Day 66 Exposing the fakes and the charlatans!

As we went through some essentials yesterday, we all know my opinion of faddy diets, but what really happens to your body and what is the “cost” to your body? Please consult with a respected doctor if you doubt any of this!

Most “diets” are low in calories so WHAT do they say that they are going to do for you?

These faddy diets encourage you to eat a diet entirely based on calories, and if you eat fewer calories than you use, you will somehow use fat as energy and that’s how you lose weight. Your body is a bit more clever than that according to scientists, and doesn’t just respond to counting calories. How many of you out there have been on kind of a starvation mode and still couldn’t lose weight, it does happen to many after a few weeks of eating like this you tell me!

The nasty effects of eating this way!

You avoid the essential fats that we talk about a lot on here that are vital for great health. Faddy diets encourage you to avoid these foods as they are somehow “fattening”! How wrong can you get! This advice should be banned!

You measure food just as a calorie, and therefore healthy food doesn’t really matter. Poor food choices which are harmful to your health in the long term count the same as far more healthy choices, very poor education again by the faddy diet “experts”.

When you keep denying yourself food, your rate of calorie burning (metabolism) slows down, and that’s what makes your diet eventually crash and burn. And when you return to eating your normal food, your body is still in starvation mode so will not only put your weight back on, but will more on more than when you first started, a nightmare scenario!

What about the very high protein diet?

This diet that severely limits your carbs always encourages you to eat all fat and all protein for a while. Then, a little carbs come in later. Let me say that weight loss can be very big in the first couple of weeks of this programme, which encourages people to stay in the all protein all fat stage!

The nasty side effects and negatives!

If you stay on this diet for the long term, you will be avoiding fibre, which leads to constipation and increased the risk of colon cancer.

If you don’t take in your fruit and veg, the risk of cancer, heart disease and arthritis goes up significantly.

When you take in all fats, and in particular saturated fats, you can develop cholesterol problems and heart disease.

Limiting carbs also discourages you eating your five a day of fruit and veg, always a bad idea!

An eating for life plan that discourages starvation methods, going without food for long periods, and counting calories works every time. You don’t cut out whole food groups and you have a healthy balance of foods in your life. Common sense actually works, so don’t be fooled by the charlatans ripping you off with the latest faddy diets that are all around us each day!

The benefits!!

You will be developing great health because you have balanced nutrition.

Eating little and often every 3-4 hours keeps your metabolism revved and stops you from going hungry, and stops willpower becoming the all important factor!

Eating enough fruit and veg makes sure you are in great health, fibre and energy to live the life you want to.

This is a simple plan for life  that works, there is no deadline and it doesn’t encourage you to avoid your treats completely, a bit of what you fancy is good for you now and again and keeps you sane!

Eating healthy and essential fats is actually GOOD for you, fish, nuts etc work for you every time if you let them!

I keep giving you choices every day, mine are actually based on science. The rest you hear are often “heresay” or “made up” to take your money and sound different or just plain dangerous.

Let’s have a great day and make the most of your body this week!


Here’s a subject you have heard me bang on about a few times. So i’m not going to break the habit, let’s look at it again!

Eating well shouldn’t be that hard, you know if you eat an apple, a piece of chicken, a piece of fish, brown rice, a potato, a carrot, porridge etc, you know you are eating well and you’re not having any refined sugar. Are you still confused about eating well or do you need more education about eating well? I think all of us need to educate ourselves from time to time, and remind ourselves of what can really be destroying our fat loss plans!

Tracking sugar is the hardest thing for most people, and food companies go out of their way to hide it in your foods. Let’s face it, sugar tastes nice and can be addictive, and will sometimes totally put you off eating plainer, natural foods full of nutrients. You will naturally crave more of the sugary foods, so the food company will win all round, as they know you will come back every time for their sugar-laced products, and the products range from everything, from so called healther cereals, to sliced ham’s, to sugary drinks dressed up as orange juice.

So how do these food companies hide their sugar in the foods they produce? They have to list the ingredients that are the biggest portions of the product first, and work the way down to the smallest additive.  Sugar in its plainest form will be sugar or sucrose. Then it gets pretty sly on the sugary ingredients. Fructose, corn syrup, glucose, honey, cane juice crystals, rice syrup, molassses, caramel, cane sugar, fruit juice, inverted sugar are just a few of the ways addictive calories are added to your food and derail your diet, and your body’s performance!

Most cereals in the supermarket are great examples of these additives, and many of the most popular ones have some or all of these ingredients. They create your cravings for sugar, and this will transfer to other food groups too, before you know you will be ingesting an awful lot of needless sugar in just one day. Have you ever got used to eating like this and then you’ve been on it so long that you accuse anyone who eats plainer, more wholesesome foods as “boring”, i know i’ve been accused of that a few times!! Eating all of these sugary foods every day doesn’t make you the life and soul of the party either!! It’s time to get all this rubbish out of your life and right now if you want to make some serious progress and quickly, let’s sort it out now!!

The more sugar you take in, the more you’re going to want more. The average person in this country and the US takes in 20 to 25 teaspoons of sugar per day, directly or indirectly. This alone will add up to 40 pounds of body fat increase per year, so up to you?

The sooner you make your commitment to eating more natural foods the better, if it’s man made, you know it’s nearly always a disaster for your body! Think about it and let’s make it happen this week.


Simple “under control” habits

Ways to make sure you are not consuming extra calories would be the following;

1. Eating while you’re going things. If you eat while you are on the phone, on the computer or just watching TV, your normal (i’m full signals) feelings of knowing when you’re full are not recognized. This is an easy way of eating more calories than you should. A simple way of rectifying this is to go back to basics, eating by the kitchen table will focus yourself on the meal again, and you will not overeat, and your brain will recognise those all important “i’m full” signals.

2. Are you still in the low-fat culture. You may believe that foods are low in fat, so you can eat as much as you want of them. Portion control is still relevant to keep your calories sensible, and what about the extra calories in these so called low-fat meals. Remember what i always say about sugar, and that frosties are a “low-fat” food! Don’t just look at the saturated fat, check your sugar intake! No more than 40g of refined sugar a day please.

3. How big are your plates? I go in many different houses, and most of their plate sizes are different. If you serve your food on huge plates, your will most likely be overeating. Scale them down and buy some smaller plates. It will be tough for the first week but you will soon get used to your new portion size, which will be much healthier and help with fat-loss too!

4. Keep the excess christmas stuff out the way, or better still throw it out! We have all been there, it’s there in front of us so we pick on it all day long because “it’s there”! This continues into the new year because we are keeping our sugary taste buds satisfied for rich food. The sooner you throw it out in the rubbish and buy some good food in, the sooner you get back to normal and get back in shape (and feel better)!!

5. Use your taller glasses for orange/apple juice. I have a thick rounded glass in the house and believe it or not it’s a pint glass! It only looks like half a pint honestly! The taller glassed meanwhile can look good but contain less, plus remember to dillute those juices with water, which means you consume less sugar and calories.

Have a go at these and see if they help!


The magnetism of empty calories

Let’s be honest, we are all tempted over christmas, and all of us will have something we fancy, and sugary and fatty. How much of it will dictate how we feel, how hard it will be  in the new year to get it off, and how long it will take to get our taste buds back to normal again.

Cyril made an interesting post but one thing came shing through from all of what he said and we should learn from him. It was why he was making bad choices again. He was struggling because he wasn’t taking action on his bad food choices, he was talking about it but wasn’t doing anything about it despite trying hard.  Cyril will get back on track straight away but the great positive is that he knows where he is going wrong. How many of us know where we are going wrong in life? Most of us follow blind alleys at times, and don’t know where going wrong until obviously the result is not what we want, then we clearly must change to achieve a result we have been searching for.

The empty calories we have all around us, the mince pies, the beer, the wine, the cakes, the party food, the sugar coated anything, the pastries etc etc, they are all there to be eaten and they act as magnets in our times of weakness. Then one bad day leads to another and before we know it, the weight has piled on, we feel like garbage and we have the energy of a sloth, and a tight chest for some reason and the thought of exercising again sounds better “next week”!

My advice over christmas would be try to do something most days, even a nice walk would be fantastic, just to keep those lungs in shape. Some of you will do more, and well done on that, you will feel better and start 2010 with a bang! The magnetism of those empty calories can be very strong, so start as you mean to go on, keep eating plenty of the lowest fat meat out there in turkey, eat lots of veggies, have something of what you fancy as its christmas after all, and make a genuine promise to yourself that you’re not going to pile all of that weight on this year again, because it could easily be march before you get it off! Most diets end on valentine’s day and if you do your indulgence in moderation, you won’t need any faddy diet that’s doomed for failure again.

We have plenty of eating and traing stuff coming up so let’s really understand why this year is going to be different for you all, and you’re far more in control of it than you think!


Carb overload!

Another typical pattern this time of year, and its about to get a LOT colder tomorrow, is seeking comfort in carbohydrates. Absolutely nothing wrong with carbohydrates, as long as they are served in moderation. How many of us have restricted our bread to 2-4 slices a day, or even no bread in a day, and then introduced it, perhaps a really nice loaf from a bakery and couldn’t stop eating it once we got over 4 slices?! Then the habit gets continued day after day, and this really goes well in a pasta story, where you make a big bowl full that’s supposed to last until tomorrow, but you nearly eat it all in go? The same with jacket potatoes and just about anything thats full of carbs, and dying to be eaten in excess!!! As has been documented in previous stories, i had a huge pizza appetite myself once upon a time!

The way to get around all of this is get some idea on portion size. If you think of carb portions as the size of your fist, you shouldn’t really overeat, and the same with your protein portions as i have mentioned many times before. Your veggies can be any size, as long as its plentiful for you. If you stick to these rules, you will find your portion control had literally “gone out of control” and you may have been putting on weight at a rate of knots. So carbs aren’t the bad guys, eat too much of anything and you will pile on the weight, and your appetite WILL accomodate it believe me, so time to get that appetite down to healthy levels again maybe?

Juts a quick note on the atkins diet, of course it worked for weight loss but you could never eat like that for life could you? Plus the negative side effects that were numerous. May be the reason why the atkins product range went out of business, people loved their carbs too much, and as long as you keep those carbs in moderation, you can enjoythe great taste every day and fuel yourself up for great workouts. If you eat too much of anything, you will be overweight, simple as that unless you have some kind of tour de france type calorie needs!

Have a good one and watch the cold the next few days, BUT IT WILL BE DRY so no excuses!