Tuesday, February 19th

Once the sand goes through the hourglass, you can’t put it back. You need to look at this as your life.
Everything must start today, not put off until tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.
Life will pass you by if you think of some distant magical thing is going to happen in the future.
Tomorrow you could be in bed with the flu for the week.
Tomorrow could surprise you in all sorts of ways, good and bad, so you had better make the most of your opportunities right now.
You weren’t meant to stay in bed late to hide under the covers. You were born to put your feet on the cold floor first thing in the morning and get going in your day. The world deserves your talents, and you need to know that you DO have what it takes.
One of my magic moments at the gym is when someone 80 years of age realises she doesn’t have to put up with falls anymore. Doesn’t have to put up with being frail, and that getting stronger is not only the way out, but the gateway to an incredible last 20 years or so.
Life is too short to live out of breath, to be in pain and to live under the bed covers.
Great things come into your mind when you move your body, get your blood flowing, and your attitude changes from avoiding challenge in your life, and to saying to yourself every day “lets get stuck in for a change and see where it takes me”.
Most of us are lucky to live a long life, but if we don’t do anything meaningful, we will live with many regrets.
How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?

Monday, 18th February

Your schedule should not control you, dictate your life, make you miss out on life or regarding the gym, keep you missing out on your workouts.

There is a common thread between those of you who are the most successful at our gym. All of you have busy lives, you all have a lot of stuff on, and you need to get a lot of stuff done EVERY day.

But somehow you MAKE time for your workout at least 3 times a week. The workout is the glue that keeps your energy in your life huge.

The workout keeps you motivated to eat well. The workout keeps you improving, and gives you that endless kick of energy that you need to accomplish everything else in life.

Whatever you have on, you can either create more obstacles in life, or you play the cards you’ve been dealt with a lot better.

I can sense the energy of someone who is showing up all the time. They are positive, they get things done, and making workouts is something they DO no matter what, without question, it’s that vital to them and after a while it becomes part of their lives and a natural way of living.

Many of you workout on the road with our videos, you do whatever it takes.

Whatever your schedule, getting up and hour earlier will mean you find NEW time in your life to get what’s important done, and not only set you up for the rest of your day, but for the rest of your life.