Do i throw in the towel before Christmas?

Do I stop training before Christmas?

This may be one of the biggest mistakes that most people fall for every year. It is common especially in gym members, who normally give up the ghost in December, promising the so called “big start back” in January. They then follow the familiar pattern of making new year’s resolutions, which are often all over by valentine’s day, and along with various colds and flu’s, progress often comes to a screeching halt!

A very good habit is not to follow the herd and think for yourself this December. How about actually stepping up your programme this month, what about raising your limits right now, and making your loftier ambitions right now? This will give you fresh impetus this month and see you looking and feeling good right up to Christmas day.

Another benefit from training and eating well up to Christmas is boosting your immune system. The cold and flu remedies adverts are in full flow after Christmas, knowing people’s immune systems are at their weakest due to over-indulging and lack of exercise. If you keep your immune system strong, you are much more likely to stay fit and strong throughout the break.

When you eventually get to making new year’s resolutions, you will only need to make realistic promises to yourself, as you will already have some momentum going into 2010. 97% of new year’s resolutions are never kept according to research, so you will be one of the few who looks likely to have a flying start to the new year ahead!


Getting fired up!

A famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What lies beyond us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”.

Most of us want to change some part of us, some of us want to change everything! But the funny thing is, it’s far more comfortable to stay right where we are and keep things the same in life. The critical point becomes when you’re much more motivated to change, than stay the same. Many of you who have made transformations in your life cannot be the old person, and the new you at the same time. When you have made changes for the better, you think differently, more decisively and usually more positively.

The moment you decide to change is the time you realise what your life entails at that exact moment. If everything is great and you’re really happy, then of course there’s no reason to change, only perhaps to make improvements and enhance what you’ve got.

If everything is not what you want, in terms of relationships, health, career, financial matters etc, then you may be desperate at that exact moment to change things completely. You will make sure your health is number one, finally making the commitment to change by never missing a workout, getting a new fresh supermarket list full of good food on lists i have given you here, giving up alcohol to a large degree, you may crave a better career, going back to college to enable you to do so, you may want to get out of negative relationships and attract positive people into your life, you may want to never be so financially needy again, and work 100% harder to go out and get it!

Whatever your situation, you can always improve and making sure you get out there and workout, eat well, and sleep well is heck of a good start for today! Never lose sight of the reasons you have for improving your lot, and this will allow you stick to your own personal programme.


New year 12-14 week challenge

I am running a competition online after christmas, starting for businesses, who are investing in their staff by getting me to train their staff, that should turn out to be highly productive for those businesses, who are keen to get it going and monitor the results.

 May be doing one for everyone else too, and may give everyone some big new goals going into the new year, have had substantial interest already, let me know what you think? Jan 10th 2010 may be the date to start.

Everyone will get daily support and we will chart the 84-100 day plan, with all your experiences (who register) being printed online, should be inspiring!


Nourishing your mind

We all workout as well as we can, we then feed our bodies hopefully, with good quality foods as fresh as possible, and we really aim to look after ourselves. Being strong in body is no good if we don’t use our mind in the right way, or let not so good things happen in our lives because we have negative influences all around us.

If you can give your mind healthy, positive images on a daily basis, then chances are you’re going to become a more positive, happy go lucky person yourself. If you tend to see the best side in people, rather than the small negative side, you’re going to seem a far more attractive person to others, and people will see the good side in you too.

A good habit is to spend time with more positive people, who share similar visions to you in life, where you talk about any ideas you have to create a better environment for you and others.

There’s a million plus sites on the internet to talk positive on, and learn about others who have created great positivity in the world. Positivity and seeing the best in any situation becomes a valuable habit in life.

There’s also  a million plus sites to see the worst in everyone, these are hugely popular im afraid as most people accept life is pretty miserable most of the time.

The options are simple, search for the best and most positive influences in life, and attract the same positives back into your life, or seek the negatives and worst of any situation, and you also attract negatives in your own life.

Train your body, eat very well and feed your mind with positive influences, this habit can become very powerful and second nature very soon.


Monday intentions, good and bad

When you make plans for your weekly workouts on a monday, you are also planning on what to avoid. For instance, today i will be doing my workouts, i will be eating well, i will focusing on getting enough sleep, i will be trying to reach my normal standards, perhaps even exceed them, i will be making sure i get my fruit and vegetables in to avoid all the colds out there at the moment, i will be trying my best to help others reach their goals etc etc.

This list of things to do is all positive, but i also subconsciously have a list in my head on what NOT to do. I won’t eat the junk all week that i will know will give me a wheezy chest, like it did on my break in london. I will give 110% to my workouts, not leave myself down simply by going through the motions, it’s not going so happen! I won’t be going down the pub because a couple of friends are, i won’t be buying sugary/fatty foods in the supermarket simply because it’s “nearly christmas” and i “deserve” it for some reason. I won’t be denying myself of sleep because i know it’s going to hurt my performance the next day, sleep is vital for me or i let everyone else down the next day, and yawning all day in front of everyone isn’t exactly “inspiring”!

It’s important to appreciate that when you seemingly deny yourself things, you are also being hugely positive about your life. You are building your self-confidence, your self-control, realising you do have willpower after all, and the control of your life you never thought you had is actually there, and you have a lot of it to call upon when YOU want it.

 You are not ignoring friends if you don’t drink or eat badly with them in the week, you are just choosing to live your life for the better, and feel better, nobody can deny you that!