sunday, you may be surprised by the positive results in just seven days so let’s keep it going and let me know your progress!


Day 3

So where are we today? All of you are positive on here, and the phone calls and texts i’ve had suggest the same too. There is a real sense that we can all do it this time, and some really positive habits are beginning to take shape. Most of you are changing your shopping lists, things like brown rice, wholewheat pasta, sweet potatoes, chicken, turkey, lean beef, porridge, vegetables of all kinds, fruit of all kinds, etc etc are becoming staples of your weekly shops.

If you work on the thinking that as long as you eat well 80%-85% of the time, you’re going to be treating your body well, giving it enough energy to perform, enough nutrients to boost your immune system, and enough good nutrients to drive your metabolism up to another level, burn more calories, burn more fat and shed the unwanted fat on your body. Try and get these nutrients in on a regular basis, and spread your meals and snacks throughout the day. Have a good breakfast, snack mid-morning, have a healthy but not huge lunch, have an energy filled snack mid-afternoon when your energy may well be flagging, and have a really good evening meal after a hard day and your activity, loaded with lots of veg and try to make your plate as colourful as possible, the more variety of vegetables you have in the week the better.

You should be eating fruit and vegetables for not only the reason you KNOW they are good for you, scientists are always telling us you should be eating them for what you DON”T know. They are finding out new things out all the time about fruit and vegetables and their healing properties, and their abilities to fight off various diseases.

When you are cooking all of this good food, i take it that most of you don’t add salt to your meal, that practice seems to have largely vanished and salt on foods has long been associated with rises in blood pressure of course. I would guess though that some of you still add salt to the cooking process, and do me a favour and get rid of that too? It really makes sense to get rid of all added salt in the cooking process and those of you suffering from blood pressure issues, definitely need to limit or get rid of the salt. It may take a bit of time to get used to, but you will be soon telling me about the benefits you have been getting since getting rid of salt. 

Also, salt is known to lead to water retention. Those of you who feel bloated will find that by drinking more water and getting rid of added salt, and avoiding salt-loaded products (ready meals are prime culprits), your bloated feelings will soon go.

How’s your workouts going today? If you did a resistance based workout monday, i would tend to do another one today such as my home based circuits as i have listed in previous posts. I would like you to keep your same numbers this week, and look to make improvements once a week if possible. We are looking for a steady rise in performance here and if you can make a good rise each week, then you will have accomplished 12 such rises in 12 weeks, and believe me, that will be highly impressive.

A quick note on alcohol, if you want to put on weight, and really hurt your health, carry on drinking every night, but if you don’t, and i know you really don’t, let’s cut out alcohol, particularly in the week and cut it down to once a week max, or if you are looking for amazing results, i would cut it out for a while. Your body is much less likely to burn fat if you drink on a regular basis. Just try it if you don’t believe me, giving up the booze for a while will help you sleep better, give you more energy and burn more fat and get into great shape.

Let me know how you get on!